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Exclusive Hire of the Restaurant & Bar, at The Gherkin

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Exclusive Hire of the Restaurant & Bar, at The Gherkin

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cloudM, citizenM 4

cloudM, citizenM

Book cloudM! A unique venue to hire in London that's above all others!

Whether you want to drink in panoramic city views. Get intimate with the stars, the birds, and the sun. Float from the...

London, EC3N 4DJ
300 Guests
Exclusive Venue Hire, Evolution London 27

Exclusive Venue Hire, Evolution London

Evolution London is an inspiring blank canvas space, purpose-built for hosting events.

Exclusively located within a 14,000m² site in the heart of Battersea Park, with a versatile 5,650m² to...

Queenstown Road, SW11 4NJ
400 – 5000 Guests
Whole Venue Hire, ODEON Luxe Leicester Square 5

Whole Venue Hire, ODEON Luxe Leicester Square

ODEON Luxe Leicester Square is an ideal screening room for hire in central London.

The historic glamour and charm of this unique venue has been lovingly restored and perfectly blended with t...

London , WC2H 7JY
800 Guests
Stratus East, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 1

Stratus East, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Stratus East is an event Space that will superbly compliment your next corporate event

Stratus East is a modern, contemporary Space where your Guests will enjoy stunning, panoramic views acr...

London, N17 0AP
300 Guests
The Sandbox, Level39 2

The Sandbox, Level39

The Sandbox is Level39's events facility. The Sandbox is a flexible and creative Space perfect for the best-in-class tech events situated in the heart of London's Canary Wharf.

The Sandbox c...

Canary Wharf, E14 5AB
40 – 250 Guests
Marble Ballroom, The Landmark London 3

Marble Ballroom, The Landmark London

The Marble Ballroom at The Landmark London is a grand event Space for hire in London.

This beautiful room benefits from having a high ceiling, natural lighting, plenty of floor Space and str...

London, NW1 6JH
50 – 500 Guests

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Top things to consider when booking a venue in *location*

Top Things to Consider when Choosing a London Venue to Hire When it comes to looking for venues for hire in London it can be difficult to know where to start. But fear not! HeadBox is on hand to help. We’ve put together this list of the key things you should consider when choosing a London venue to hire. From deciding the location to taking into account the services and amenities on offer, this is your definitive guide to finding the best venue hire, London has to offer to suit your specifications. So, whether you’re looking to host your office Christmas do, a company-wide conference or an intimate private dining event, make sure to tick off this list before settling on a Space for hire.

Finding a Suitable London Venue Hire for your Event Before you start your search it’s important that you define the goals and aims of your event. The type of event you are looking to host will invariably determine the kind of London venue for hire you’ll need. So, before you get to searching for a Space, make a list of the key requirements the venue will have to meet, the category of venue you’re looking for and what success will look like for you. Once you have compiled your list of key requirements, you should refer back to it at every stage of the planning process to ensure your key bases are covered. We’ve helped you out by organising all our venues into handy collections, so you can save time finding the perfect Space for hire with HeadBox.

Setting your Budget Setting your budget is crucial to smooth planning. Aim to set aside 5 - 10% of your allocated budget as your ‘rainy day’ fund. This money can then be used should anything go wrong. Depending on the kind of London venue hire you’re looking for, pricing can vary depending on the day of the week and time of day. To save money, make sure you explore the pricing options for each Space. By hosting your event on an off-peak day, you may find heavily reduced rates. You can either reallocate that money to spend on another aspect of your event, or impress the boss by coming in under budget! Here at HeadBox we uncover fantastic venues to hire in London. One way to save on spend is to use repurposed Space at non-peak times. A conference in a nightclub during the day or a private party in a coffee shop after hours will mean a brilliant London venue hire, without the premium price tag! What’s more, finding a unique venue to hire can be a real talking point for your Guests and can help your event stand out from the crowd.

Availability As we mentioned when discussing the budget, depending on the date and time of your event, London venue hire pricing can vary significantly. We advise that you set aside several dates during the preliminary planning phases of your London venue hire search to increase your options when it comes to choosing a venue. There are plenty of venues in London to choose from and keeping your dates flexible will mean that you are not limiting your options during the initial planning phase.

Location and Transport Links Settling on a location for your London venue will set the tone for your event. From the upmarket and swanky spots of Mayfair to the edgy and quirky hangouts of Shoreditch, location is a key factor to consider when choosing a London Space for hire. Before deciding on a location for your event, consider where your attendees will be traveling from. Is the venue close to London transport links or will you have to arrange alternative transport? If attendees are travelling from further afield, is there parking available for those who are driving? Ensuring that the venue is easy to get to for your Guests will have an impact on the attendance on the day. Furthermore, it’s worth checking whether your venue for hire is close to other amenities. If you’re hosting a meeting, you might want to treat the team to a meal or drinks afterwards, so a central location may be more suitable.

Your Attendees You want to make an impact on your attendees, so it’s important to consider who your Guests are and what the needs and goals will be of those in attendance. Creative Guests will suit a quirkier venue, but the same venue would probably not be appropriate for a shareholder update for example. Make sure you choose a London venue hire option that your attendees will love and that will help you to achieve your vision of event success.

Ambiance When choosing an appropriate venue it is important to consider the ambience of the Space. You can manipulate the look of a Space with decorations but there are some features that are set that will impact the feel of your event. Pay attention to the lighting and architectural features of each London venue. Is there natural lighting? Will your vision match the existing decor of the Space? When searching for the best venue hire London has to offer that suits your brief, ambience is a key feature to address early on in the venue finding process.

Site Visit A site visit can help whittle down your top London venue hire picks. Prepare a list of questions to ask the venue Host, that way you can make a completely informed decision when settling on a final choice. Be honest with the venue if you’re considering other options; you might find that they are willing to negotiate the cost of your venue hire to secure your business. If you don’t have time for a site visit, you can now view virtual venue tours with HeadBox 3D, and conduct a thorough site visit without leaving the office! Check to see if the venue has a ‘3D’ icon on the listing, then begin your 3D tour. You can navigate throughout the Space and interact with clickable menus, videos and documents to gain a complete picture of the venue and its related services.

Services and Amenities Some London venues for hire offer additional services on top of their Space hire fee. In house catering and AV services will save on outsourcing supplier costs as hiring in house is often cheaper. If the London venue of your choice does not provide in house services, then don’t worry. With Friends of HeadBox we have an ecosystem of hand-picked event hire suppliers, on hand to assist in the smooth running of your event. From event staff and caterers, to AV, production and entertainment, our brilliant team can help you realise your event’s potential.

Capacity When choosing your perfect venue to hire you need to have the guest list on your mind. Think about how you would want the room laid out and where your guests would fit into that set up. You don’t want all your guests crammed into a venue, but you also don’t want a big venue that will leave your guests feeling lost. Make sure that your choice of venue hire in London is comfortable for the amount of guests you have attending the event.

Breakout spaces Does your venue come with breakout Spaces? Breakout Spaces are handy for a wide range of events as a smaller Space away from the main area. This is particularly important for corporate events such as conferences or all-day meetings as it gives attendees an area to go to relax, eat and mingle in between sessions. Or to use as a drinks reception area at a private dining event or party. So when it comes to picking your favourite venue to hire in London - think about whether you would need one of these rooms and what you could use it for.

Other Uses of the Space When booking a London venue to hire, be sure to ask if there will be any other events taking place on the same day. You don’t want to have to contend with a particularly noisy wedding reception when your key speaker is talking!

Accessibility You need to ensure that everyone can access the venue easily, so be sure to consider any accessibility requirements for your attendees. Is the venue disability accessible? Do you require lift access if the Space isn’t on the ground floor? It’s also important to consider the age of your Guests - if there will be any children or babies in attendance; Similarly, if there are any elderly guests attending then minimal stairs at your London venue would be a must!

Security Whether or not you will need security at your event depends on the kind of London venue hire you’re looking for. It’s highly unlikely you’ll require security for a team meeting, but for larger scale events it’s an important aspect to consider. Some venues may have security systems and bouncers in house. If they don’t, security is an additional cost you should consider. Security will ensure the smooth running of your event on the day and give you that extra peace of mind.

Insurance Venues in London can have different insurance policies. It can be easy to neglect this aspect of planning when looking for a London Space for hire. Make sure you ask the venue Host what their insurance covers. In some cases you may need to provide your own insurance which can be a significant additional cost. Ask about insurance early on to avoid any problems that may foil your event planning later!

So there you have it! Our ‘Top Things to Consider when Choosing a London Venue to Hire’. Why not get started and browse our London venue hire collections. You can message Hosts directly via the platform to ask any questions you might have. If you’d like some more top venue tips, then head on over to our blog here.

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