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The best cocktail bars to hire in Birmingham

Finding the perfect Birmingham cocktail bar shouldn't be a chore. Let us bring you the very best Birmingham has to offer in beautiful cocktail bars available to hire. From rooftop bars to underground venues, hidden speakeasies to famous cocktail bars with the best mixologists – hire out your own room, or even the entire venue, without any hassle. Birmingham has an unbeatable cocktail scene and a range of stunning venues to enjoy. Take a look at the top selections below, or let us know what you're looking for and we'll make sure the perfect cocktail bar venues reach out to you.

Your Guide to Hiring a Cocktail Bar in Birmingham

Cocktails were first defined by Harry Croswell who termed the concoction as 'a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters'. The term has broadened out in the proceeding years, and can now encapsulate a huge variety of ingenious drinks alcoholic or not. Birmingham's cocktail bars have taken up this etymological origin story and ran with it. The midlands mecca has mastered the cocktail bar, and booking your very own private space is easier than ever.

So let's muddle those Mojitos, stir the Sangria and think of more cocktail-based alliterative puns. It's HeadBox's guide to booking Birmingham's best cocktail bars.

Get your priorities straight

There's a lot more to Birmingham's cocktails bars than just the array of delicious drinks. Other things to consider range from decor and entertainment, to food options and seating style. If you're planning a private cocktail bar event then you'll want the reality to match up to the idealised party in your head.

Luckily, Birmingham's cocktail bars have you covered on all fronts. If you want a venue with a quirky and original ambience then you could do worse than heading to Birmingham's coolest quarter, Digbeth. This old industrial locale has traded in its manufacturing roots for a plethora of quirky cocktail bars. Digbeth is also fortunate to be within the limits of Birmingham's city centre, so getting there and back won't be an issue.

It's important to think about your guest's comfort as well as their enjoyment. Birmingham's modern cocktail bars often mix style and comfort, which makes them the ideal place to go for a drink after work, or on a weekend evening.

It's worth checking that you'll be able to fit all your guests in without the bar looking too crowded and uncomfortable, and also that drinks will flow easily enough for a long party. If you're planning a birthday party, for example, then you'll want to make sure that you'll be able to dance and enjoy yourself without having to stand in an awkward position to avoid obstructing other guests.

Booking in Birmingham

So you've ruminated on what kind of Birmingham cocktail bar you'd like, considered the drinks, aesthetics and amenities and you're ready to get on with the booking process. There are a few options. You can approach the cocktail bar directly – by submitting a request over the phone or sending an email. But what if you don't have a specific menu in mind? Don't panic. You can now submit your ideal cocktail bar event to multiple venues across Birmingham. That way only the right venues will get back to you, and you're free to choose from the very best.

Safe travels

The chances are that a cocktail event in Birmingham is going to entail some level of drinking. Four Sex on the Beaches down is not a good place to suddenly be faced with travel issues. Make sure to plot out your guests' access to and from the venue (this shouldn't be too difficult – Birmingham has a comprehensive public transport system that can get you across the city and country in comfort - just make sure you don't miss the last bus home). For those sensible souls staying sober, it's worth enquiring after the cocktail bar's non-alcoholic drinks (often called 'mocktails'). Many of Birmingham's best cocktail bars will have an equally impressive mocktail menu, and this way you'll have accommodated everyone's choices.

Running on fumes

Time for some practical advice. Eat something more substantial than a canapé:

Birmingham is full of top-quality restaurants and the city's food culture is one of the most exciting in the country. Before your event, take the time to scout out some of the best places to eat. There are certain to be a few to match the style and price of your event. Alternatively, ask if your cocktail bar also provides food - many of Birmingham's best will have a food menu to go alongside the Mai Tais and Manhattans.

That's entertainment

In our opinion, watching a mixologist at work is a pretty thrilling experience. That said, you may want to book extra entertainment for your private Birmingham cocktail event. Many of Birmingham's cocktail bars will have affiliated DJs or acts that will joyfully elevate your soirée. So if you want an acrobatic fire-breathing magician complementing your Long Island Ice Tea, ask... you never know."

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