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The Boudoir, Brewhemia 1

The Boudoir, Brewhemia

Our Boudoir is evocative of the glamour of the Moulin Rouge and provides an exquisite decor for a truly unique event that your guests won’t be able to stop talking about.

Capacity – 80 (Recept...

Edinburgh, EH1 1DE
40 – 80 Guests
Caffe / Prosecco Bar, Brewhemia 1

Caffe / Prosecco Bar, Brewhemia

Caffe by day and from 5pm each evening this area transforms into our Prosecco Bar, a relaxed and intimate space that provides a beautiful setting for your next event.

Capacity – 80 (Reception)...

Edinburgh, EH1 1DE
0 – 80 Guests
The Bothy, Brewhemia 1

The Bothy, Brewhemia

Located perfectly in the heart of Edinburgh, opposite Waverley train station, Brewhemia is the city's largest restaurant, bar and live entertainment space. A haven for those with a thirst for dis...

Edinburgh, EH1 1DE
10 – 100 Guests
Beer Palace, Brewhemia 1

Beer Palace, Brewhemia

Scotland’s Beer Palace is a grand statement space, this is the ultimate showstopper with a built-in stage, screen, projector and fully equipped AV systems, the event options are endless.


Edinburgh, EH1 1DE
0 – 800 Guests