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In the party mood? You’re in luck – Manchester is full of perfect party venues. Whether you want a big blow-out, have a unique party idea or want something a little more intimate, we've got you covered. Check out these amazing venues near you for a party to remember for years to come. Get your party shoes on - here are our top private party venues in Manchester.

Your guide to booking a private party in Manchester

Few cities know how to throw a party like Manchester. The jewel of North-West England takes the art of recreation into an era of renaissance, and the sheer volume of party venues ensures anyone’s party particulars can be satisfied with aplomb. From hen-dos and baby showers to corporate parties and after-work drinks, this is how to plan a Manchester party without the stress.

Know your audience

Party-goers make up a party. That’s not a controversial statement but it is an important thing to remember when throwing your Manchester blowout. You may want a party themed after your top 3 Spotify artists, but your guests may not – and a good party is one everyone enjoys.

Themeing isn’t the only thing that will impact your guests. It’s good practice to consider the needs of your guests before you start looking – do you require disabled access to your venue? Can all of your guests get to the Manchester party venue, particularly if it requires driving? Are your food and drinking choices catering to everyone’s preferences, including those who do not like alcohol or meat? All of these are great questions to ask yourself before you approach a venue, that way you’ll have robust criteria to assess the Manchester party venues.

Make it a very Mancunian party

Part of the joy of party planning is tapping into the recreational spirit of a place. Fortunately, Manchester has plenty of this spirit, and securing a great party venue in the city is an exercise in accessing the core of the Mancunion way. For dimly lit bars and foreboding buildings, you could do a lot worse than Salford – this ex-industrial quarter caters to a hip crowd and could prove a great locale for a low-key birthday party. For those who want a bit more glam, you may want to check out Deansgate – this mile-long stretch is the beating heart of Manchester’s club circuit, proving the stomping ground of footballers and students alike.

Do less, get more

When it comes to booking a Manchester party venue there are a few tricks you can use to ensure the very best venues respond without spending all day on the phone. Simply give us your enquiry, with as much or as little detail as you wish, and we’ll circulate it amongst Manchester’s top venues – then you’ll get a selection of responses to choose from all without lifting a finger.

Victoria Warehouse - No space has seen quite the comeback like the humble warehouse. From a vast storage facility, occupied by boxes and mice, to the undisputed heritage site of partying. Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse takes the idea to a new level, with 4,500 square meters of unsullied concrete to dance, dine and schmooze in.

The Den, Deaf Institute - Fancy a subterranean soiree? Want your own intimate bar evening situated just off Manchester’s bustling University corridor? Deaf Institute offers a gorgeous, cosy space for you and 60 guests.

There really is no one answer to this question: so many variables come into play when understanding the cost of exclusive hire of a party venue. How many guests are you planning for? Is the venue for the day, an afternoon, or the night? The good news is that you can find a venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

There are lots of ways to book a Manchester party venue. You can do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone, or email the venue directly. Unfortunately, lots of venues are busy and may not get back to you in time. That's where we come in. Give us your enquiry and we'll reach out to the best party venues in Manchester and let you enjoy your free time. Easy.

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