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Are you looking for conference venues Perth? You’ve come to the right place. Our collection features all the best conference venues Perth wide suitable for conferences of all sizes. Whether you are planning a small seminar or large scale multi day event, we can match you with the most suitable venue options. Browse our conference venues Perth or submit your event brief to us and match with the perfect venue.

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Choosing the right venue for your conference can make or break the event. Your chosen venue will have a big impact on your budget and will also set the tone for your entire conference. Critical details like the date of your conference are dependent on your chosen space, making it even more important to choose wisely. To help you choose the perfect conference venue, we’ve put together our top considerations:

  • Budget: Keep the bottom line in mind when handling the logistics of your event. Being flexible on the date of your event may help you secure a discounted rate.
  • Location: By choosing a convenient location, you are likely to maximise attendance of your conference. When enquiring with venues, you should ask them about public transport links, airport access and nearby hotels as well as parking facilities.
  • Capacity: Ensure all attendees will fit comfortably into your chosen venue with enough space for relaxing during breaks too.
  • Features: You need to ensure the venue you book has all the amenities you need to run your conference, including A/V equipment, microphones, kitchen facilities and wheelchair access.
  • Support Staff: Make sure there will be enough support staff on hand to assist with the smooth running of your event, including tech support.
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Perth is a thriving metropolis boasting a spectacular array of venues and facilities to complement all conference event types. The versatility of conference venues Perth provides endless possibilities and the team at HeadBox will ensure every detail is tailored to your specific needs to deliver a truly memorable conference event experience. One of the biggest advantages of Perth is the fantastic weather, plus there are so many great attractions found in this booming city, so if your delegates are from out of town, they can enjoy all Perth has to offer.

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