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Spaceport, Huckletree from £450
per day

Spaceport, Huckletree

Hire Spaceport at Huckletree for a top London meeting room to hire for your next productive get together!

Yes, it may be based in our West London workspace but Spaceport’s spiritual home is...

London, W12 7TP
12 Guests
F8, Huckletree 1 from £225
per day

F8, Huckletree

Hire F8 at Huckletree for an excellent London meeting room!

If you're planning a small-scale meeting, then F8 is the meeting room for you. Designed for making meaningful connections, this intima...

London, W12 7TP
4 Guests
Alphabet City, Huckletree from £315
per day

Alphabet City, Huckletree

Hire the Alphabet City meeting room at Huckletree for one of the best meeting rooms London has to offer you and your team!

Taking its name from Google's parent company, Alphabet City is an ...

London, W12 7TP
10 Guests
Steve's Garage, Huckletree from £270
per day

Steve's Garage, Huckletree

Welcome to Steve's Garage at Huckletree - one the greatest options for meeting room hire London has to offer!

Abstract thinker? Step this way. Steve’s Garage is a bold backdrop for creative...

London, W12 7TP
6 Guests
Black Rock, Huckletree from £360
per day

Black Rock, Huckletree

Hire Black Rock at Huckletree for one of London's best meeting rooms.

For a meeting room like no other, try Black Rock at Huckletree. This quirky spot has a calming atmosphere, ideal for creativ...

London, W12 7TP
8 Guests