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About Us

Our Story

At HeadBox, our philosophy is simple:

  • We want to change the way people think about space, opening up people’s imagination to the different applications and uses of space:
  • We believe in unlocking disused and underused Spaces at affordable prices to fill them with people and ideas
  • We believe that beautiful Spaces can inspire your team or clients to make brilliant things happen
  • We believe booking a venue should be simple, painless and hassle free

HeadBox was founded in October 2015 to try and make this philosophy a reality. Here’s the story of how we came about in the words of our chief HeadBoxer, Andrew:

  • HeadBox was born from frustration. And the need to find yet another amazing Space at very short notice for one of my largest clients who needed to deliver an important stakeholder workshop.
  • Within half an hour I was surrounded by Post-it notes with scribbles of information about different Spaces. There were endless phone calls, emails, forms and contracts. There was a mountain of paper, countless trips to the scanner and photocopier and, most importantly, I spent a lot of time speaking to venue-listing sites who were acting as an intermediary between me and the Spaces I wanted to book. An intermediary and a barrier. The whole process was alarmingly out-of-date, too slow, very inefficient and incredibly time consuming.
  • Eventually, I found a venue that met all the criteria I was looking for. But not where I was expecting to find it. The Space I settled on was a very cool private cinema that was sitting empty during the day. The client loved it - and I got an idea.
  • Scribbled on one of my Post-its, in a frenzied scrawl, was my vision for a company. A company that would do this very job - unlock thousands of under-utilised Spaces, opening them up to be used for meetings, off-sites and events. A company that also opened up people’s imaginations to different uses and applications of Space; that would change the way we think about Space; what we make, create and do in a Space. And crucially, it would be a website where it made the whole process much, easier, simpler and faster.

Here at HeadBox we are starting a movement for the renaissance of disused, misused and underused Space. HeadBox cuts out the intermediary. We connect hosts and guests directly via our platform and in doing so are unleashing many more amazing Spaces, making them more accessible, more available and more affordable.

So, let old become new, and empty become filled with people, ideas and creativity. We’d love you to be part of our movement too. Find an inspiring venue and join our Space Renaissance.