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Written by Luke Bull - 09 October 2023

The 4 best Christmas party venues in Bristol

Picture your dream Christmas party – what does it look like? High-rise views at a luxury restaurant? A cosy pub complete with good vibes and a roaring fire? A fun activity to get you in the festive mood?

However you want to do your Christmas do, it’s important to get ahead of the curve (and avoid the inevitable rush of the unprepared and semi-unbothered).

Travel back in time or visit the tropics (all without leaving Bristol, that is) for a do to remember. The future of your Christmas parties is looking bright and sparkly.

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four quarters bristol christmas party venues 1
four quarters christmas party venues 2

1. Get into the zone at this retro Christmas party venue: Four Quarters, Bristol


New player?

Self-described as the “UK’s original arcade bar”, Four Quarters is bringing your most-loved retro games to Bristol’s Park Street. Play heavy hitters like Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders, Crazy Taxi, Tetris, and 14 other arcade games in their original machines.

For any upcoming Christmas parties, Four Quarters offers full venue hire for up to 135 guests or up to 60 and 30 guests at their Basement Bar and Conservatory. Plus they'll throw in a DJ, Gamemaster, and catering for a bit extra too.

In between games, they have a selection of cocktails, craft beer, wines, and spirits to choose from. Winner gets a drink on us!

thekla bristol christmas party venues 1
thekla bristol christmas party venues 2

2. Get aboard this Bristol Christmas party venue: Thekla


How does a Christmas party on a boat sound? The former cargo ship, now docked in Bristol’s Floating Harbour, has been home to live music performances and club nights since the 90s.

With its simple oak interiors, overhead lighting, and black booths, it’s simple and a little unassuming (that is if you ignore the fact that you’re on a boat) but it’s exactly what you need for a party on your own terms.

Hire the top deck for a Christmas do on the waterfront. Head to the bar for a pint or cocktail then slide into a booth or find your way to the dance floor.

The top deck also has a nice view of the harbour. That’s Christmas on lock, then.

revolucion de cuba bristol christmas party venues 1
revolucion de cuba bristol christmas party venues 2

3. Lounge at this Bristol Christmas party venue: Havana Club, Revolución de Cuba


On Bordeaux Quay, you’ll find the Bristol branch of Revolución de Cuba, the (you guessed it) Cuban bar and restaurant.

Alongside its usual roster of bottomless brunch, happy hour and tres tapas for £15, this Bristol Christmas party venue is also available for private hire.

With rich green walls, amber sofas and vintage photos, the Havana Lounge transports you to Cuba (just don’t look out the window). In all its vintage, super-stylised and colour-blocked glory, this Bristol venue fits up to 50-100 guests for a seated dinner – more than enough space to dance and dine.

Enjoy the Cuban-inspired menu – swap a roast for calamari and enchiladas and mulled wine for mojitos and rumtinis.

the square club bristol christmas party venues 1
the square club bristol christmas party venues 2

4. (Don’t) Get lost in this Bristol Christmas party venue: Lower Deck Cocktail Bar & Terrace, The Square Club


Hidden rooms that feel like marketplaces. A multicoloured den. A tropical paradise that transforms at night. Nestled on Berkeley Square, you’ll find The Square Club, the private members club/private venue for hire.

For the indecisive, The Square Club has rooms as many tastes and personalities as an office Christmas menu. Drinks? Head to the bar. A chat? Pick a room. Drinks under the stars? Outside will be ideal (obviously).

The restaurant holds up to 70 people, while the cocktail bar and terrace fit up to 120 guests. Christmas just got a whole lot more interesting.

More of the best Christmas party venues in Bristol

Get into the festive spirit with this stunning selection of Bristol Christmas party venues. Planning a winter ball, Xmas dinner dance or just a cosy winter event in a pub? We have the best selection of holiday party venues near you with all the Xmas lights, snow and mistletoe you can imagine. Take a look at some of the best venues to host your shared Christmas parties and Christmas party nights in Bristol. Alternatively, tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure the very best Bristol venues respond to your enquiry.

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How to hire a Christmas party venue in Bristol

Bristol is awash with spaces ready to host the Christmas party of your dreams. Securing one may seem like a mission, but follow these tips and thank us later.

What Christmas are you dreaming of?

The beauty of planning a Christmas party in Bristol is that you have complete control over what kind of event you want. From festive banquets fit for a Tudor king to office work parties that will be remembered (hazily) for years, there are plenty of options for the kind of Christmas party you might want.

Budgeting for a Bristol Christmas party

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Scrooge-like grip on your finances. Okay, so budgeting might not exactly be in the spirit of silly season, but a crucial part of party planning is getting your spending watertight so there are no unpleasant Boxing Day surprises. Consider whether your Christmas party is a liquid lunch affair or a full festive banquet. It's a good idea to allocate a dedicated spend per person, that way you can maintain control over the macro and micro costs of your event.

Skis, sleighs and snow boots

Getting to and from your Bristol Christmas party shouldn't be a miserly experience. Fortunately, Bristol boasts a fantastic transport system that can get you and your friends or colleagues to and from whatever venue you decide to book. For those coming outside the capital, locate your Christmas bash near a main station, reducing the travel time for inbound guests. The only downside to a Bristol Christmas party is the probable lack of parking – but who wants to drive into their Christmas event, anyway?


Simply, the earlier the better. Now, we’re not saying you need to wake up groggily on the 26th of December and start drafting a secret Santa employee map (unless you really want to). But the truth is the best Bristol Christmas party venues will start to take bookings well before the festive season starts in earnest: we recommend starting your search towards the end of summer, no matter how wrong it feels, and that way you’ll ensure you’re on the venue-booking good list.

Towards the lower end of the budget, you can expect some drinks and finger foods – think sausage rolls and carrot sticks. Let’s be honest, though, most Bristol Christmas party venues can do better than that, and you deserve better. Ask the venue if they have a festive menu – lots of venues will get creative with their festive bites, and it can really make your Xmas bash stand out. Top tip: Don’t forget to ask about the entertainment involved in the Christmas package. Long gone are the days of the depressing Christmas DJ (almost always someone’s uncle), and now you can expect a lot more when it comes to getting the party truly started.

The all-important question. The importance of the Christmas party can often feel like a mammoth task. Fortunately, most venues will do a lot of the heavy lifting and offer packages and planning assistance. That said, there is a way to get exactly what you want and not spend all your time mired by the details. Just tell us exactly what your perfect Christmas party looks like, and we’ll make sure the best Bristol venues reach out to you. That way, you can focus on the important things, like mince pies.

For Christmas party nights in Bristol, you're spoilt for choice. Here are a few extra special Christmas party venues that we vouch for:

The Restaurant, Clifton Lido – For a Christmas poolside dinner, visit this historic Bristol venue.

Havana Lounge, Revolución de Cuba Bristol – Enjoy a Cuban-inspired Christmas menu at this stylish Bristol bar and restaurant.

There really is no one answer to this question: so many variables come into play when understanding the cost of exclusive hire of a Christmas party venue. How many guests are you planning for? Is the venue for the day, an afternoon, or the night? The good news is that you can find a venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

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