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Written by Mae Bristow - 07 February 2024

Our selection of Hackney recording studios

Hackney is known in many facets–as a long-standing artistic centre of London, notable for its street markets, street art, and street flower markets. It’s also known for cool and casual cocktail bars, breweries, and live music venues that lure Londoners to the East End borough if they don’t already live there… and some other bars and eateries that only think they’re cool by virtue of their postcodes.

Still, Hackney draws artists and musicians of every kind like moths to a flame. If your flame happens to be recording studios in Hackney, here are a couple we recommend.

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the secret warehouse of sound hackney recording studio london
the secret warehouse of sound hackney recording studio london

1. Independent recording studio in Hackney: The Secret Warehouse of Sound

Hackney, London

The Secret Warehouse of Sound is an independent one-room recording studio, it’s located just around the corner from Hackney Central Station, and the studio hire is managed by Muca Music, a producer, instrumentalist, and recording and mixing engineer.

The Secret Warehouse of Sound is part recording studio, music label, production, and promotion company. The SWoS offers studio hire, recording, mixing, and mastering, and comes with analogue and digital equipment and instruments.

Match with the Secret Warehouse of Sound to discuss rates.

the recording studio at the halley hackney recording studio london
the recording studio at the halley hackney recording studio london

2. Modern & intimate Hackney recording studio at The Halley

Hackney, London

Located nearest Hoxton Overground, the Halley offers a two-room, 4-person, acoustically-treated recording studio space, ideal for tracking vocals and instruments. Studio 1 comes with microphones, headphones, monitoring, interface, and more.

Studio 2 comes with DJ equipment, a DJ streaming setup, a video camera, a podcast mixer, microphones, and more. Both are designed to offer industry-standard control and recording experience in mind.

The studio can be booked Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 10pm at a rate of £27 per hour. An in-house engineer is available to assist with setup and/or production.

the premises hackney recording studio london
the premises hackney recording studio london

3. Over 35 years of offering recording space: The Premises Studios

Hackney, London

Near Hoxton Overground on Hackney Road, the Premises Studios are long-standing recording studios in the East End and the first solar-powered professional studio in Europe. Studio A is the recording studio adjacent to the control room with a line of sight through the vocal booth and into the live room beyond.

The recording studio hire comes with classic outboard, mics, and instruments including a huge selection of synthesisers, amps, and a Yamaha C3 grand piano. All hooked up to a 32-channel Pro Tools HDX system via a 24-channel SSL console.

The Hackney recording studio is bright, spacious, warm, and decorated to create a cosy atmosphere for an intimate recording session.

studio b noatune hackney recording studio london
studio b noatune hackney recording studio london

4. All the recording gear you could ever need: Noatune Studios

Hackney, London

Located a short distance from London Fields Overground in Netil House, the Noatune Studios offer a dry hire of its multi-purpose studio rooms by the hour, day, week, or more. Hire includes free use of its instruments, mics, outboard gear, and world-class vocal chain. The studio is also suitable for podcasts and interviews.

Hire includes top-spec iMacs loaded with industry-standard plugins, masterfully calibrated acoustics, fully ventilated and air-conditioned rooms with refreshments and seating, 24-hour access, and additional gear rental.

Enquire with Noatune to acquire a full equipment list.

pirate studios hackney recording studio london
pirate studios hackney recording studio london

5. BYOG, or Bring-your-own-recording-gear: Pirate Studios

Hackney, London

Pirate Studios serving Dalston, Hackney, and the wider borough offer multiple recording spaces that can accommodate up to 7 people. The dry hire rates start at £14.50 per hour but if you book a minimum of 4 hours you save 10%.

Hire of Pirate recording studios includes all standard studio equipment plus a curtained vocal booth. Pirate Studios recommends you bring your own laptop, mouse, and any other recording equipment such as headphone adaptors and USB-C/ USB-A cables where possible, making these recording studios ideal for artists who prefer using their own equipment.

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*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yup, that's me. Life was pretty good back then: I had my very own Hackney recording studio, all booked via HeadBox. I could sing, screech and dance without upsetting the denizens of Hackney, safely held within my soundproofed recording studio. If you, like me, want a recording studio in Hackney go ahead and take a look at some of our amazing spaces below.

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Your guide to renting a recording studio in Hackney, London

Renting a recording studio is essential for musicians, podcasters, voice-over artists and other creatives who want to produce high-quality audio content. In Hackney, London, a vibrant and culturally diverse borough, you'll find a wealth of recording studios with state-of-the-art facilities and professional equipment. In this comprehensive guide, we'll look at everything you need to know about renting a recording studio in Hackney, from choosing the best studio for your needs to understanding pricing options and setting up your recording session for success.

1. Understanding your recording needs:

Before you begin your search for a recording studio in Hackney, it's important to define your specific recording needs. Consider the type of audio content you'll be producing, whether it's music, podcasts, voice-overs or sound effects. Determine the size of recording space you need, the equipment you require, and any additional amenities such as isolation booths or mixing consoles.

2. Research recording studios in Hackney:

Start your search by researching recording studios in Hackney with HeadBox. Look for studios that specialise in your genre or type of recording to ensure they can meet your specific needs.

3. Evaluate studio facilities and equipment:

When evaluating recording studios in Hackney, pay close attention to the facilities and equipment on offer. Look for studios equipped with high quality microphones, preamps, monitors and recording software to ensure optimal sound quality. Consider the availability of additional facilities such as instrument hire, vocal booths and mixing/mastering services to streamline your recording process.

4. Consider studio location and accessibility:

The location of the recording studio plays an important role in accessibility and convenience for you and your collaborators. Choose a studio in Hackney that is easily accessible by public transport and has ample parking for those travelling by car. Consider the surrounding neighbourhood and amenities such as nearby restaurants, cafes and accommodation for longer recording sessions.

5. Research pricing options and packages:

Pricing for recording studios in Hackney can vary depending on factors such as studio size, equipment availability and session length. Some studios offer hourly rates, while others may offer discounts for full-day or multi-day bookings. Ask about package deals that include additional services such as mixing, mastering and equipment hire to maximise value for money.

6. Booking your recording session:

Once you've chosen a recording studio in Hackney that meets your requirements, it's time to book your recording session. Contact the studio manager or owner to discuss availability and schedule your session in advance. Provide details of your project, including the type of recording, the number of participants and any special equipment or set-up requirements.

7. Prepare for your recording session:

Before your recording session in Hackney, take time to prepare and organise your material to make the most of your studio time. Rehearse your performances, finalise song arrangements and ensure any necessary backing tracks or session files are ready. Communicate with your collaborators and studio engineer to coordinate schedules and expectations for the recording process.

8. Set up your recording space:

Upon arrival at the Hackney recording studio, work with the studio engineer to set up your recording space for optimal sound quality and performance. Arrange microphones, instruments and other equipment according to your session plan, taking into account acoustic considerations and isolation requirements. Test audio levels, monitor mixes and make any necessary adjustments before recording begins.

9. Conduct your recording session:

During your recording session in Hackney, focus on giving your best performance while using the studio engineer's expertise to capture the desired sound. Take breaks as needed to rest and recharge, and communicate openly with the engineer about any concerns or creative ideas that arise during the session. Stay focused, positive and flexible to ensure a productive and enjoyable recording experience.

10. Review and edit your recordings:

Once your recording session is complete, take time to review and edit your recordings to ensure they meet your quality standards. Work closely with the studio engineer or a professional audio editor to fine-tune performances, mix tracks and apply any necessary effects or enhancements. Listen to playback samples in different environments to assess the overall sound and make adjustments if necessary.

Renting a recording studio in Hackney, London provides a professional and creative environment for producing high quality audio content. By understanding your recording needs, researching studio options and planning your session effectively, you can maximise the potential of your recording experience and bring your artistic vision to life. Whether you're a musician, podcaster or voice-over artist, Hackney's diverse recording studios offer the tools and resources you need to achieve your audio production goals.

Frequently asked questions

When choosing a recording studio, you should consider factors such as studio size, equipment availability, pricing, location, and the studio's reputation and previous work. It's also important to ensure that the studio can accommodate your specific recording needs, whether it's music production, podcasting, voice-over work or other audio projects.

The cost of renting a recording studio in Hackney can vary depending on factors such as studio size, equipment availability, session length, and additional services offered. Hourly rates typically range from £20 to £100 or more, while day rates and package deals may offer discounted rates for longer sessions.

Recording studios in Hackney may be equipped with professional microphones, preamps, mixing consoles, monitors, recording software and acoustic treatment to ensure optimum sound quality. Additional facilities may include isolation booths, instrument hire and mixing/mastering services.

Recording studios in Hackney usually offer flexible booking options to accommodate both single sessions and long-term projects. You can book a studio for a single recording session, multiple sessions over a period of time, or even long-term rental arrangements for ongoing projects.

Yes, most recording studios in Hackney allow clients to bring their own instruments, equipment and session files into the studio. However, it's important to liaise with the studio manager or engineer beforehand to ensure compatibility with the studio set-up and to discuss any specific requirements or arrangements.

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