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Helping bookers plan more sustainable events by giving them the information they need, when they need it.
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Reach Net Zero across meetings and events
Get a full overview of the carbon impact of your meetings and events programme and your progress towards your carbon reduction goals.
Travel emission breakdowns by event
Drive culture change by seeing booker engagement
View missed carbon savings on past bookings to assess areas to improve
    Small actions for maximum impact
    80% of carbon emissions for in-person events comes from travel to the venue. HeadBox's tool, Journeys, shows bookers which venue option has the lowest travel emissions.
    Bookers enter attendee travel details
    They can compare projected travel emissions for each venue option - quickly see which is lowest
    Tips on how to cut travel emissions further
      The most sustainable venues
      Get rid of guesswork with clear, comparable information on venues’ sustainability initiatives and credentials.
        See how venues can help make your events more sustainable
        Bookers can compare sustainability initiatives across venue options
        Drive change in the event industry
        Predict events' carbon footprints
        Bookers see the likely impact of their event while planning it, so they can make better choices.
          Projected carbon footprint during planning
          Accurate, robust carbon measurements after the event

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          Frequently asked questions

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          How do you calculate travel emissions?

          For each journey, we take the starting point (the location you give us) and the end point (the venue location) and use Google Maps to find the distance based on the mode of transport you’ve entered. Then we use the UK Government’s emissions data for each mode of transport to calculate the carbon emissions of each journey.

          What if we don’t have travel details for everyone attending each event?

          Bookers can come back at any time to add, change or remove journeys so don’t worry that they may not have all of the details to hand. If they can’t track down travel details for any of their guests then they can just include those you have - we’ll help them make the best choices with the information available.

          What if people are using more than one mode of transport (eg. a flight then a taxi)?

          Our travel emissions tool, Journeys, is intended to calculate the travel specifically to your event. If someone is using more than one mode of transport purely to attend, you can add multiple journeys for an attendee.