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Written by Cassandra Thomson - 03 April 2024

Our Favourite Hotel Function Rooms Brisbane

Embark on a journey through the most prestigious hotel function rooms Brisbane offers in a unique blend of sophistication, style, and functionality. From the modern luxury of a city beacon to the timeless elegance of a distinguished space and the vibrant playfulness of a designer oasis. These venues promise unforgettable experiences. Whether you seek versatility, sophistication, or adaptability. These function rooms are designed to cater to every need.

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1. Hibiscus Room Events, Hyatt Regency Brisbane

Brisbane City

Step into a beacon of elegance and innovation in the heart of the city. This versatile function space is designed to host an array of events. From sophisticated corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations. It offers a blend of modern luxury and seamless functionality. With its contemporary design, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible layout, this function room caters to every need. The Hibiscus Room provides the perfect backdrop. It promises an experience of unparalleled sophistication and style at one of Brisbane's premier hotel function rooms.

2. Legends Room, voco Brisbane City Centre

Brisbane City

Discover the Legends Room at voco, where timeless elegance meets contemporary flair. This distinguished space is nestled within the vibrant heart of Brisbane. It’s designed to host events that leave a lasting impression. The Legends Room is equipped with the latest technology and bespoke furnishings to ensure your event is both seamless and stylish. With its sophisticated ambience and attentive service, this function room is the epitome of class and distinction. Making it the ideal setting for those who seek to create legendary moments.

3. The Grand Games Room, Ovolo The Valley

Fortitude Valley

Dip into the vibrant world at Ovolo The Valley, a space where sophistication intertwines with playfulness. Situated in the heart of Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. This designer hotel offers a whimsical oasis of colour and art. It sets the stage for unforgettable events. The Grand Games Room is not just a venue; it's an experience. It offers a versatile layout and stylish design. This space is ideal for weddings, banquets, cocktail parties, seminars, and conferences. Let the good times roll as you host your next event in this unique setting that seamlessly blends fun and elegance.

4. Odeon, Sofitel Brisbane Central

Brisbane City

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated charm of Sofitel Brisbane Central. A venue that seamlessly blends elegance with versatility. Located in the heart of CBD, it offers a modern and stylish event space. Especially within walking distance of key city landmarks. It can accommodate up to 100 guests for theatre-style presentations and 80 guests for dinner functions. Odeon provides a chic setting for a range of events. From its fully integrated audio systems to LED lighting and high-definition projection screens. Odeon is designed to elevate every occasion with a touch of luxury and sophistication.

5. Paterson Room, Amora Hotel Brisbane

Spring Hill

Step into the sophisticated world of the Paterson Room at Amora Hotel Brisbane. It’s a venue that embodies elegance and adaptability in the heart of the city. Located on level one of the hotel. This modern event space offers a flexible setting ideal for a wide range of events. The Paterson Room can be divided into two separate spaces for added versatility. Equipped with the latest audiovisual technology and supported by onsite professionals. This venue ensures that every event is executed seamlessly. This function room sets the stage for success in a setting that exudes sophistication and style.

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When it comes to events, Brisbane hotels are expert in providing a premium, professional and tasteful experience. Whether you're planning a meeting, corporate off-site or grand ball, our collection of hotel function rooms are sure to impress your guests.

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