Private Dining Room, COYA Mayfair

Private Dining Room, COYA Mayfair

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About COYA Mayfair

Private dining in Mayfair never looked this good! Welcome to COYA Mayfair.

Modern Peruvian influence is at the heart of COYA’s culture, combining a theatre of service and chef entertainment with food prepared in an array of open kitchens including a ceviche counter, open charcoal grills and central kitchens.

The catering is one of Peruvian traditions whilst creating a contemporary cuisine for a modern London clientele.

COYA ignites the pleasure of the senses with event spaces accommodating special occasions, private dining, corporate functions and celebratory parties offering an experience showcasing the best of Latin American culture. So for one of the best options for private dining rooms Mayfair has to offer, there really is no better option than COYA.

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Private dining


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  • Seating: 12

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