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Member since: Mar 2018

The Menier Penthouse is a stunning light-filled event space with uninterrupted views of London's iconic skyline. Comprising high end furniture and with industrial features, the penthouse has concrete walls, a solid stone floor, 2 large balconies, kitchen & bathroom and 45m of floor-to-ceiling windows. Striking textures and warm tones are complimented by an abundance of natural light at all times of day from the north and south facing windows.

Listed spaces
The Menier Room, Menier Room 1

The Menier Room, Menier Room

Rundown former chocolate factory in South East London.

Original exposed beams, cast iron red columns and exposed brick walls give this space a unique feel that is particularly fitting for a wa...

London, SE1 1RU
50 Guests
The Menier Lounge, Menier Lounge 4

The Menier Lounge, Menier Lounge

This Space is the perfect location for product launches, photoshoots and promotion, company away days.

An air of creativity, authenticity and energy pervades not only this building but the nea...

Southwark, SE1 1RU
25 – 55 Guests
The Menier Penthouse, Menier Penthouse 13

The Menier Penthouse, Menier Penthouse

Welcome to the Menier Penthouse: a striking and capacious 5th-floor event space with views of the City skyline and the iconic Shard.

With an adaptable range of furniture options, lots of plants a...

London, SE1 1UN
25 – 60 Guests