The next generation of meetings and events management

HeadBox Business allows your team to plan, book and manage all of your events in one place, with the visibility for you to stay in control.
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HeadBox Business maximises the ROI for your entire meetings and events programme

More choice

We makes venue finding easy. Choose from over 20,000 beautiful, creative and inspiring spaces all at your fingertips to create unforgettable events that meet the needs of your team.

Increased efficiency

We've streamlined the planning and booking process allowing your teams to be more efficient and productive. Together with our single point of contract and single point of payment means you can do more with less.

Greater visibility and control

Our software allows you to consolidate data across all of your meetings and events, giving you real time visibility and control to maximise your spend under management.

Enhanced cost savings

HeadBox business allows you to leverage economies of scale; delivers savings through choice and preferred relationships.
Meetings and events have changed. Don't get left behind.
Join hundreds of businesses who are taking control of their meetings and events programme.
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