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Host Support

HeadBox advises that every Host has suitable insurances in place before providing their Space and related services to potential Guests under the HeadBox Terms & Conditions. We strongly encourage all Hosts to review and understand the terms of their insurance policy and what it covers and does not cover.

HeadBox advises Hosts to take a Damage Deposit with every booking. In the unlikely event that a Guest may damage the Space or anything in the Space, this deposit can go towards covering the costs for this damage. Adding a Damage Deposit can be done as you add or edit your space listing.

If in the event your Space is damaged from a Guest, you must within 24 hours contact the Guest to notify them of your complaint and try to resolve the issue directly with your Guest, and also notify HeadBox at It is often the case that Hosts and Guests can resolve issues on their own.

If you and your Guest are unable to come to a resolution, we recommend that you file a police report. A police report is encouraged in all cases and is required for incidents that exceed £300.00.

In an emergency situation, the Host should always contact the police, emergency personnel or the proper authorities first within 24 hours.

Gather as much documentation as possible including photos, receipts, police report, and any other documentation that proves ownership, damage, and estimates the fair market value of items damaged.

We will do our best to support you in the resolution of your dispute but in the event that you are not able to resolve your dispute with a Guest then we will advise you to take independent advice on what you can do to try to resolve it.