Private Dining Room, COYA Angel Court

Private Dining Room, COYA Angel Court

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About COYA Angel Court

Book The Private Dining Room at COYA and be transported straight to the heart of Latin America

Surrounded by vibrant Incan colours and bespoke Latin American furniture, COYA offers its Guests engaging and immersive dining experience.

Diners are entertained as chefs skillfully prepare food in one of three open kitchens; the Ceviche counter, the open charcoal grill and the central kitchen. Culinary Brand Ambassador, Sanjay Dwivedi, has curated an innovative menu that maintains traditional elements of Peruvian cooking whilst blending influences from Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cuisines for a modern London clientele.

The bright and colourful Pisco bar & lounge specialises in bespoke pisco infusions, over 40 tequilas and an extensive rum list. DJs and artists bring the venue to life and create an exciting and engaging culture that is unique to COYA.

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Private dining


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  • Seating: 14

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