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Written by Cassandra Thomson

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November 20, 2023

Get Some Fresh Air at Some of Our Favourite Outdoor Venues in Melbourne

Melbourne is so much more than its iconic skyline, stunning views and artsy alleyways. To help you discover more about this beautiful city, we’ve selected our favourite outdoor venues for hire in Melbourne. As the sun graces the sky, it's time to step outside and indulge in the city's thriving outdoor scene.

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1. Exclusive Hire, URBNSURF

Melbourne Airport

Say hello to the sensational URBNSURF in Melbourne, the go-to destination for surf lovers right in the city. This iconic outdoor function venue, only a short drive from the CBD and Melbourne Airport, offers non-stop waves for all skill levels, along with delicious dining, fun by the lagoon, and an entertaining lineup of events. URBNSURF isn't just about surfing; it's an inclusive experience catering to pros and beginners. This function venue solves the problem of accessibility, bringing surf culture to everyone in a beautiful ample area to soak in the sun just as if you were at open sea. URBNSURF also doubles as an incredible setting for large corporate events, accommodating up to 7000 guests! Whether it's business or leisure, URBNSURF promises an unforgettable surfing and relaxing experience.

2. The Parklet Deck, Park Street Pasta & Wine

South Melbourne

A pillar in the Italian restaurant scene, Park Street Pasta & Wine stands tall as a Melbourne favourite. Housed in a quaint corner building at 268 Park Street, this venue radiates historical charm. Venture outside to find an enchanting terrazzo and an open-air dining deck, reminiscent of Italy. With festive lighting, umbrellas, and heaters for cooler times, this outdoor function venue captures the essence of alfresco dining. The Parklet Deck on Perrins Street is a lush outdoor oasis. With a spacious marquee providing coverage, it's perfect for all kinds of gatherings. Lined with green garden beds, it's a picturesque setting for birthdays, work parties, or any group celebration, hosting up to 50 guests.

3. Event Space, Abbots Yard


Step into a world where every moment feels like a celebration. The open-air Event Space at Abbots Yard comes with cloth shades and an array of colourful umbrellas, creating an inviting ambience that's as lively as Melbourne's spirit. This delightful outdoor function venue is tailor-made for any kind of outdoor celebration, morphing into the perfect backdrop for your event. Whether it's live music or stand-up comedy, this stage sets the scene for moments that leave a lasting impression. With its top-notch sound system, Abbots Yard is sure to leave up to 500 attendees all in awe.

4. The Western Terrace, Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club


For over a century and a quarter, this outdoor function venue has been a haven for tennis enthusiasts, providing a platform for intense competitions during the Club Championships as well as leisure space for its members. Royal South Yarra isn't just about tennis. The club is blessed with an array of splendid spaces, ready to embrace various events. The expansive Western Terrace steals the spotlight with its sprawling balcony area. Its versatility extends when paired with either the Como Room or the Norman Brookes Room, adding a breeze of fresh air to informal events. With enough space to comfortably fit 90 attendees, this venue set the stage for a memorable function.

5. Rooftop Outdoors, Two Hands Rooftop Bar


As one of the trendiest bars in Richmond, Two Hands Rooftop Bar emerges as a sizzling hotspot redefining outdoor venues in Melbourne. Situated at the top of the establishment, this trendy outdoor function venue creates an atmosphere worthy of every celebration. With an inviting ambience created by music, lights, and an impeccably designed seating arrangement, this space ranks among our favourites. The outdoor area boasts a capacity of up to 30 guests, making it an ideal setting for intimate celebrations with a touch of sophistication.

6. The Courtyard, Newmarket Hotel

St Kilda

Tucked away like a secret treasure in the bustling heart of St Kilda, The Newmarket Hotel transcends the traditional Aussie pub experience. Beyond its historic brick exterior lies a fusion of four distinctively stylish and charming areas. Bask in the sunlight as you enjoy a breath of fresh air in The Courtyard, an outdoor function venue capable of accommodating up to 80 guests. This event space is able to transform to host any special event, whether it’s a corporate gathering or a celebratory milestone.

7. Glasshaus Outside, The Glasshaus


Discover a one-of-a-kind urban oasis right in the heart of Melbourne. Just moments away from Swan Street in vibrant Richmond, Glasshaus Outside presents an exclusive haven that brings an unparalleled charm to any occasion. Glasshaus Outside is the epitome of accessible sophistication. This outdoor function venue is ideal for daytime festivities such as wedding ceremonies, private brunches, corporate lunches, and more. With a generous capacity to accommodate up to 90 guests, this unique outdoor space sports a spacious undercover area. Don’t let this great venue fly under your radar for your future celebrations!

Our favourite outdoor venues in Melbourne

Outdoor venues in Melbourne are something to be marvelled at. Verdant lawns extending into the horizon, vibrant and bustling city vibes and the breathtaking skyline. This makes Melbourne the home to some of Australia's best outdoor venues. Whatever you have in mind – you are sure to find it here. Pick from the best outdoor venues for hire in Melbourne and we will make the booking process easy as lounging on a terrace for you.

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Discover the Best Outdoor Event Venues in Melbourne

Melbourne is popular and admired for many things. One of the most loved, however, is its diversity-driven and inclusive ecosystem. Each suburb in and around Melbourne beholds its unique character and offering – carved by the culture of long-standing residents and history of it's becoming. Every corner of this beautiful and (often voted) most-liveable city is home to distinguished event venues. For your upcoming events and finding the "ideal venue” quests – Headbox has curated the list of best venues in Melbourne for outdoor events.

You will be spoiled for choices, as we help you find the venue of your dreams.

Our guide to booking an outdoor venue for your event

To ensure that your outdoor event takes place seamlessly and without any challenges on the day of the event, you must prepare for a few things in advance. While outdoor venues are efficient to work with, they do require some special considerations such as guarding against the weather and ensuring the venue is accessible to everyone.

Weather Proofing!

Melbourne's weather can be unpredictable to say the least! If you are planning on booking an outdoor venue for your upcoming event – make sure you are prepared for Melbourne's everchanging weather.

Outdoor events in Melbourne are the most appropriate to host in summer (December till the end of February). The days are longer, sunsets are always beautiful with hues of orange and purple and it brings out the best an outdoor event venue has to offer.

While Spring and Autumn could potentially be good time for hosting outdoor events in Melbourne, however, there is a slightly higher risk of weather swings.

Some venues have alternate provisions for a rainy day or mobile heaters in case of a sudden drop in temperature. It's always good to check with the venue before you make the booking.


Some outdoor venues may have obscure access. Guests may be required to walk a fair bit from the parking or to use the restrooms. Some venues may not be pram or wheelchair friendly.

It's essential to confirm all such details with the venue beforehand, so you can ensure your guests are not inconvenienced on the day of the event.

If your chosen venue requires additional efforts on part of the attendees, be sure to inform them well in advance. This will also allow you time to organise any special provisions, in case it is required by your attendees.

When selecting a venue for your event, there is no hard and fast rule to picking the right one.

Outdoor venues in Melbourne come with varying capacities and capabilities, which makes them appropriate for most occasions. Each of them has a unique offering such as view, location, accessibility and catering flexibility amongst others. It comes down to the requirements and vision you have for the event, based on which you can decide!

Baby shower, engagement party, office Christmas party, sundowners are all appropriate occasions for hosting your events at an outdoor venue in Melbourne.

If you are hosting the event in a public area, such as parks and beaches – you may be required to get permission from the local council to avoid any interruptions on the day of the event. In addition, there may be some guidelines around time, duration, decor and/or entertainment which you will be required to adhere to.

However, for outdoor venues listed on HeadBox – you will not be required to organise anything. All venues hold necessary licenses and permits needed before hosting events. There may still be, however, rules around time, duration, decor and entertainment (distinct to each venue) to be mindful of when booking the venue for your event.

Outdoor venues make great choices for events in summer, spring and autumn. Even a sunny winter afternoon is a good time for hosting an outdoor event. Outdoor venues have a lot to offer. If you are an event planning newbie, you will find outdoor event venues are easy to work with. They offer flexibility and allow you save costs – on multiple fronts!

Outdoor venues are easy to dress down for a casual event or dress up for a formal event. Since the placement of walls and other concrete is far less than a conventional party hall – an outdoor venue allows more flexibility when dictating the vibe of an event. Outdoor venues are appropriate for small to mid-sized events, depending on individual venue capacity. Some outdoor venues in Melbourne can also accommodate larger gatherings. With minimal arrangements in terms of decor, equipment and other collateral – outdoor venues can be made appropriate for any occasion quickly and efficiently.

Outdoor events are naturally accentuated by their view and surroundings. Whether it is a rooftop bar, flaunting the twinkling Melbourne skyline in the background or a dreamy glasshouse courtyard radiating the luscious flora. Most outdoor event spaces offer the "WOW" factor and dreamy aesthetics, without having to spend a whole lot on decor. Within the category of outdoor venues, there are many types and options you can choose from to match the vision you have for the event. Based on your gathering size, occasion, season and time of the event.

For instance: the Beer Garden at Dr Morse Bar & Eatery is an excellent spot for hosting an intimate sundowner. While the Aurora in Prahran is a hidden gem for when you are looking to host a mid-sized gathering. Its interiors are bright, fun and have a hint of character!

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