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Conferences have a lot of moving parts with a multitude of tasks to tick off in the lead up to your event. There are complex logistical challenges to navigate when planning a conference, including finding the perfect space, breakout room requirements, Audio Visual requirements and catering. When it comes to choosing the best conference venues Melbourne, you’ll find them all right here at HeadBox. To get started, simply submit your brief and we can help you plan your conference.

Your guide to booking a conference in Melbourne

Planning a conference is, historically, far from a walk in the park. With industry experts and your colleagues in attendance, your professional reputation is on the line. No one wants a conference washout or boring speakers, and nobody wants a dull venue. Fortunately, Melbourne is blessed with a bewildering array of beautiful conference spaces, conference halls, exhibition centres and smaller conference rooms. Booking all of these conference venues has never been easier, and we're here to show you how.

Conference Planning Checklist

To help you plan and execute a memorable conference or corporate event, we’ve compiled a planning checklist. First off, you need to define your objective. The more specific you can be here, the better as it will help you to clarify the attendees you would like to attract and the value you want to provide them, plus it will help you understand the organisations and speakers who would make ideal partners for your conference. Next, we recommend selecting a theme and conference format, whether that’s a large scale seminar, trade show, workshop session or something else. Establishing a budget will help you to start bringing your ideas to life. When setting your budget, remember to leave some wriggle room for any incidentals. A great conference needs a great venue and we have the best conference venues Melbourne listed with us at HeadBox.

Speaking the lingo

What actually is a conference venue? It's a fair question. In short, it refers to a large space that can host a professional event that may include speakers, stalls and light refreshments. A conference room, on the other hand, will be a much smaller affair – and the price will reflect this. The largest conference-based event normally takes place in an exhibition centre (also called an expo centre or a convention centre), and these will be huge venues that cater to thousands of attendees.

Getting in touch

A Melbourne conference is a big deal. There are a lot of moving parts and you'll want to approach Melbourne's best conference centres with really robust criteria of everything you expect and need to make your event go off smoothly. Think about timing, capacity, catering, accessibility and who your speakers will be – this last one is vital as if they’re on your list to have at your conference they’re probably in high demand. Get all these factors worked out before you approach Melbourne’s best conference venues and you’ll make the booking process a whole lot easier for yourself and the venue.


A lot of conferences attract visitors from afar (especially the large ones in convention centres). Take this into account when booking your Melbourne conference venue. Looking for quality venues near travel hubs such as Flinders St Station or Melbourne Airport is a great way to make getting to and from your conference much easier. And less travelling = less grumpy conference attendees.

Some attendees may wish to get to your Melbourne event via car. If this is the case you’ll want to enquire with the conference venues about parking facilities.


Budgeting for a conference can be a tricky thing. Venues will often provide a base hire fee before adding on extra costs for things like staffing, audiovisual equipment and in-house catering (think of all the coffee needed to keep your attendees going!). Some venues will quote you for a price per attendee, so you know how much is being spent on each individual. It’s good to get an idea of how much you’re willing to spend before you approach the venue, this reduces any misunderstandings down the line and could be a massive time saver.

Melbourne is a big city and has an amazing range of conference venues, centres, rooms and convention spaces. Here are a few standouts from the HeadBox team:

The Glasshouse - Go big or go home. The Glasshouse is a truly awe-inspiring space that can accommodate 900 attendees. With tiered seating, a central stage, incredible acoustics and a breathtaking view, your conference will truly stand apart from the crowd.

Fortress - Australia’s largest video game entertainment venue in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, has multiple unique spaces that will leave your guests in awe.

There is no conference without a date and venue. With that in mind, if you are prepared to be flexible with your date and location, you may find you are able to save some money on costs. When you are exploring venue options, there are a few important considerations:

· Can the venue accommodate your delegate numbers? · What is the accessibility of the venue for suppliers? · Is there sufficient accommodation close by? · Is there ample parking and access to public transport links? · Is the size suitable for the intended audience? · Does the venue have availability?

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