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I'm a marketing professional whose motto is Carpe Diem! I love entertaining, cooking, bringing people together and helping brands to be more successful. We have a beautiful open plan space in our sitting room which needs to be shared, so we are making it available for workshops and meetings, as well as the pop-up restaurant we operate (Crouch End Secret Supper Club). I am CEO of a brand and strategy consultancy called zest!, which helps brands improve the effectiveness of their marketing spend

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Workshop, Secret Supper Club, Crouch End 6

Workshop, Secret Supper Club, Crouch End

Hire the workshop space at Secret Supper Club, Crouch End for one of the best options for corporate venue hire London has to offer.

Perfect space for running workshops of 10-20 people, floo...

Haringey, N8 9AS
30 – 40 Guests