Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino
Dining Room, Bocconcino

Dining Room, Bocconcino

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About Bocconcino

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, Bocconcino is an Italian casual fine dining restaurant in London.

Step away from the bustle of Berkeley Street & into a stunning space that will transport you & your guests to the gorgeous climes of Italy with traditional Italian cuisine, first class service & rich selection of wines.

Their menu offers traditional Italian dishes; with an excellent range of antipasti and main courses from the diverse regions of Italy. Larger dishes include an array of fresh fish & seafood, catch of the day delivered fresh from Italy and beautifully presented on their rich fish display.

First Bocconcino restaurant was opened in a beautiful seaside Forte dei Marmi. Bocconcino has since expanded to London and has been offering delicious food and first-class service in a stylish location in Central London.

The Berkeley Street dining room is grand in scale, split between two floors by a helical, wrought-iron staircase.

The upstairs area is peppered with small, cosy alcoves, exposed brickwork & a café au lait design scheme that‘s equally suited for date nights, business dinners or lunches with the family.

For a bit of theatre, the downstairs section features a bar and open-plan kitchen, where pizzaiolos knead & toss the dough before popping the pies into a wood-fired oven.

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  • Seating: 120


Dining & Drinking
Much loved by it's many guests, Bocconcino prides itself on creating the finest Authentic Italian food using the freshest & highest quality ingredients. Simple, honest cooking, lovingly crafted with passion & soul; Bocconcino promises to be the perfect place for your event.

Of course, no great dining experience would be complete without fine wine. Bocconcino's wine list showcases the country's viniculture & its rich diversity. Well-known brands share cellar space with boutique artisan producers. From light, fruity white wines to intense, full-bodied reds, the perfect wine for every palate is tucked away somewhere in their vast collection.


Large groups:

For large groups, from 8 guests to 25 guests, we can offer a semi private option, where one to three long tables will be set up in one of the main rooms. Please note: set menus are striktly requiered.

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