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Written by Cassandra Thomson - 15 May 2024

The best meeting rooms for hire Sydney

Sydney is a bustling city filled with countless businesses and organisations that require suitable meeting spaces for their professional gatherings. Luckily, there are numerous meeting rooms for hire Sydney wide, each with its own unique features and benefits. From small boardrooms to large conference halls, Sydney has a range of meeting spaces to accommodate any group size or type of event. To help you find the perfect meeting room in Sydney, we have compiled a list of some of the best options available, each offering exceptional amenities, top-notch technology, and outstanding customer service. Whether you're looking for a quiet space for a board meeting or a spacious venue for a conference, this guide will help you find the ideal meeting room for your next event in Sydney.

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1. Join the creative community vibes: The Ultimo Room, Fishburners


Looking for a meeting room hire in Sydney that oozes creativity and community vibes? Look no further than Fishburners Sydney, located in the heart of the CBD. The Ultimo Room is a top-notch meeting space that can accommodate up to 12 guests, making it perfect for sit-down meetings. Their boardrooms are bright, spacious and well-equipped with everything you need for a successful meeting. But Fishburners Sydney isn't just great for corporate events; their event spaces are ideal for workshops too! With a rich history of buzzy startups getting their start here, Fishburners is the ultimate choice for your next function, meeting or hackathon.

2. An elegant space in the CBD: Private Dining Room, The Royal Exchange of Sydney


When it comes to hosting a small and personal event in Sydney, The Royal Exchange's Private Dining Room is the perfect choice. This intimate space can accommodate up to 12 guests, making it an ideal venue for small gatherings such as intimate family dinners or exclusive business meetings. The Private Dining Room provides a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for fostering meaningful conversations and connections. The Royal Exchange's commitment to providing exceptional meeting rooms in Sydney is evident in the attention to detail and cosy decor of this space. Whether you're looking to host a business meeting or celebrate a special occasion with loved ones, The Royal Exchange's Private Dining Room is the ideal setting.

3. Expert in providing business events: Blackwattle Room 1, PARKROYAL

Darling Harbour

The Park Royal Darling Harbour boasts a sleek meeting room in the heart of Sydney, where functionality meets style. Situated beside Barker's restaurant, this venue provides a convenient and impressive location for your next professional gathering. The hotel's dedication to service shines through in every aspect of their offerings, from the cutting-edge technology to the meticulous attention to detail. With the Park Royal's commitment to exceeding expectations, you can be sure that your event will be a success. Whether you're hosting a conference, training session, or brainstorming retreat, this meeting room is sure to impress.

4. Get inspired by the collaborative community: The Main Space, Seed Spaces


Seed Spaces, a boutique co-working and event space nestled in the heart of Sydney's Glebe area, offers a collaborative and functional workspace for individuals and small teams alike. The space is a haven for those seeking a serene environment to work in peace.

Seed's bright and welcoming interiors exude a positive vibe that is sure to lift anyone's spirits. Whether you are planning a book launch, hosting a meeting, or running a fashion show, the space has everything you need to make your event a grand success.

The Main Space at Seed is the perfect place to draw a crowd and make a statement. This open and spacious room has played host to numerous events, ranging from fashion shows to comedy nights. With a capacity of up to 80 guests, it is the ideal space to maximise exposure and create a buzz around your event.

So, if you are looking for a versatile and vibrant meeting room for hire in Sydney, Seed should be on the top of your list. With its functional amenities and welcoming ambiance, your event is sure to be a hit at Seed.

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Searching for meeting rooms for hire Sydney? You’ve come to the right place. At HeadBox, our mission is to match people with the perfect space for their needs. We have the best meeting rooms Sydney wide listed in our collection, with spaces offering various amenities to suit different requirements. From boardrooms and small meeting rooms to conference rooms and training rooms, you’ll find them all right here. Browse our meeting rooms for hire Sydney and click through to learn more about the facilities of each space such as wireless screen sharing, HD webcams, whiteboards and refreshment packages.

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You guide to finding the perfect venue for offsite meetings in Sydney

Hosting an offsite meeting from time to time can help to inspire creativity and productivity in your team. Meetings that take place offsite require some planning and one of the most important factors influencing the success of your offsite meeting is the venue. It’s important to set a budget and decide on the overall objective of your offsite meeting. You’ll also want to check the amenities and facilities on offer from your chosen venue. A convenient location with ample parking is another crucial factor you need to consider in your planning. Alternatively, you could also arrange transport from the office. For help finding suitable offsite meeting rooms Sydney, submit your brief to us.

Are there two words more exciting than 'meeting' and 'room'? Okay so probably, yes. That doesn't mean, however, that your Sydney meeting has to be resigned to the dull back room of the office. Sydney is having a renaissance when it comes to innovative, inspiring meeting spaces and you can now book yours quickly and comfortably. So ditch the burnt coffee, discard the posture-ruining chair and check out our comprehensive guide to booking Sydney's ultimate meeting rooms.

Who's in the meeting?

This is a crucial question when it comes to booking a meeting room. Different venues have different benefits and some are better suited than others. An external meeting with a high-profile client will probably require a sleek, professional boardroom with the formal features of the classic meeting room done well. For internal meetings and more creative get together, you can afford to think outside the box. There are plenty of unconventional meeting rooms across the city. Brainstorm in a cinema with the Rydges Hotel The Cinema space, or impress with the well-lit and high-tech Blackwattle Room 1 at Park Royal Darling Harbour.

Size matters

There are plenty of Sydney meeting room spaces to choose from, whether you want a small, intimate space or something a bit bigger to impress clients. The most crucial thing is to consider the specific needs: 50 people for a training course? A large table for placing laptops? These things need to be in your head when planning a meeting. The venue will guide you, so go along and find out the best options for you and your business.

Budgeting for your Sydney meeting

Whilst a corporate meeting is a big deal, it's not good business sense to let costs run away from you. Setting a budget before you approach Sydney's best venues is a great way to stay on top of your spending and impress the finance team at work. We recommend setting a per-person budget, that way you can see where your money is going, and retain control over the macro and micro spending of every single meeting you plan. Our venue finder comes with a budget feature, so booking a great room is easier than ever.

Cutting the commute

Commuting is an unavoidable fact of life in every in-person meeting. Get on your colleagues' good side by booking a professional venue near a central transport hub. There are plenty of great meeting venues near Sydney’s Central Rail Station, so any out-of-towners won't have any trouble getting to the meeting on time. For those who don't travel in, ask about video and audio capabilities (or, even better, request them in your event brief) - that way no one will feel left out of your well-planned Sydney meeting room.

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