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HeadBox Guest Refund Policy

Last updated 03 August 2017

The HeadBox Guest Refund Policy set out below only applies to those Bookings made via the Site and Services where the Host has not attached its own terms and conditions to the Listing of the Booking or to a Bespoke Package Booking.

Spaces on the HeadBox platform should meet minimum quality standards regarding safety, access, cleanliness, and they should be consistent with the description provided by the Host in any Listing. If a Guest who books and pays for a Space Experience suffers a 'Space Experience Issue' because the Space Experience does not meet HeadBox standards or does not meet with the details set out in the Listing then, the Guest may be eligible for a refund in accordance with this HeadBox Guest Refund Policy.

If there is a complaint from a Guest about the Space Experience which HeadBox deems to be a "Space Experience Issue" then HeadBox will at its discretion either provide the Guest with a refund or use reasonable efforts to find and book the Guest another comparable Space Experience for any unused time left in their booking. The amount of any refund will depend on the nature of the Space Experience Issue suffered.

A valid 'Space Experience Issue' generally falls into three categories, (1) the host cancels a Space Experience after it has received payment or part payment but prior to the scheduled Hire Period or cancels at any time during the Space Experience or fails to provide the Guest with the reasonable ability to access the Space at any time before or during a Space Experience, (2) the description of the Space in the listing on HeadBox is materially different from the actual Space (such as the Space's size, special amenities or location), or (3) the Space is not generally clean or as described in its Listing.

To submit a valid claim for a refund, a Guest is required (a) to bring the Space Experience Issue to our attention within 24 hours after the start of their Space Experience or if the Space Experience Issue happens during the Space Experience then within 24 hours of the Guest being made aware of the Space Experience Issue (including photographs or other evidence) and respond to our requests for information or cooperation, (b) not have directly or indirectly caused the Space Experience Issue and (c) to have used reasonable efforts to try to remedy the circumstances of the Space Experience Issue with the Host prior to making a claim for a Space Experience Issue.

The Host will be given notice of the claim for a Space Experience Issue and will be given an opportunity to respond to the complaint and will be given an opportunity to provide its view supported by photographs and or other evidence provided it does so within 48 hours of being put on notice. If it does not respond within 48 hours of notice then HeadBox will deem the Host to have accepted that the claim is valid. HeadBox shall be the sole arbiter of whether the claim is valid and what refund if any should be applied.

HeadBox shall provide to the Host an account of any refunds to the Guest and remit any balance of funds then owing to the Guest within two weeks of making its decision.