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Written by Luke Bull - 09 October 2023

Our selection of the 5 best romantic bars in Covent Garden

What does romance look like to you? Something tangible like handwritten notes from a beloved, flowers from a not-so-secret admirer or quality time with a special someone. Something abstract like the sweet anticipation of a first (or seventh) kiss or an almost-perfect meet-cute (hey, this is real life).

Maybe it’s even something a little more casual. Like a date. Whether it’s the first or the hundredth, at their best, dates can be pretty special.

We’ll leave you to think about romance and save the philosophical questions till later. First, let’s take you on a date of the best romantic bars in Covent Garden.

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american bar covent garden romantic bars 1
american bar covent garden romantic bars 2

1. Impress your date at this historic bar: The American Bar

Covent Garden, London

Since its original debut in 1898, Savoy’s American Bar remains, in their words, “the longest surviving cocktail bar in London”.

Gracing many a famous face, this bar is more than just a favourite haunt for the who’s who of London (and the world). American Bar is also famous for their original cocktails, and the top bartenders who make them.

Enjoy an intimate evening as you sip on the in-house classics like Harry Craddock’s famous White Lady and Ada Coleman's Hanky Panky, and with the sound of piano drifting through the room, it almost feels too on the nose that everything is in perfect harmony.

andrew edmunds covent garden romantic bars
andrew edmunds covent garden romantic bars 2

2. A candlelight dinner at Covent Garden’s most romantic bar: Andrew Edmunds

Covent Garden, London

One of the oldest bars in Covent Garden, Andrew Edmunds is considered to be one of the last standing bastions of Old Soho. Set in an 18th century townhouse, this Covent Garden bar has been serving customers for the last 30 years.

With a relaxed intimate setting, seasonal menu and an affordable wine list, Andrew Edmunds also offers private dining rooms for hire on Saturdays and Sundays for up to 20 people. Although there is no hire fee on booking the entire restaurant or basement, there is a fixed minimum spend.

The wine list includes options like Lebanon’s rose wine and a wide range of white wines. Good food by candlelight. Classic wines. Sounds like a pretty good date to us.

eve bar covent garden romantic bars 1
eve bar covent garden romantic bars 2

3. Give in to temptations at this romantic bar: Eve Bar

Covent Garden, London

Nestled below Adam Handling’s famous restaurant Frog, is Eve Bar. While it’s a little on the nose, Eve Bar invites its guests to ‘resist everything but temptation’.

Known for its drinks menu and state-of-the-art drinks lab, (thanks to in-house mixologist Sam Orrock), you’ll be met with revamped drinks like ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ – Eve’s take on the Pornstar Martini.

Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city to spend the evening getting lost at this bar, the drinks, the art, the live music, and most importantly, your date.

the alchemist covent garden romantic bars 1
the alchemist covent garden romantic bars 2

4. Brew up the perfect first date: The Alchemist

Covent Garden, London

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” – The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Doing justice to its name, The Alchemist looks like a simple bar from the outside but is a completely different world once you step in.

Covered in gold tints, and decked out with carved wooden tables, it only makes sense that it’s located in the heart of London’s theatre centre, as this bar is just as dramatic.

With unique drinks like ‘Bath Bomb’ (a blend of rhubarb and apple gin) and ‘Lightbulb Moment’ (a gin and Pimms-based cocktail), it elevates any regular date.

Enjoy an evening of crazy cocktails and cosy company at The Alchemist on St Martin’s Lane Covent Garden.

escapologist covent garden romantic bars 1
the escapologist covent garden romantic bars 2

5. A dreamy escape for you and your date: The Escapologist

Covent Garden, London

Designed as part modern-day men’s club and part Masonic lodge, The Escapologist is one of Covent Garden’s most famous bars.

Step into their world and you’ll be greeted with a pastel blue ceiling studded with gold stars, leather couches, and soft lighting.

If you like pizza, you’re in luck. From their famous in-house pizza to chocolate-covered pizza, The Escapologist is the place to be.

Open seven days a week, The Escapologist is truly a wonderful ‘escape’ from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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