How we bought NTT Data together

How we bought NTT Data together

In November 2022 HeadBox teamed up with NTT Data to plan and execute a post-pandemic event that would build a genuine sense of inter-team community. Across two packed days and two venues there was a plethora of internal business updates and thought leadership insights from clients and external speakers. 

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The strategic goals for the event were set from the outset:  

  1. Build connections between teams, defined by a sense of togetherness and support. 
  2. Communicate the strategic growth priorities so that everyone understands their role in company-wide success.
  3. Inspire the senior staff on the potential growth opportunities for the UK business
“Adding HeadBox event management to this event has been incredible. Just being able to tap into HeadBox and Sheridan’s knowledge. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”
- Nat Hogan, Head of CRO Office at NTT Data

On the day this translated to a whole host of community events hosted across two iconic venues (one of which featured a slide). The main event featured a conference, that brought a mixture of internal business updates crossed with thought leadership from exciting names including iconic British athlete Kris Akabusi. 

The event was a resounding success, with the HeadBox and NTT collaboration leaving a lot of smiling faces by the end of the night.

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