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Written by Luke Bull

September 1, 2022

Our favourite Christmas dinner venues

A Christmas dinner is an essential component to getting in the festive feeling. We're talking turkey, stuffing, sprouts. We wanna see Sarah for HR spooning cranberry sauce onto her plate like she's some sort of mad cranberry baron. We want to see you and your colleagues expanding with a glut of Christmas foods, the seams of your shirt barely hanging on.

Christmas dinner is all about those key sensations that bring people to the table year after year, ready to laugh with their nearest and celebrate the festive feast in the best possible way. With that in mind, we've collected some of the best Christmas dinner, lunch and feast venues for your consumption. Go on, pass the turkey, please.

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1. An iconic Christmas dinner spot: Albert Hall


A child of labour by Methodist architect, William Morely, the eponymous hall is an absolute MVP of the Manchester events circuit. With vaulted ceilings, stain glass windows and an original organ, the atmosphere created by the cavernous space would lend you Christmas dinner a grandiosity unmatched by anything else.

Breathtaking architecture is, however striking, not going to fill your baileys-lined stomachs, though. Fortunately, The Albert Hall Manchester has enticed the acclaimed alpine foodies at Albert Schloss to ensure the Christmas dinner table is overflowing with lovingly prepared dishes.

2. For a Michelin star Christmas dinner: Galvin La Chapelle


Okay, so there's nothing wrong with your humble Christmas dinner. A store-bought turkey, aunt Bessie's veg, mum's best glassware lovingly packed with prawn cocktail.

But what if, and stay with us here, what if we added a Michelin starred restaurant into the mix? La Chapelle is the setting for chef Jeff Galvin's amazing take on classical french cooking. The Grade II listed building combines arched stone windows with high ceilings and tasteful interiors that will bring a truly luxurious feel to your Christmas dinner.

The food is well, it's Michelin star worthy. There are three sumptuous Christmas menus for 2022 featuring everything from roasted pheasant to ham hock terrines.

With an excellent private space offering (situating you above the main restaurant), you and 15 lucky diners could make a meal to remeber this holiday season.

3. A Christmas dinner in the heavens: Fenchurch Restaurant at Sky Garden


Few scenes impress more than the panoramic views of London's Sky Garden. The sprawling cityscape unfolding from you will prove the perfect vista to any Christmas dinner.

With Fenchurch Restaurant, the Sky Garden's signature dining space, you can be sure to receive an exceptional Christmas dining experience , helmed by accomplished chefs.

The Vinoly room, in particular gives 16 of you a private space to enjoy you Christmas feast in exclusive privacy, with the snow-blanketed city stretching off into the horizon (okay so we can't promise snow).

4. A Christmas dinner venue with a gorgeous dining table: The Oak, Notting Hill


Aptly named, The Oak is a cosy refurbished pub that now turns out fantastic Italian food in a setting that makes full use of charming wooden decor. This is comfort and cosiness refined to a fine art.

For Christmas, the Oak takes Italian produce and embellishes them with a festive flourish. Start with Sliced truffle salami, move onto your classic Turkey breast with all the trimmings, then venture into the unknown with a pizza for the table (yes, you read that right), finish, of course, with a medley of tiramisu, Christmas pudding and pear and frangipane tart. Trust us, it works.

For private bookings, secure your place upstairs and be charmed by the quirky decor that evokes a home away from home atmosphere.

5. Bristol's Christmas diner venue that will take you to the heart of the Black Forest: Klosterhaus


Hand chopped beef tartar. Sloe gin & orange cured salmon. Wild mushroom, spinach and chestnut wellington. If that trio of sentences evokes some primal urge to devour plate after plate of Christmas dishes, we don't blame you.

Klosterhaus aims to bring the flavours of the Black Forest to the decidedly urban streets of central Bristol. It succeeds. The venue hits the aesthetic demands of a truly great Christmas dinner, with flanking staircases bringing you up to the mezzanine.

Along side sweeping views and great tastes, Klosterhaus also pride themselves on the sheer range of space available. There is the restaurant, of course, which is joined by a bar, three event spaces and even a large outdoor terrace. Book now to beat the crowds.

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