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Written by Cassandra Thomson - 21 January 2024

Hop Aboard the Most Extraordinary Party Boats in Perth

Renowned for its mild climate, Perth boasts an array of event boats to make the most of it, celebrating in the beautiful open waters of Western Australia. Whether you're planning a romantic evening under the stars, a lively celebration with friends, or a corporate gathering, there is something for everyone. So, hop on and enjoy our favourite event boats Perth offers.

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1. Exclusive Hire, Ocean Dream


Indulge in VIP boat hire like never before with the exquisite Ocean Dream in Perth! This vessel takes the crown when it comes to event boats, spanning across two spacious and lavish levels where guests can unwind in style. Ocean Dream comes fully equipped to cater to every need during private and corporate boat charters. Whether you're craving the views of Swan River, Rottnest Island, or Carnac Island, this event boat caters to your desire for exploration and adventure. Elevate your event with outstanding catering services curated by top chefs – an array of menus ensures that you and up to 45 other guests will be left in awe.

2. Exclusive Hire, Crystal Swan

Bibra Lake

Embark on an adventure like no other aboard the Crystal Swan! With its impressive size, this vessel boasts the capacity to host up to 200 guests, ensuring that your guest list is never too long. Whether it's a dreamy wedding, a professional corporate function, or a social party, the Crystal Swan stands as a versatile event space. Prepare to be in awe as you and your guests can enjoy a 360-degree view from both levels of the boat. Departing from Barrack Street Jetty in Perth, this event boat promises an experience that is as exclusive as it is exceptional. Indulge in two fully licensed bars and a massive dance floor perfect for mingling, all the while enjoying the breathtaking views of Perth’s skyline.

3. Exclusive Hire, Decoy Paddleship

Bibra Lake

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Western Australia, the iconic Decoy Paddleship graces the Swan River with its majestic presence. As one of the largest charter boats on the Swan River, the Decoy holds the capacity to accommodate up to an impressive 220 guests. This event boat offers a unique blend of tradition and modern elegance, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences. Indulge in delectable dishes and cocktails thanks to its licensed bar and kitchen, ensuring you and your guests are fully taken care of. From intimate wedding cruises to exciting functions, the Decoy ensures your special day goes beyond your expectations.

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