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Written by Luke Bull

September 1, 2022

Our favourite Corporate Christmas party venues

The office Christmas party can be a perilous affair. If you've ever planned a corporate Christmas party you know the terror: insomniac nights worrying about lacklustre DJs, soulless DJs and Dave from management having one too many and embarking on an ill-fated attempt at breakdancing. The terror, the terror.

Getting the best corporate Christmas venues in mind is a crucial first step in avoiding a UK-Office type situation. Fortunately, there are a plethora of great spaces that would prove an exciting backdrop to any corporate festive freakout. We've pulled some of the best in the country on this list, so you can get inspired and get ahead of the competition.

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1. A truly impressive corporate Christmas party venue: Plateau

Canary Wharf, London

Located in the corporate heartland of Canary Wharf, Plateau is a striking space reminiscent of a Phillip K. Dick novel. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlook an uber-modern courtyard, with the surrounding office lighting turning any nighttime party into a spectacle.

With space for up to 600 people, Plateau can cater to your Christmas event with drinks, canapes or a large banquet.

It's the kind of space that will set the tone of corporate Christmas parties for years to come. Just have sympathy for whoever has to do the planning next year.

2. A historic townhouse for your corporate Christmas party: Kent House Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge, London

From the ultra-modern to the historically refined. Kent House is in the affluent area of Knightsbridge. 360 people can enjoy the architecturally rich blank space venue, whilst the atrium ceiling and expansive windows allow for a sense of space and grandeur.

The whole venue has various breakout spaces that could fill with live music, DJs, catering options and pretty much anything else you can imagine for your corporate Christmas party. There is also a roof terrace on the first floor that you can make full use of – it's a venue that does everything.

3. A huge corporate Christmas party venue: Exhibition London

Fulham, London

Sometimes your corporate Christmas party has to be big, like really big.

Venue Lab's Exhibition London is a truly cavernous space that can fit up to 2,000 lucky guests in its 1899 engine house.

Elements of the TFL aesthetics can still be seen (and who doesn't love TFL aesthetics), with huge art deco windows puncturing the elegantly designed exposed brickwork hall. The folks over at Venue Labs have also updated the space with the latest in lighting and audiovisuals, so you can present as well as party this Christmas,

4. A show stopper of a corporate Christmas party venue: Orelle


The Brummie skyline is something to be marvelled at. Gothic churches nestle up against old warehouses, all overlooked by a slew of modern glass-and-steel office blocks.

Imagine taking this sprawl in during your corporate Christmas party, making full use of one of Birmingham's most exciting new venues.

Orelle is a modern french restaurant that has taken up residence on the 24th floor of 103 Colmore Row. It's a D&D offering (of 20 20 Stories, Klosterhaus and 14 Hills fame). The building itself challenges your pre-existing notions of floor-to-ceiling windows. This one is going to be the talk of the city, so get your Christmas bookings in ASAP.

5. A corporate Christmas party in an old Monastery: The Monastery Manchester


What could be more fitting for a grand Christmas party than a stunning Gothic Monastery?

Built between 1861 and 1872, Manchester's most spectacular venue suffered years of neglect before it was lovingly brought back to life as a versatile event space.

With space for 650 guests and a 120 minute drive from the city centre, the Monastery Manchester offers mounds of space whilst being convenient to those in the city itself. At the end of the day, who doesn't want to say they had their corporate Christmas party in a Monastery?

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