The Best London Fashion Week Venues for After Parties and Shoots


Photography studios and more at London Fashion Week!

London Fashion Week is a highlight of the fashion calendar. Occurring biannually, in February and September, people flock from all over the world to see top models, top designers and the inimitable British influence. London has got more than its fair share of fashion credibility – and spaces to showcase it. It is one of the Big Four fashion weeks, alongside New York, Paris and Milan, and it has earned its place there through the very unique and progressive identity of British fashion. Not only are the designers pulling out all the stops, but the fashion houses are securing spectacular spots to present their latest collections. London Fashion Week is all about being in the know – knowing where to go, where to hang out, where to be seen. So, we’ve put together some tips and ideas about some of our favourite venues for after parties and dinners, and those that would make for perfect photoshoot spots.

Shoot Locations
If you’re hunting for a studio or shoot location to hire in London during Fashion Week 2016, we’ve got some ideas for you. East London is a hotbed of creative locations for shoots. The Warehouse (pictured below) in Studio Spaces in E1 is one of our favourites for its urban, gritty cool feel, with acres of space and untouched exposed brickwork. This photography studio hire in London has got style and all the practicalities.

Warehouse, Studio Spaces E1

Similarly, if this is the look you’re after, the spaces under Hoxton Arches offer the same urban vibe, but with the added bonus of the beautiful curved ceilings, as does Motel Studios – another venue we love under the arches, and all set-up and equipped for photoshoots.

For a more blank-white-canvas kind of affair, there are so many studios in this part of town that it can be hard to know where to start. The Daylight Space in De Beauvoir (below), exactly as the name might suggest, is a light-suffused photography studio in London, a space that is entirely clad in all-white decor is just one suggestion. Our HeadBox studios collection has got plenty more options, all over London, ranging from quirky to chic.

If you just need somewhere to showcase, rather than a photography studio to shoot in, Motel Studios is in the design-led heart of London, perfectly matched to the London Fashion Week vibe. The area is densely packed with some of the most highly acclaimed design studios and creative brands and, as such, would be a fantastic place for a collection launch or display.

And for After . . . Parties, Cocktails and Dinners
Sexy Fish is the place to be seen in London at the moment. It’s taken over from the Chiltern Firehouse as the celebrity restaurant of choice, mainly thanks to visits from the likes of Rita Ora and Kate Moss – coupled with the fact that getting a table is near impossible. Don’t let that deter you though because (from all we’ve heard) it’s much more than just a place to be seen, and the food way surpasses all the hype.

Sky Garden is another top pick for Instagrammable, Twitter-mentionable venue for when you need to impress (i.e. all the time during Fashion Week). The views over the city are beautiful and the vast, leafy space is a unique indoor backdrop for cocktails, food and more.

When thinking about views, nothing tops (quite literally) the Shard. Visible from all over London, it is iconic and has very quickly established itself as a landmark of the city. And it doesn’t fall short when it comes to fine dining venues or places for drinks receptions or parties. There’s Hutong, Aqua Shard, Oblix and the restaurants within the Shangri-La Hotel. The Shangri-La in the Shard (seen below) also has suites that can be hired for events. The epitome of sophisticated glamour!

Shangri-La at the Shard

Not everyone is looking for sleek, refined and glamorous in a venue. If offbeat, edgy and creative is more the tone you’re looking to emulate, Whitechapel Gallery can be hired for an event. It’s in a rapidly developing area of East London, close to the City and Liverpool Street and it’s at the heart of the arts scene. The setting itself is beautiful, but it’s the reputation of the gallery that cements it as one of the coolest destinations in London.

There is so much more on offer when it comes to the top places to see and be seen during London Fashion Week 2016. There are restaurants and bars to suit every diet, every budget and every style – and it’s guaranteed that requirements during London Fashion Week will never be the usual. If you want more inspiration have a look at our venue-specific collections, where you can browse exclusive private dinner party restaurants and rooms, private party locations from across the city and our top-of-the-range, fully-equipped photo studio hires in London.