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Do you have a dream private dining experience? The right private dining room can make or break your culinary adventure. Dublin is packed with fantastic dining rooms, all with their own particular aesthetic and cuisine. Browse the very best of them now and you could be eating alfresco with your friends or tasting a cutting edge menu in your very own chic private space. Hiring a private dining room has never been easier – take a look through our collection or simply tell us what you want and we'll get the venue to contact you.

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Your guide to private dining in Dublin

Dining in Dublin is a joyful experience, nonetheless, it can be full of pitfalls. Imagine the scene: you and your companions arrive at your favourite Dublin restaurant, dressed to impress, stomachs rumbling. After waiting twenty minutes for a table you are ushered past the beautiful bay windows, past the best seats until, finally, you arrive at a cramped table under periodic assault from the swinging bathroom door. Dinner, you can imagine, is ruined.

How to stop this apocalyptic dining experience? Simple. Book a Dublin private dining room. No waiting, no roulette with your table placement, no problem.

Eating like a Dubliner

Think large menus, large portions and large private dining rooms. Dublin is a cosmopolitan city with a culinary experience for any pallet. Put some thought into what kind of food you’ll be wanting to accompany your Dublin dining room – stay traditional with a hearty Irish stew or spice it up with one of Dublin’s amazing Asian offerings. The sheer breadth of Dublin’s foodie scene means you can ask for pretty much anything and there will be a private dining room ready to provide.

Inclusive dining

Organising a Dublin private dining experience is a great responsibility. Get it right by inquiring with your lucky guests as to whether they have any dietary requirements. Gone are the days when finding a quality vegan dish is a pain in the proverbial. Dublin’s dynamism means you won’t struggle to get some quality eats that please everyone – just make sure to mention it before you arrive.

Booking your beautiful Dublin dining room

So you have your guest list, an idea of foods you’ll want on offer, and any specifics requirements to make it an inclusive experience. What’s next? Get your enquiry out to as many of Dublin’s best eateries as possible with HeadBox’s help. We’ll circulate your private dining booking amongst the best venues in Dublin, and then you’ll hear back from those who can accommodate you. It saves time and leaves you free to do whatever you want.

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