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Birmingham is a hub of aesthetic and versatile venues that would love to take your booking, no matter what it is. Our expansive collection of bars, halls unique spaces and more fit any kind of criteria you can throw at us. Browse through a range of beautiful venues and let us know if one calls out to you. Got a weird and wonderful request? We'd love to hear it. Simply send us your enquiry and receive quick responses from a range of available venues.

Your Guide to Birmingham Venues

Birmingham has an incredible variety of venues to hire for a full range of events you may want to plan. In all honesty, the sheer volume of venues can often feel overwhelming and the last thing we want is the hiring process to be a drag – planning a party should be easy and enjoyable. At HeadBox we are committed to helping you choose not just the best Birmingham venue, but the best Birmingham venue for you. So put the kettle on, breathe a sigh of relief and let us guide you through planning an event like an expert.

Decide on an event type

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Searching for ‘Birmingham Event’ is a good start but you’ll give yourself a head start if you can establish what kind of event or venue you are looking for. Maybe an important boardroom meeting isn’t best suited to the local pub. Similarly, your best friend’s birthday party might need that extra-special venue to make it one to remember.

Knowing the sort of vibe you are going after is key: intimate and cosy or a big event space fit for a full-on party? Birmingham offers everything from exclusive room hire to sweeping outdoor spaces. You can of course add your own personal touch to any venue, but make sure you have a list of characteristics that will prove the foundation of your event in Birmingham.


Birmingham’s many districts each have their own unique vibe and culture. Are you after the renovated industrial spaces of Digbeth or a gourmet city centre restaurant? How about the beautiful Georgian pubs and bars of the Jewellery District? Where you place your event is crucial to the planning process.

Top tip: When it comes to locating your event, remember to check for the transport connections: a city-centre bar might not have much parking, whereas you’ll want to pre-book a taxi for the out of the way venues.


Okay, so there are certain unavoidable truths about the British climate that can (literally) dampen any event. Luckily, the seasoned venues of Birmingham have adjusted to this rainy island in the best possible ways. Cosy up and watch the rain from the warmth of a canalside Pub or make use of the many covered outdoor areas - come sun or shine, don’t compromise on your event.

Remember: You are in control

This is the most important event planning advice we can give. Don’t settle for second best or be told what is and isn’t possible. Always start your planning process by establishing what your event needs, if you set these out only the right venues will reach out.

At HeadBox we’ve come up with our brief builder to help you set out exactly what you want for your event. Let us know the specifics of your ideal party or meeting and we’ll make sure that only the right venues reach out. No more endless scrolling or fruitless email chains: Let the right venue find you.

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