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Your guide to booking a conference in Dublin

Conferences can be a hit or miss affair, and Dublin conferences are no different. For some, the sea of lanyards, flasks of coffee, power-rock intermission music and awkward chit-chat can be a nightmare, for others, it is the highlight on the professional calendar. One way to elevate your Dublin conference is to ensure it goes ahead in an amazing venue. Luckily Dublin is in no short supply of conference venues, rooms, convention centres and much more. Let us guide you through the tricks and insights to booking a truly remarkable Dublin conference.

What sort of venue should your Dublin conference take place in?

Choosing the perfect Dublin conference venue depends upon a few key factors. Capacity is probably the most crucial. Whilst you don’t want your attendees to feel too cramped, a conference hall or centre that is too big will make your turn out seem less impressive. For a smaller Dublin conference, it’s worth opting for a conference room, or a smaller conference hall – these smaller capacity venues will make your event feel well-attended and cost considerably less than their bigger Dublin counterparts. For larger events you’ll want to approach Dublin’s convention centres and expo venues - these huge spaces can accommodate thousands of guests and are ideal for a large scale conference.

Getting your speakers

Your Dublin conference hall or convention centre will create a beautiful setting, but you also need to think carefully about the speakers you’ll want to attend – after all, they’ll be providing the content of your Dublin conference. Getting a date in the diary is a vital step., that way you can approach the best in the business and secure their presence for the date you’ve chosen.

Booking the conference in Dublin

So you have your capacity, your criteria and a few preferred dates. What’s next? It’s time to actually book your Dublin conference space. You could approach a few different venues and wait (for who knows how long) until they get back to you. Why do unnecessary work, though? Give us the details of your dream conference and we’ll circulate it amongst Dublin’s best conference halls and centres, that way you’ll hear back from the available venues and make the booking process as easy as it’s ever been.

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