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Your guide to booking a venue in Manchester

Wandering amongst the vintage stores and dive bars of the Northern Quarter you may come across an iconic mosaic sunk into a redbrick building on Short Street, it reads: ‘AND ON THE SIXTH DAY GOD CREATED MANCHESTER’. The biblical claims of the Northern city might cause accusations of swagger, but trust us – Manchester’s venues are truly in their own league.

Manchester is justifiably well-regarded for its amazing nightlife, and there is certainly no shortage of bars and clubs to keep even the most seasoned of revellers occupied. It doesn’t end there, however, the city is host to a wondrous array of venues that can bring your work or private event to a new, undeniably Mancunian level. So get out your waviest garms and let us take you through the best way to book a Manchester venue.

Planning like a pro

Getting your Manchester event off the ground can feel like a gargantuan task. There are so many factors to consider, so many areas to slip up. It’s best to break it down into the key criteria that you need to approach a selection of quality Manchester venues

Capacity: getting your event guest list in order should be one of the top priorities when it comes to planning a proper Mancunion event, having a solid number will let you hone in on the correct venue size and the number of extras that may be required.

Budget: for any event you’re going to need a budget, and the more control over this you exercise, the fewer nasty surprises that will pop up down the road. Establishing a cost per head is a great way to budget for your Manchester event - this way you get an overview of the spend as well as an indication of how far it will go on an individual level.

Choice: it’s your event and you’re going to want a decent cross-section of Manchester’s best venues to choose from. Getting your event brief out to as many great venues as possible is as easy as ever.

Like the back of your hand

Manchester is an intoxicating city with a plethora of histories running through its streets and alleyways. The sheer character of the place means that each area has its distinct feel and the kind of venues you’ll find will reflect the specific locale. Take Didsbury, for example. This South-Manchester haunt is a charming and leafy suburb that has mastered venues specialising in brunches and candlelit cocktails. For modern co-working spaces and that Ayn Rand big-city-feel, you could do a lot worse than the city centre. With towering glass office blocks standing shoulder to shoulder with grand Victorian buildings, it’s a great place to feel in the midst of things.

No summation of Machester’s popular event hubs would be complete, of course, without mentioning its two trendiest areas that lay side by side, just northeast of Picadilly Gardens. Ancoats and The Northern Quarter are both buzzing Manchester neighbourhoods that lay within walking distance of the city centre, whilst retaining their own ineffable vibe. Check out either to get a healthy dose of midnight drinking holes and beautifully unique dining options.

Getting around Manchester

Travel is rarely the most exciting aspect of holding a Manchester-based event, but it’s undeniably an important one. Fortunately, Manchester is well-served by trams and buses that can get you to and from your perfect venue at any time of day. For those coming from afar, the well-connected hub of Manchester Piccadilly station will be your most likely destination, so looking for venues in the city centre itself is a great way to minimise travel.

The final hurdle

With your venue criteria established, alongside travel arrangements and your Manchester map in hand, you’re ready to do the important thing – get the perfect venue booked and secured for whatever event you’re putting on. Now you can go about this the old fashioned way – think phone calls, unanswered emails, hair pulled out and collecting in piles by the computer. Or, and hear us out, you could book the smart way. Give us your exact specifications and we’ll circulate your enquiry amongst the very best venues in Manchester. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for a great selection of available Manchester venues reach out to you.

There’s no one answer to this question, as the size and timing of your event will affect what you pay for a venue. A meeting room, for example, will start around the £50 mark and could go as high as £500, depending on the specifics. For exclusive hire of entire event spaces, you’ll be looking more at budgets of £2000 and upwards.

The quality level is so high in the Manchester events scene, that it’s difficult to narrow it down. Here are a few standout ones, just for you:

Engine Hall, People's History Museum: Harken back to Manchester’s industrial past with this restored factory space. The high ceilings and distinct decor will prove a perfect backdrop to your event.

The Great Nave, The Monastery Manchester - Stunning feels like an understatement with this Grade II, neogothic icon in the heart of Manchester’s Gorton district. Where else could you host your event among flying buttresses, rose windows and a sunlit altar? Yeah, not many places.

Albert Hall - Few venues can claim the reputation that Albert Hall boasts. The famed music venue can play host to your very own event, providing an impressive backdrop to weddings, conferences, parties and everything in-between.

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