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Written by Mae Bristow - 04 April 2024

The 13 best Mayfair pubs

Mayfair isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of quality pubs. The Monopoly monopolising, affluent enclave of the West End is more known for its high-end shopping arcades and grand facades than its boozers.

That said, some seriously good pubs are hiding away from the gold-paved thoroughfares of Bond Street and Park Lane. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best pubs in Mayfair, and let you in on a few secrets.

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The Windmill Mayfair pubs 3

1. Mayfair’s best pub for pies: The Windmill

Mayfair, London

Consider the humble pie: a mix of stewed meats, root veg and thick sauce encased in buttery pastry. It’s a microcosm of the pub itself – warm, unpretentious, slightly beige - in the best way.

The Windmill, just off Regent Street, has literally won awards for their pies. I mean, when was the last time you won an award for a pie? Oh, last year? Your gran did? For her famous apple crumble. Right, well, fair play. The Windmill's pies are great too though.

Alongside some proper good pub grub, the Windmill also suitably libates Mayfair with its fantastic selection of beers, wines and spirits. Its hidden roof terrace is also a real gem for those wanting a cold pint in the sun. Private hire is also available with capacity for up to 70 guests.

The Goat Mayfair pubs

2. The GOAT Mayfair pub: The Goat Tavern

Mayfair, London

So, let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Are you looking for a Mayfair pub that is overlooked by a golden goat perched on a plank? The only answer, of course, is yes. Well, walk on down to Stafford Street and pop into The Goat Tavern, where alongside petrified Capra, you’ll find great pints, good vibes and a history of decent drinking.

Notably, the pub has a well-documented naval connection. The tavern proved a popular Mayfair meeting place for the famously boozy seamen of the Royal Navy. Things get even weirder: the well-known frequency of drinking sailors started to attract enemy spies to the Mayfair pub, eager to pry secrets from the regulars.

Today things are notably less John le Carré, though the pub remains an icon of the Mayfair drinking scene. The pub itself is a great option for those wanting an affordable pint and lunch, whilst the function room can be booked for private gatherings. Just watch out for spies.

YE Grapes Mayfair pubs

3. A Mayfair pub to get cosy in: Ye Grapes

Mayfair, London

Ye Grapes (pronounced ‘the’ not ‘yee’, thank you very much), is a refreshingly ‘pubby’ pub in the heart of Mayfair. Despite being within a (gem)stone’s throw of The Ritz, Ye Grapes is a modest and cosy boozer tucked away in the densely packed buildings of Shepherd’s Market. Opened in 1882, this Mayfair public house has proved a reliable spot to sink a few pints for the last 140 years, which is pretty impressive.

The pub itself is a Shannon Pubs affiliated venue, so expect a decent rotation of cask ales and guest beers, all enjoyed fireside whilst the rugby plays on the TV. Now tell us that doesn’t sound nice.


4. A Mayfair pub to watch the Ritz from: The Clarence

Mayfair, London

Looking for a voyeuristic sense of resentment with your pint? The traditional 18th-century drinking hole, The Clarence, overlooks the gilded and historied entrance to London’s iconic Ritz Hotel.

Its big bay windows and high ceilings allow the gloomy classic-boozer deck to be flooded with light, and the generous-sized bar means you won’t be jostling shoulders to get your round in.

If this wasn’t enough, the classic Mayfair pub also boasts the unique claim of being the place Alexander Graham Bell made the first successful ever telephone from. Apparently, the first words spoken were “No, love, I’m not in the pub, I swear!”


5. A very red pub in Mayfair: Chesterfield Arms

Mayfair, London

An unmissable red facade marks out a pub of serious historical pedigree; a Chesterfield Arms has stood on the spot since 1796 (with a quick stop-gap between 1936 and 2021, we'll put that down to another crime of the Twentieth Century).

The drinks are of classic 'good pub' kin, with affordable ales, larger and wines shirking the local trend (which conspires to bankrupt you at all points). The food is a little elevated for any true pub purist (seeing the words 'sesame tempura squid' on a pub menu always triggers some alarm bells).

All in all a solid drinking pub with a beautiful aesthetic and a well-noted history.

AUDLEY mayfair pub

6. A Mayfair pub for the elect: Audley

Mayfair, London

The Audley is a stunning and somewhat imposing pub on the corner of Mayfair's South Audley Street and Mount Street. Whilst it is a 'traditional neighbourhood pub', the neighbourhood it serves is so elite it pulls the Audley out of the realm of what you or I may consider locality.

Stunning wooden interiors are draped in an odd mix of contemporary art and stately portraits of Churchill. The drinks are of a good quality, with a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits. If you're absurdly rich or recovering from a recent lobotomy you can fork out £7.50 for a scotch egg which, whilst delicious and runny, is, in essence, a scotch egg.

The Red Lion Mayfair pubs 1
The Red Lion Mayfair pubs 2

7. A great after-work pub in Mayfair: The Red Lion

Mayfair, London

What makes a great after-work pub? For some parts of London, it’s a strange answer. The Capital’s classic post-shift pint is normally enjoyed standing up outside the front of the building.

This means you’re going to want a nice facade, some flowers perhaps, a sturdy windowsill to rest your frothing chalice on. The Red Lion has all of this; the frontage of the pub is beautiful and in view of the porticoed clocktower that rests on St James’ Church.

The inside doesn’t disappoint either. Small but beautiful, the Pub brings together rich wooden panels and decorative glasswork. The regulars are almost always suited (top buttons possibly unbuttoned – Mayfair’s idea of getting loose).


8. A Mayfair pub worth running for: The Footman

Mayfair, London

One frequented by the doting Footmen of Mayfair, the aptly named Footman pub on Charles Street is a solid choice for anyone wanting a decent drink. Elegant, stylish and refurbished, the pub still retains original features across its spacious three floors.

The bar area is a tasteful, well-lit space that nonetheless keeps the classic wood panelling to ensure those cosy pub vibes as you gossip over a delicious ale.

With dining rooms, lounges and an entire venue hire available, you can enjoy the pub all to yourself and never have to wait to be served.


9. Mayfair’s best celeb-owned pub: The Punchbowl

Mayfair, London

The Punchbowl owns its hallowed place on the Mayfair pub circuit for a litany of reasons. There’s the beautiful interior, seasonal menus and pleasant staff, of course. Really though, it stands for having the odd privilege of once having Guy Ritchie as a Landlord.

The beautiful Georgian building boats original features such as the dog-led staircase, internal cornice and dado panelling, whilst still catering to a modern crowd and steadfastly remaining a local.

The Punchbowl can be found on Farm Street, Mayfair – just look for the jutting entranceway and charming gas lanterns.

The Iron Duke Mayfair pubs 1
The Iron Duke Mayfair pubs 2

10. A family-friendly pub in Mayfair: The Iron Duke

Mayfair, London

Named after the Duke of Wellington, The Iron Duke brings a martial theme to the Mayfair pub scene. The interior is decked out with Wellington boots suspended from the walls, and the upstairs function room is lovingly referred to as the ‘boot room’ (hey, if you got a theme you had better run with it).

The outside, though, puts a prettier face on things. The pub’s facade is decked out in flowers and hanging baskets, making a classic dingy pub a more inviting affair.

The Iron Duke, Mayfair, has a healthy selection of wines, but honestly, you’re going to want to settle into the comfy seating with a hand-pulled pint of the good stuff.

The Guinea Mayfair pubs 3

11. Somewhere to get a decent pub meal in Mayfair: The Guinea

Mayfair, London

This pub has sat on the site of The Guinea since 1423; that’s a lot of pints served in this Mayfair pub. With a storied history that includes a very ‘Mayfair’ episode of defying wartime rationing in favour of supplying rich locals with black-market beef, it’s one to check out.

Definitely a more upmarket approach to the classic pub, we recommend making the trip for a steak and kidney pie enclosed in a suet lid. At £24 a pie and pint prices that would make Tim Martin weep, it’s probably a Mayfair pub you want to save for a special day.

The Duke of York Mayfair pubs 2

12. A pub to escape the maddening Mayfair crowds: The Duke of York

Mayfair, London

Shopping sucks. This undisputed fact is most palpable whilst fighting your way through the bag-laden bodies of Oxford Street. The pub, of course, is the ultimate antidote. The Duke of York is Mayfair’s front-facing contender and it does not disappoint.

Slip off from Oxford Street, down New Bond Street and turn again onto Dering Street. This quieter alcove of Mayfair is the perfect place to go and have a couple of well-earned beers amongst the comforts of a classic pub.

A Greene King pub, the Duke of York does everything as it should be, offering a classic pub-with-no-thrills experience in a comfortable setting. What more could you want?

Masons Arms Mayfair pubs 3

13. Mayfair’s local pub: Masons Arms

Mayfair, London

Some pubs look better during the day, some at night. Masons Arms, on Mayfair’s Maddox St., is one of the latter. Saunter over to the 1721 pub in the heart of the Mayfair night and you’ll be met by an enticing sight. We’re talking single pane windows lit with warm, inviting light. The low din of enjoyment coming from the door. Tell us that doesn’t sound great.

The menu deals in classic pub food: fish and chips, burgers and scampi provide all the sustenance you need to sink a few more by the fireplace. It’s also within walking distance of the palladium, so is a great after-show option.

More of the best pubs in Mayfair

Everyone loves a Mayfair pub, and booking your own exclusive space in a pub or hiring out the entire venue is a great idea for an event. With so many great pubs near you to choose from, it can be hard to find a boozer to accommodate your private booking. We've rounded up the best in Mayfair from gastro-pubs for a Sunday roast and cask ale to pubs with beautiful gardens for a few pints of beer in the sun. Have a look at all our top pubs, with private hire options near you. Alternatively, tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure the very best Mayfair pubs respond to your enquiry.

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The Goat Tavern – This historic pub is a mainstay on the Mayfair pub scene, and for good reason. Stop by for a pint or a glass of wine.

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