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Written by Mae Bristow - 28 March 2024

Our selection of the 26 best Mayfair bars

London’s plutocratic playground may seem an alien landscape to those of us who failed to buy Russian state infrastructure in the 1990s, but no matter! There are still bars in the world’s biggest deposit box that allow the proles in.

With Mayfair in our sights, we’ve found a few drinking holes that you can pitch up in without breaking the bank.

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the starman mayfair bar london
the starman mayfair bar london

1. A love letter to Ziggy Stardust: The Starman

Mayfair, London

Found in Heddon Street on the border between Mayfair and Soho and just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus, The Starman is a Mayfair bar with a musical past. The house artwork pays tribute to the Starman, himself, referencing David Bowie's iconic Ziggy Stardust album vinyl cover on Heddon Street.

The Starman is beautifully traditional Victorian on the outside and has a restored stylish and modern interior that highlights the best of its original features. Spacious, welcoming, and totally relaxed. The basement bar is open till late, an ideal place for a private party, DJ set, and dancing into the small hours.

The good people of The Starman know what they're about – enjoy the hospitality, many fine wines, beers, artisanal spirits and cocktails, and a modern British menu. On Sundays, tuck into a hearty roast lunch or dinner, and on sunny days take full advantage of the outdoor seating area surrounded by overflowing pots of plants that almost make you forget you're in the heart of London, and take in the atmosphere of Heddon Street.

octo cocktail bar at amazonico mayfair bar london
cocktail at octo cocktail bar at amazonico mayfair bar london

2. Elegant Amazonian underwater themed bar: The Octo cocktail bar at Amazonico

Mayfair, London

Amazonico takes inspiration from the allure of South America and the shine of the Amazon River and it shows. The Octo cocktail bar is fantastically underwater-inspired and themed right down to its plush clam shell cocktail chairs, porthole windows that look out into the green of the river, shimmering textures, and a striking octopus chandelier.

The upscale bar offers a unique experience, a standout signature cocktail menu, and creative dishes full of Latin American flavours to complement the cocktails! Octo can accommodate up to 95 for a private hire booking.


3. A top Roaring 20s-inspired Mayfair bar: Le Magritte Bar & Terrace

Mayfair, London

A distinct early 20th-century appeal saturates this Mayfair bar and terrace. Tucked away in the front corner of the Beaumont, Le Magritte pays homage to the cadre of interwar artists, writers and intellectuals with a selection of cigars, drinks and artworks worthy of the modest hedonistic modernist.

The central figure, though, is obviously Belgian surrealist René Magritte. The artist’s combination of the quotidian and unexpected can be seen everywhere, with nods to the Belgium’s famous work visible throughout the bar. Fun fact, the bar proprietor also happens to be the owner of various Magritte originals. Practice what you preach.

Our recommendation? Order a good bourbon on the rocks and watch the afternoon slide away to a soundtrack of smooth jazz.

HIDE below mayfair
HIDE below mayfair

4. Get to the roots of Mayfair with: HIDE Below

Mayfair, London

Another basement Mayfair haunt, HIDE brings all the luxury and quality of a Mayfair bar whilst never leaning into making you feel uncomfortable for not, like, owning a yacht or something.

Descending the sinuous wooden staircase brings you to a cosy speak-easy that is decked out in dark wood, with an array of backlit bottles providing that sense of cosiness so suited to inundating your tastebuds with high-proof spirits.

Speaking of, the drinks menu here veers into experimental (try the Happy Distraction, a blend of single malt brandy, oolong tea and cinnamon), whilst the spirit selection is comprehensive; expect literally pages of gin, vodka, agave and whiskey to choose from.

A true HeadBox fav.

Green Room Mayfair bar
Green Room Mayfair bar

5. A hidden bar beneath a fancy chicken shop: Green Room

Mayfair, London

It’s the combination you never knew you needed.

Above, on the corner of Heddon Street, you’ll find Caso Do Frango’s Mayfair spot: an upscale take on Portuguese Piri-Piri (no that that Portuguese Piri-Piri chicken). Whilst consuming an irresponsible number of perfectly spiced wings is a noble pursuit, we’re most excited about the underground bar space, The Green Room.

With enough velvet seating and dark tones to make Lionel Richie blush, The Green Room is undeniably seductive as a bar space. Traditional spirits adorn the back bar and can be shaken, stirred and blitzed into all manner of drinks.

Qualingos mayfair bar hire
Qualingos mayfair bar hire

6. A glitzy underground bar in Mayfair: Qualingos

Mayfair, London

Qualingos is a charming underground bar nestled in the heart of Mayfair. This hidden gem offers a refined and sophisticated atmosphere without pretence. Stepping into Qualingos feels like stepping into a secret world, with its dimly lit interior and intimate seating arrangements. The bar boasts a tasteful decor, combining classic elegance with modern touches.

The Mayfair bar has a well-curated selection of drinks, ranging from classic cocktails to premium spirits, all expertly crafted by their skilled mixologists. Whether you prefer a timeless martini or a unique concoction, you'll find a libation to suit your taste.

There's also a great roster of live entertainment underpinning the bar most nights, so you can catch dinner and a show, all in the same space.

MNKY HSE mayfair bar
MNKY HSE mayfair bar

7. A seductive hidden Mayfair bar: MNKY HSE

Mayfair, London

What makes MNKY HSE distinctive? Is it the slightly antagonist approach to vowels? The combination of vibsey atmosphere, Latin food and experimental cocktails? The iconic Dover Street location? Whilst we are confounded by the vowel thing, it’s probably a combination of all three.

Dark, discreet and unapologetically playing to the Mayfair elite, MNKY HSE is a half-hidden den of excess and atmosphere. Not bad for a bar that can’t spell.

SKETCH Mayfair bar
SKETCH Mayfair bar

8. Mayfair’s most photographed bar: Sketch

Mayfair, London

Benjamin Franklin famously wrote that ‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’. Well, had ol’ Mr. $100 Bill ever had the fortune to find himself scrolling listlessly through London Instagram one hungover morning, he would have amended the quip: death, taxes and seeing countless photos of Sketch.

The gem of the Mayfair cafe and bar scene, Sketch has charmed the hearts of many an amateur photographer with its striking decor, buckets of champagne and, yes, egg-shaped toilets.

Mr Fogg's Residence Mayfair bars 1
Mr Fogg's Residence Mayfair bars 2

9. The best Mayfair bar for adventure lovers: Mr Fogg's Residence

Mayfair, London

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Mr Fogg’s Residence. Inspired by the famous (and fictional) explorer Phileas J. Fogg, Mr Fogg’s Residence is the perfect place for adventure-hungry and thirsty travellers.

Find your way to Mayfair's Bruton Lane and come on in. You can’t miss it - It’s the perfect balance of British and kitsch. Pass by a few of Mr Fogg’s knickknacks, (spot the hot air balloon and floating bicycle) and find yourself a seat.

Explore the drinks menu and choose from adventurous libations that’ll transport you from Hong Kong to Shanghai to Yokohama.

Ready for an adventure? The doors at Mr Fogg’s Residence are always open.

Claridge's Bar Mayfair bars 1
Claridge's Bar Mayfair bars 2

10. A popular Mayfair bar that needs no introduction: Claridge's Bar

Mayfair, London

What is Mayfair without Claridge’s? The iconic hotel bar is without a doubt, one of the most popular Mayfair bars, and for good reason.

Designed by the award-winning interior design and architecture studio, David Collins Studio, Claridge’s Bar is every bit the luxury bar you would expect. Think modern, refined and elegant.

With glasses of vintage champagne and prohibition-era whiskey just an order away, a drink is never just a drink at Claridge’s. It’s luxury, and sometimes that’s all you really want. Visit Brook Street for your own little bit of Mayfair history, and an experience that is worth every penny.

The Connaught Mayfair bars 1
The Connaught Mayfair bars 2

11. A must-visit Mayfair bar: The Connaught Bar

Mayfair, London

The Connaught Bar needs no introduction. In case you did need one though, you can find it on Carlos Place, in its namesake hotel. With an “impressions”-inspired drinks menu, original Connaught gin and more canapés than you can imagine, this Mayfair bar is one you can’t miss.

The first thing you’ll find out about The Connaught is that they take each and every bar experience very seriously.

That’s all the more reason they’ve been chosen as The World’s Best Bar in 2021 by The World’s 50 Best Bars, the second best adjudicator of bars on the internet. So sit by the marble bar or in one of their plush leather seats, and be prepared to happily spend the rest of your evening here.

Donovan Bar Mayfair bars 1
Donovan Bar Mayfair bars 2

12. The best Mayfair bar for style (and substance): The Donovan Bar

Mayfair, London

At The Donovan Bar, elegance is the name of the game. When you arrive you’ll be greeted with a signature green decor that is stylish, sophisticated and hard to miss. Expect nothing less from a bar whose namesake is fashion photographer Terence Donovan.

Stain glass, black and white stills, and plush green velvet seats keep you comfortable while you wait. Choose from any of the original drinks, specially made by one of the world’s leading bartenders, Salvatore Calabrese. It’s a master mix made just for you.

Take a seat and sip in style in Donovan’s own “Naughty Corner” if you dare. Late-night drinks have never looked so good.

Hush Mayfair bars 1
Hush Mayfair bars 2

13. The perfect Mayfair bar for your feed: Hush Mayfair

Mayfair, London

Right in the centre of Mayfair, you’ll find Hush. The Instagrammable bar is a Mayfair favourite. It’s no wonder why, they’ve got contemporary style down to a tee.

Sit by the bar as one of their bartenders makes you a new creation (fancy a Scarlet Letter?) or take it outside for alfresco drinks. Ever had drinks under the stars? No, you should try it sometime.

It’s Mayfair’s worst-kept secret but one we’re happy to share. All that’s left is for you to make your way down to Lancashire Court.

Chat, chill and sip away - just remember to put your phone down once in a while…

Dickie's Mayfair bars 1
Dickie's Mayfair bars 2

14. The perfect Mayfair bar for any occasion: Dickie's Bar at Corrigan's Bar & Restaurant

Mayfair, London

Tucked away on Upper Grosvenor Street, is Dickie’s Bar, the former hunting ground turned favourite local haunt (now owned by Irish chef Richard “Dickie” Corrigan). In true hunting fashion, Dickie’s Bar is decked out in scores of wood panelling and cosy brown leather seats.

The rest of the decor is where the fun really starts. Silver wallpaper and contemporary art make for the perfect mix of traditional and modern, a nod to the history with just enough hints of personality. Where else would you find a stag head and artwork from Angus Fairhurst and Jim Lambie?

With an 80-person capacity, Dickie’s is the best Mayfair bar for birthdays, after-work drinks and parties.

10° Sky Bar Mayfair bars 1
10° Sky Bar Mayfair bars 2

15. The best Mayfair bar for sky-high views: 10° Sky Bar

Mayfair, London

Picture this - a few drinks with friends, or a date, at an impossibly stylish bar. Now imagine that - but you’re on the 28th floor in the Hilton, overlooking the entire city. That’s 10° Sky Bar.

Drink and dine to your hearts’ content and wait for golden hour - that’s where the magic happens. The only thing better than a panoramic view of London is a sunset to go along with it (after all, that’s where 10° Sky Bar gets its name from).

Dinner, drinks and the city at your fingertips. That’s what it’s really all about. It’s time to take happy hour to new heights.

Below Mayfair bars 1
Below Mayfair bars 2

16. A must-see minimalist Mayfair bar: Below

Mayfair, London

Down the winding steps of Ollie Dabbous and Hedonism Wines’ HIDE restaurant, you’ll quickly find your way to The Bar Below at 85 Piccadilly.

Luxe brown panelling, brown chairs and exposed brick really balance the contemporary and traditional, in what feels like, and probably is, the most stylish basement you’ll find in Mayfair.

Flavour is the name of the game at Below. Whether it’s sweet and heavy, light and fresh, or bitter, Below has got you covered. Then, head down to the cellar for your choice of wine.

It’s intimate and the perfect date night spot, any day of the year.

The Luggage Room Mayfair bars 1
The Luggage Room Mayfair bars 2

17. A favourite, not-so-secret Mayfair bar: The Luggage Room

Mayfair, London

Travel back to the 1920s and step into The Luggage Room, an actual (former) luggage room somewhere in the Marriott Hotel on Grosvenor Square.

The dark wood and marble floors make you feel like you’ve stepped into a secret speakeasy. It’s sleek, stylish and pure class. And with more drinks than you can shake a stick at, there’s no place you’d rather be, and why would you? It’s the cat’s pyjamas.

Choose from any of the expertly made drinks and soak it all in - the atmosphere, the company and some of the best drinks in Mayfair. Gatsby’s got nothing on this.

The Terrace Mayfair bars 1
The Terrace Bar Mayfair bars 2

18. The best Mayfair bar for live music: The Terrace Bar

Mayfair, London

What’s better than drinks? Music and drinks. The Terrace Bar at Chesterfield Mayfair is a truly classy affair. Nestled in Charles Street, The Terrace Bar is a piano bar with a difference.

Settle down on one of their signature green armchairs, and choose from drinks, dishes or tasting experiences, which are experimental, to say the least. Sip in style and listen to the resident pianist, John Hudson on Thursdays to Sundays, and a selection of London’s top musicians on Fridays and Saturdays.

Explore wine and cheese pairings, sample rum or experience interesting G&T pairings. There’s a bar, and then there’s The Terrace.

Coburg Mayfair bars 1
Coburg Mayfair bars 2

19. A heritage Mayfair bar that doesn’t pull any punches: Coburg Bar

Mayfair, London

Heritage meets luxury at Coburg Bar. The Connaught Hotel’s bar offering comes recommended by, well everyone. Relax in a comfy armchair and watch the hours go by - you’re in pretty decent company (if we do say so ourselves).

Whether it’s breakfast, a quick lunch or a late-night dinner, the doors at Coburg are (almost) always open. And with more drinks than you can count, it only makes sense to have a drink (or two). There’s wine, liqueurs, and spirits all on tap.

Go on - dine, drink and gossip as you sit by the fireplace. Take it all in. You’ll be here for a while.

The Dandy Mayfair bars 1
The Dandy Mayfair bars 2

20. The finest Mayfair bar you’ll find: The Dandy Bar

Mayfair, London

Chairs you just sink into. An inviting marble bar. Low lighting that is intimate and cosy yet never intimidating. You’re in a world of your own at The Dandy. It’s a refreshing change from the busy Mayfair streets.

Take a quick detour in your day and come into The Mayfair Townhouse, where you’ll find enough food and drink to satisfy (and excite) your tastebuds and keep you occupied for hours to come.

Fancy a drink? You’re in luck - they’ve got plenty. Choose from a selection of wines or something specially made for (just ask a Dandy bartender).

Now, what’ll it be? Old Cuban or The Earl in Mayfair?

Jim & Tonic Mayfair bars 1
Jim & Tonic Mayfair bars 2

21. A heavenly Mayfair bar: Jim & Tonic

Mayfair, London

You’ve never seen gin done quite like this. Nestled in St. Marks, in what was once an old church is Jim & Tonic - the gin bar with a difference.

On your way in, you’ll soon realise why. You’re surrounded by lush plants, stain glass windows and structures so ornate you can’t help but feel a little awestruck.

Don’t stare too long though, there’s a matter of drinks to get to. If it’s gin you’re after, you’re in luck. They specialise in all sorts, from the fruity and floral to the sour and dry.

Meet them at the altar at Mercato Mayfair.

Manettas Mayfair bars 1
Manetta's Mayfair bars 2.

22. A historic Mayfair bar that’s worth a visit: Manetta's Bar

Mayfair, London

You know what they say– great minds think, and drink, alike. That’s never been truer than at Manetta’s, Flemings Hotel’s very own bar.

Some of London’s literary greats found a home here at the iconic Mayfair location. Now, almost a century later, it’s holding down its spot as one of the best bars in Mayfair.

Come in - and find the stylishly simple Art Deco-era decor that feels like a world away. Sit back, relax and take a sip of one of the literary-inspired cocktails (Parker Pyne anyone?) or a glass of a favourite red.

Cheers! You’re in great company at Manetta’s.

Mr Fogg's Secret Garden Mayfair bars 1
Mr Fogg's Secret Garden Mayfair bars 2

23. The best Mayfair bar for summer nights: Mr Fogg's Secret Garden

Mayfair, London

Take a break from the day and step into Mr Fogg’s Secret Garden. It’s a whimsical world away, that really does make you feel like you’re in your own fantasy film.

With flower-lined walls, garden chairs and a refreshing drinks menu that tastes as good as it looks, it’s no wonder it’s a firm favourite. Take your pick of Fogg’s Favourites, or any of the wines, beers or ciders, for sips under the sky.

And since it hosts between 20 - 110 people, what better place to hold a summer party (or three)? Drinks, great weather and even better company. Summer really does start here.

The Loop Mayfair bars 1
The Loop Mayfair bars 2

24. The best bar in Mayfair for fun times: The Loop Bar

Mayfair, London

The colourful decor at Mayfair's The Loop stands in a sea of minimalist chic, and if nothing it’ll keep your spirits up. With booth-style seating, neon signs and a lit dance floor you can’t miss, it’s right up your alley if you’re up for a night of drinking and dancing.

Play, brunch, dance, and if you can’t get enough, there are three floors that hold up to 1000 people.

Jaks Mayfair bars 1
Jaks Mayfair bars 2

25. A quirky Mayfair bar to beat them all: Jaks Mayfair

Mayfair, London

Right on Mayfair’s bustling South Molton Street is Jak’s Mayfair.

The converted townhouse is both quirky and homely with frequent nods to the city (spot the Union Jack by the till), which is fitting when you consider just how popular South Molton Street is, with tourists and locals alike.

There are four floors but since you’re here for bars you can find that on the lower ground.

If you can swing it, grab yourself a seat by the huge window that overlooks the street for some drinks and people-watching. Or wander over to one of Jak’s two lounges, and well, lounge. At a 150-person capacity, Jak’s is ready for any private hire events you have.

The Back Room Mayfair bars 1
The Back Room Mayfair bars 2

26. A Mayfair bar just for music lovers: The Back Room

Mayfair, London

Chances are, you’ve heard of the Hard Rock Cafe. It’s pretty hard to miss (if in doubt, just look for the sign).

It’s the perfect place for music lovers and pop culture connoisseurs. Rock fans, you’ll be in your element. The bar is full of rock memorabilia. Think signed guitars, framed newspaper snippets, copies of Melody Maker, an original poster for the WHO - and to top it all off, a door from Apple Studios, signed by The Beatles.

It’s Mayfair, but with a little edge. Bottoms up and let the good times roll!

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Research Mayfair's bar scene:

Start by familiarizing yourself with the bar scene in Mayfair. Look for popular bars, cocktail lounges, and venues known for hosting private events. Read reviews, check social media profiles, and gather information about their ambience, capacity, and services. The page you're currently on is a good place to start.

Determine your event requirements:

Before searching for a bar, define the specifics of your event. Consider factors such as the date, time, number of guests, budget, and any specific amenities or features you desire. This will help you narrow down your options and find a bar that suits your needs.

Seek recommendations:

Ask friends, colleagues, or local contacts for recommendations on bars in Mayfair. They may have personal experiences or know someone who has recently organized an event in the area. Personal recommendations can be valuable in finding hidden gems or trusted venues.

Visit bars in person:

Take the time to visit potential bars in person. This will allow you to assess the venue's atmosphere, layout, and suitability for your event. Speak with the staff to discuss your requirements, check availability, and get a sense of their level of professionalism and willingness to accommodate your needs.

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Look for customer testimonials or reviews online to gather insights from past clients. These reviews can give you a sense of the venue's overall reputation, quality of service, and how well they cater to private events. Consider both positive and negative feedback to make an informed choice.

####Consider additional services: Apart from the bar itself, think about any additional services you may require, such as catering, audiovisual equipment, or live entertainment. Some bars may have in-house services, while others may have preferred vendors they can recommend. Discuss these requirements during your communication with the venue.

Visit during an event:

If possible, try to attend an event or function being held at the bar you are considering. This will allow you to experience the venue in action, observe the staff's professionalism, and get a feel for the overall atmosphere and service quality.


When hiring a bar in Mayfair, it's essential to plan well in advance to secure the desired date and venue. Be clear about your expectations, communicate openly with the venue, and ask any necessary questions to ensure a successful and memorable event.

Frequently asked questions

For bars in Mayfair, you're spoilt for choice. Here are a few extra special ones that we vouch for:

Mr Fogg's Residence – Stop by this quirky Mayfair bar for your choice of adventurous libations.

Hush Mayfair – Alfresco drinks away from the hustle and bustle of Mayfair, sign us up.

There really is no one answer to this question: so many variables come into play when understanding the cost of exclusive hire of a bar or a private space in a bar. How many guests are you planning for? Is the venue for the day, an afternoon, or the night? The good news is that you can find a venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

There are lots of ways to book a Mayfair bar. You can do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone, or email the venue directly. Unfortunately, lots of venues are busy and may not get back to you in time. That's where we come in. Give us your enquiry and we'll reach out to the best bars in Mayfair and let you enjoy your free time. Easy.

It's recommended to book a bar for a private event in Mayfair as early as possible, especially if you have a specific date in mind. Some popular venues may be booked months in advance, so it's advisable to start your search and make reservations well ahead of time.

The inclusions vary depending on the bar and package you choose. Generally, you can expect exclusive use of the designated area, bar staff, basic furniture and decor, audiovisual equipment, and access to the bar's beverage menu. Additional services such as catering, entertainment, or specialised drink menus may be available at an extra cost.

Yes, most venues require a deposit to secure your booking. The deposit amount can vary, but it is typically a percentage of the total cost or a fixed fee. The deposit is often refundable or applied toward your final bill, but it's important to clarify the venue's cancellation and refund policies.

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