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A beautiful studio can make or break your Manchester event. From photography sessions to art exhibitions, these stunning Manchester studio spaces are yours to hire, today. Choose from a range of aesthetics, from raw brick to clean-lined spaces – all you have to do is tell us what calls out to you and we'll get it booked. Not sure what you're looking for yet? Simply send us your enquiry and receive quick responses from a range of available venues

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Your guide to booking a studio in Manchester

Studios are great, versatile spaces that can host a whole range of event types, from photography shoots to recording sessions. Manchester is well equipped with studio spaces – the city’s artistic pedigree means it is a creative hotspot with the venues to back this statement up. Having a wealth of studio space does guarantee an easy booking process, however. Use this guide to booking a Manchester studio to your advantage and you’ll be enjoying your beautiful Mancunion studio in no time at all.

Needs, wants and musts

Studio spaces are slightly different beasts from other Manchester venues. Depending on the kind of North-West studio you’re after, there’s a good chance you’ll be requiring specific facilities that other spaces can’t provide. Think carefully about whether you’ll need professional lighting, sound systems or framing equipment – these are not considerations you want to be confronted with upon arriving at your Manchester studio.

Getting around Manchester

Travel is rarely the most exciting aspect of holding a Manchester-based event, but it’s undeniably a vital one. Fortunately, Manchester is well-served by trams and buses that can ferry you to and from your studio space at any time of day. For those coming from afar, the central hub of Manchester Piccadilly station will be your most likely destination, so looking for studio spaces in the city centre itself is a great way to minimise travel.

Getting on with it

So you have a list of requirements, a fine-tuned travel plan and a powerful urge to secure your Manchester studio space, so what’s next? Actually booking a venue can be a deceptively drawn-out process. Though calling or emailing the venue directly can work, it often leads to unanswered enquiries and maddening answer messages. This is where we can come in. Tell us exactly what kind of studio space you’re looking for in Manchester. And we’ll get the very best venues in the city to contact you, that way you save time and effort, and we get to make you happy - which we love doing.

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