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Do you have a dream private dining experience? The right private dining room can make or break your culinary adventure. Manchester is packed with fantastic dining rooms, all with their own particular aesthetic and cuisine. Browse the very best of them now and you could be eating alfresco with your friends or tasting a cutting edge menu in your very own chic private space. Hiring a private dining room has never been easier – take a look through our collection or simply tell us what you want and we'll get the venue to contact you.

Your guide to booking a Manchester private dining room

Manchester is a foodie’s paradise - classic British dining sits alongside incredible international restaurants, creating a city of unbelievable tastes. Take a stroll down the curry mile and tell us you aren’t hungry or browse the menus of Castefield’s chic eateries without salivating a little. What’s better is that you can enjoy the Manchester dining experience in your very own private space - many of Manchester’s best restaurants offer amazing private dining spaces to rent out for your pleasure. And we know the best way to book them. Here’s how.

It’s a numbers game

It may seem like an obvious first step, but you’d be surprised by how many people leave the guest list till the last minute. This is not ideal from a venue's perspective - you’ll want to make sure you’ve communicated the number of guests you’ll want for your private dining event in Manchester well in advance of the day itself, speaking of which….

Choosing your day

Manchester is a 24/7 city and long gone are the days when eating out every day of the week is a distant dream. There are, however, some days that are just more suited to a Manchester private dining experience. You may think the weekend is your best bet, but hiring a mid-week private dining room is often the smarter choice. The reasons for this are that many Manchester private dining rooms will be busier on weekends, or used for walk-ins. In either case, you can expect to pay more for a private dining room on a busy Friday night than on a quieter Tuesday. Plus, think how nice a mid-week treat it will be to have a Mancunion private dining experience.

####Travelling Getting to and from your Manchester private dining room shouldn’t be a bother – no one wants to feel like they’re half the world away from the beautiful meal and gorgeous setting. Ask your private dining venues about the easiest way to get there, and let your guests know what they say. Chances are that private dining spaces located in the city centre won’t be as accessible to cars as dining rooms in the many leafy suburbs of Manchester. Fortunately, there is a comprehensive bus and tram system serving the city so no diners are going to have trouble getting there and back. Plus, utilising the public transport frees you up to a drink or two, then you can just slide away into the northern evening.

Booking your Manchester dining room

So you have a time and the date, and you know how many lucky guests you're wanting to invite. With the master plan in place, next comes the booking itself. Unless you have a specific Manchester dining room in mind, you're probably going to want a wide selection of the very best dining experiences in the city. Don't panic, it's not that much work. Just let us know what kind of dining room you're after, and we'll get the very best private dining venues in Manchester to contact you. It's free, easy and will give you more time to dream wistfully of that first bite.

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