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Do you have a dream private dining experience? The right private dining room can make or break your culinary adventure. Birmingham is packed with fantastic dining rooms, all with their own particular aesthetic and cuisine. Browse the very best of them now and you could be eating alfresco with your friends or tasting a cutting edge menu in your very own chic private space. Hiring a private dining room has never been easier – take a look through our collection or simply tell us what you want and we'll get the venue to contact you.

Your guide to booking Birmingham's private dining rooms

Looking to enjoy some of Birmingham's best cuisine without fighting off crowds of fellow diners? A private dining room is a fantastic choice for those who want to eat exclusively and elevate their foodie Birmingham event to a whole new level. There are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to booking a great private dining room, use this HeadBox guide to hire out the very best, just like a professional planner.

Plan the Menu and Book Your Event

Before you book a private dining room, you need to know what your guests are going to eat. Do you want an a la carte meal, with a small menu, or are you going to throw a dinner party, with a 3-course meal, wine, and whatever else you can think of? How about the type of food you'll want your dining room to serve. Birmingham is an amazing multicultural city that brings together dishes and restaurants from all corners of the globe. You can bring the heat with an Asian curry private dining experience, or book a private dining room at your local pub and indulge in the boozy classics.

Be Smart - Book early

Be sure to do your research and book as soon as you know for definite the date you would like to host your private dining event. Being early ensures that you get the right Birmingham location to avoid any hiccups in the planning. A number of venues will fill up quickly, especially during the peak holiday season. By booking in advance, you will avoid disappointment and your fellow diners will thank you for your preparation.

Vegans, veggies and everything else

Dietary alternatives have hit the mainstream in the past few years, and there's a high chance that one of your guests will have a specific requirement when it comes to what they're willing to eat at your Birmingham private dining room experience. Fortunately, the city's culinary scene does not shy away from accommodating a whole range of lifestyle choices and you won't have much trouble getting specific meals onto your event's menu. Just make sure to let the venues know exactly what you want, so they have time to accommodate your booking.

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