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Member since: Sep 2015

I'm Malin Stahl and I am the co-director and owner of Hollybush Gardens.
We are a contemporary art gallery that started up in Bethnal Green in 2005. In 2013 we moved to our current location in Clerkenwell, where, together with architects Matheson Whiteley, we turned this space into a gallery space. A gentle approach with minimal interventions has given us a space that is both unique and flexible. Old brick walls meet white walls, and high ceilings make for beautiful proportions.

Listed spaces
Gallery space, Hollybush Gardens 10

Gallery space, Hollybush Gardens

We are a contemporary art gallery. The main entry is configured along Warner Yard and opens to a long gallery built from London stock engineering bricks, sand-blasted to expose their soft-yellow co...

Camden, EC1R 5EY
40 – 70 Guests