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Member since: Aug 2015

Davenport’s Magic Kingdom tells the story of five generations of collecting magical memorabilia and entertaining audiences all over the world.

In 1898, 16-year-old Lewis Davenport began trading in magic tricks from his home in the East End of London.

We are now in the 4th generation of the Davenport family, where we are enjoying the responsibility of continuing the business!

Please message me with any specific questions about hiring the venue.

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Downstairs Venue, Davenport Magic 27

Downstairs Venue, Davenport Magic

Hire the Downstairs Venue at Davenport Magic for a creative event. This London Magic Shop and venue provides unique surroundings for your event.

Davenport Magic is centrally located in the Char...

The Strand, WC2N 4HZ
20 – 35 Guests