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Member since: Apr 2018

As a collective we have over 9 years of experience in photography, video production, audio editting & digital marketing. Building our skills through creating short films, adverts and session photography. We made Outset Studio from our personal experiences struggling to find spaces that opened at later times to pursue our creative passions. Outset Studio is an affordable & 24 hour space for creatives, brands and content creators to bring their stories to life.

Listed spaces
Venue Hire, Outset Studio

Venue Hire, Outset Studio

Podcast studio located in Central London, London Bridge. The studio is 10 mins walk away from London Bridge & Borough Station.

Record up to 6 people in this acoustically treated studio. A so...

Southwark, SE1 0HS
12 – 15 Guests
Podcast Studio in South West London, Wimbledon, Outset Studio 3

Podcast Studio in South West London, Wimbledon, Outset Studio

Need a 24-hour podcast studio for hire in Wimbledon then book Ouset Studio.

This 24-hour podcast studio is based in South Wimbledon and is equipped with state-of-the-art recording technology...

London, SW19 2RL
8 – 10 Guests