HeadBox Interviews Amy Law, Founder of the London PA Awards!

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HeadBox is the proud sponsor of this year’s London PA Awards. We had a chat with Amy Law, the Founder of the London PA Awards.


Hi Amy. Can you tell us a bit about what the London PA awards are?

The London PA Awards are designed to recognise the immense efforts, diversity and talent of the PA and EA community. I have been lucky enough to be part of this community for over 15 years and have seen first-hand what they can accomplish in a single day. I wanted to recognise this talent and at the same time give them an additional support structure. The London PA Awards strives to create a platform for PAs and EAs wherein they can come together to network and meet new like-minded people, and to be an independent resource for their ever-changing and demanding roles.

How did the idea come about?

I knew from the start that I needed to have the support of the PA and EA community and took my original conception to a group to gain their feedback. From there I created my first group of Champions.  A Champion is a PA or EA who has a passion and skill set within an area. This naturally flows that they are now the winner of the award from the previous year, however, we are constantly looking out for new Champions who have a passion for growing the reputation of the community.  The Awards must always be and remain a platform for PAs and run by PAs; our job as sponsors is to enable them to have a platform and a voice.

And who is involved?

I am delighted that we have a diverse range of organisations, charities, publications and supporting members, with many people returning year on year. For me the thanks will always be with the founding sponsor, The Hippodrome Casino, who allowed me to grow the concept and who understands the value of our PAs; they continue to this day to support us. Our incredible team of sponsors who have been with us along this four-year journey include, LCCI, LondonLaunch.com, Tate Recruitment, who are returning to us this year, Enhanced New Media, PA Life Magazine and Miss Jones Networking. We also have some wonderful additions including HeadBox, Links of London and Elite Events. They are an invaluable resource who are a wonderful collective body that support the PA community and I have to thank them for their continued support.

What does the event entail?

We open nominations on the 14 February as we believe in our hashtag #loveyourpa –  what could be a better week to launch than Valentines week?!  The nominations run for fourteen weeks and close on the 9 May; anyone can nominate and are free to do so. We are delighted that we had over 1000 nominations last year.

The awards are not just about the final big night but are a series of twelve networking events that we host in conjunction with our champions, spreading the word about the awards, champions and categories.  Not only are we searching for the next London PA of the Year winner but networking and having a blast while we do it!

We then host a nominations party on the 23 May, which every nominee and nominator is invited to attend, and the next day the shortlist is announced. Live voting will then open on 1 June 2017, closing 15June, with the awards on the 16 June at the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square.

What’s the best nomination you’ve ever received?

“ I do not know what she does all the time, I just know that she knows I need it, when I had not even thought about it. I am continually grateful to have her as my guidance and partnership; she is not my PA she is my right hand man.”

It was so direct and short I called to find out more. The gentleman in question spoke to me for an hour and the admiration he felt for her was astounding. When I met her at the nominations party she was shocked, and visibly emotional just to have been nominated, and was delighted just to know that this was how her boss felt about her. It gave me so much more pleasure to be able to call her the next day to say she had been shortlisted.

What are those winning qualities you look for?

I do not believe there are defined winning qualities, for me it comes from the person that has nominated them, their respect and admiration for all the support, innovation and passion they deliver. It shines through with honesty and admiration. It is one of the most difficult areas of the awards as so often I wish that I could put more through. However, only four can be shortlisted and the Champions are tough to convince!

What’s new for this year?

We continue to find new ways to engage with PAs and EAs across all levels and hope to expand the services we provide with the introduction of a mentoring scheme and a private networking community. Last year we appointed Champion Ambassadors in the shape of Anita Waite and Jessica Moretti who are my rocks and keep me on the straight and narrow. Their ideas and commitment to the awards are breathtaking and made last year the best yet.

How can other PAs get involved?

Easily – register for events, nominate a fellow PA/EA or simply drop me an email and be part of our continuing growing community. I promise that you will not be disappointed with the wonderful individuals you will meet.

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If you’d like to find out more about The London PA Awards or to make a nomination, visit the website here.