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HeadBox Social Mission

Our aim is to help provide Space to people who don’t have it by donating £20,000 to St Mungo’s, our charity partner, each year.

Homelessness in the UK

In 2017 it was estimated that almost 5,000 slept rough on any one night in England. This number has increased by 169% since 2010.
In venue terms, that’s enough people to fill:

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2 London Palladiums

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1/4 of the O2 Arena

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2 St. Paul's Cathedrals

HeadBox and St. Mungo's

  • Our Social Mission is "to help provide space to people who don’t have it". So we’re thrilled to partner with leading homelessness charity, St Mungo’s.

  • They are on a mission to ensure that everyone has a place to call home and can fulfil their hopes and ambitions.

  • As one of the largest providers of Outreach services for people who sleep rough in England, St Mungo's work tirelessly to offer a route out of homelessness, towards recovery.

  • Through embodying their values of empowerment, inclusivity, commitment, creativity and accountability, St Mungo’s put the people they work with first.

We're pledging our support in four main ways:

  • Encouraging our corporate clients to donate a portion of their HeadBox Business rebate straight to St Mungo's.

  • Facilitating online donations at the check out page on every booking completed on the HeadBox marketplace.

  • Providing support to the St Mungo's Events team and engaging our Host community to support their 2018 events programme.

  • Volunteering our time each quarter during the working week and physically supporting St Mungo's in a variety of ways.

See our Social Mission in action

Take a look at what the HeadBox team have been up to in order to raise £20,000 for St Mungo's

How can you get involved?

There are lots of opportunities for you to donate and volunteer for St Mungo's.
Why not find out more information today to see how you can help?