Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios
Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios

Infinity Cove Studio, Galleon Studios

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About Galleon Studios

Need studio hire in Manchester? Welcome to the Infinity Cove Studio at Galleon Studios.

The Infinity Cove is the heart of these Manchester hire studios as such is a large creative space which presents endless filmmaking possibilities. An infinity cove is a curved filming space where objects or people filmed against seem to be “floating” in mid-air. Galleon Studios consider their cove unrivalled and it’s regularly hired by the major broadcasters like BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky for their shoots. Galleon Studios' infinity cove is generally green, Galleon Studios unrivalled experience in green screen makes them the best chromakey studio in the Northwest. With green screen, you can create an immersive, virtual environment. Is it raining? Film in Galleon Studios. Can’t get to Paris for that essential shot? Film in Galleon Studios green screen studios and let Paris come to you. The option to create your own world within the green screen studios is a video makers dream.

Galleon Studios designed the studios with an eye to the moving image and as such the essential filming kit is available to hire. Not just cameras and microphones but autocues, interrogations, gimbals, motion control rigs and much more. As a specialist green screen filming space, we also have chromakey props and morph suits as well as fun things like green screen treadmills and turntables available to hire from this Manchester studios. Also of great use to you when filming is the live keyer. If you are filming green screen it allows you to preview your final key as you shoot. This is a great advantage if you’re trying to match your lighting to your existing background plate. So if, for instance, you are trying to match your shot of Paris you can use the key to better merge your studio environment with the outdoor one and maintain the illusion that it was all sot on location.

The space is available pre-lit, which means if you're after an evenly lit space you can come in a film right away. Need extra lights? Not a problem as all lighting is included in their basic package. If you’re lighting set-up is a little more complicated and you need to create certain lighting effects then Galleon Studios offer an on-site gaffer who can light for you for an additional fee.

Galleon Studios also offer a complete crew to fill in any blanks in your production or to film your production outright. The Infinity Cove itself is in an L-Shape covering 2 studio walls. The space is sound insulated meaning audio can be recorded with 10 inches of insulation between the roof and the studio itself. Lights are suspended above the space and our comfortable lounge is an excellent vantage point to watch the shoot.

The Infinity Cove Studios is just one space in this Manchester hire studios. Galleon Studios also have a completely soundproof studio where filming can be undertaken uninterrupted.

The space is used by filmmakers, marketers, production companies, agencies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality engineers, content providers and social media specialists. Galleon Studios are also a very popular media training venue with sessions regularly taking place in our large studio space.

Whatever your production users benefit from:
11 years experience in studio filming within Galleon Studios
15 years experience as a video production company
An onsite first aider
Free parking
Free fibre optic
Free teas and coffees, biscuits and sweets
A wealth of equipment to hand
Amazing reviews on social media and internet
Boundless enthusiasm no matter the project
A friendly and creative environment for your project

Also included in every hire is:
Use of the make-up room. Your make-up artist will appreciate this dedicated space to their craft. With ample space to make-up multiple actors and contributors, you’ll have a dedicated area away from the shoot for the necessary prep work before your talent goes under the spotlight. Use of the Dressing Room. Use this as a breakout room, wardrobe room or just a place for the crew to hang out.

The lounge; a large space adjacent to the Infinity Cove studio. It has live monitoring, a comfortable sofa and easy access to those all-important sweets.

Kitchen area to prepare meals or to make brews. An army marches on its stomach and a production crew is no different so use the fridge to store your snacks, or the oven or microwave to cook. Or just make toast, Who doesn’t like toast?

Galleon Studios also have a Garden area that can be used to film or just take a break for a few minutes and sit on the bench.

Galleon Studios have various hire packages available. As a studio space Galleon Productions is one of the most acclaimed studios in Manchester so why not contact Galleon Studios to discuss your next production.

Suitable for

Meeting/workshop Studio


  • TV/Projector
  • Audio Equipment
  • Breakout spaces


  • Standing: 40


As well as full use of the kitchen we are happy to suply catering options. Please conatc us or see our deidcted catering page on the website:


Can the cove be a different colour?
The cove can be any colour. As a specialist green screen studio, we’re green for FX work but the cove can be painted, with notice, to any colour that suits your production.

Can Galleon Studios be used for sets?
Yes. Galleon Studios have a great deal of experience in set building and can offer quotes to build your set or provide space where it can be assembled and filmed.

What do Galleon Studios consider a full day?
Galleon Studios offer a 10-hour day, generally 8am-6pm but this can be negotiated.

Can Galleon Studios be hired for less than a full day?
Yes, they offer an hourly rate if you’re planning on filming under 4 hours or Galleon Studios have a half day rate.

How many cars can be parked for free at Galleon Studios?
Galleon Studios have space for 30 cars.

Do Galleon Studios offer equipment?
Yes! We have all you need for filming so no matter your budget contact Galleon Studios and download our latest kit list.

Do Galleon Studios offer crew?
Yes. Whether you want a gaffer to light your production or a full crew at our Manchester studio then we can offer you it all. Just get in touch to discuss your project.


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