Top 5 London Cafes to Revise in for Your Exams

Some people can naturally go to class and absorb all the material that their lecturers give them, on the other hand, there are 90% of students who need to revise day and night. When it comes to revision, it’s essential to be in a space that you’re comfortable in. While being in the library does help some students, studies have found that changing your surroundings can increase your concentration during your studies. Here are five cafes around London that will hopefully help your studies.

We have also added the ratings from Google reviews to assist you in your decision making process!

The Canvas Café

The Canvas Café is precisely that, a canvas. The walls signify a blank canvas for the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of customers. They allow you to answer a variety of question that focuses on the happiness of people. This gives every single customer an opportunity to become part of an ever-growing piece of art. Alongside art, they also serve healthy home-made food including a full vegan English breakfast (impressive right?).

Being in a café that aims to provide healthy food can help you with revision. When it comes to revision, what you eat is vital to help you focus and absorb all the information. While one piece of fruit is not enough, a combination of everything ranging from fats and fibres will help. If you ever get an opportunity to take a look at the menu at Canvas Café, you will notice that they serve food that promotes revision and foods that help the brains absorption of information. Yet, they also have food that everyone from meat eaters to vegans can eat. This link from the BBC has more information here, on how the meals we eat can affect revision. Apart from being a unique café that promotes healthy eating, they also have great space for you to revise in. They have sofas to tables and chairs to accommodate what-ever mood you’re in.

Fleet River Bakery

Fleet River Bakery is a classy café with a modern-rustic vibe. The building has large windows which allow large amounts of light to enter the café. This is important while studying as the natural light from the sun will help you concentrate better. Mirjam Muench did a study where they compared two groups of people. One group was exposed to daylight and the other were exposed to artificial light over the course of several working days. They managed to find out that those who were exposed to natural lighting were significantly more alert than those who were exposed to Artificial light.

Apart from the natural lighting, this café also has a great location. fleet River Bakery has a very central location, it is within walking distance to both Holborn station and Chancery Lane creating easy access to the café. Furthermore, this café is the perfect place to come and relax with your friends while you get a good revision session. They serve a variety of things ranging from sandwiches to cakes so you can rest assure that you won’t go hungry.

Drink, Shop & Do

This café is bight and warm with double height ceilings. This is the type of location that will make you smile at first entrance. By day, Drink, Shop and do serve a variety of specialty tea, coffee, and healthy lunches. They also have Lego toys that you can use to aid your revision. A revision tip that you can use is association. With each toy or colourful chair in the cafe, you can link that with a part of your study. For instance, if you’re studying psychology, you can associate a blue chair with a study or a psychologist. Every time you think about that chair, your memory will be triggered, and you will remember the study. For more information on this revision method, check out The Psychologist World article here.

After a long week of revision, why not treat yourself to a nice weekend at Drink, Shop and Do. You can catch the DJ playing all the old-school favourites while you slowly release all the tension you’ve built up. The best part is that you can enter for free before 10 pm. Apart from being able to facilitate your studies and your nightlife, Drink, shop and do has many top-notch reviews that people have left them. One person said that it was wonderful atmosphere with a handmade gift shop on the ground floor." The only way you’ll know for sure is if you go and visit.

Farm Girl Cafe

Farm girl café is an adorable café with a very warm atmosphere. This café, similarly to the canvas café serve healthy meals which is great for revision (as discussed before). One thing that separates them from the other cafes is the fact that they are not afraid to decorate their meals. They take time and put in the effort to make sure that every piece of food and drink they serve is exceptional. They have also taken the time to design their menu to accommodate people who do not eat things like gluten. They also have many chairs both inside and outside that you can occupy for your studies.

Candid Café

This Candid café in London is a hidden gem. It allows you to escape and enjoy the great food that is offered and it also has a large space that can be used for revision. While the café can get crowded around rush hour times, if you arrive before the usual rush hour or after, you’ll be able to get a seat anywhere in the restaurant. There are sofas available and service has also received positive comments.

Overall, it is critical to make sure that you are in a comfortable environment during stressful times such as exams which will require your full attention. We’re not saying that the library is a bad location for revision, however, being in a variety of different places will keep you away from boredom and will keep your mind active and motivated for revision.

Written by Shalom Tefera from