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Written by Luke Bull - 09 October 2023

Our selection of the 17 best bars in Victoria

Bag, check. Tickets, check. Phone, check. What else?

You’ve probably passed through Victoria more than once – on your way to work, to sunny escapes via Gatwick, or when desperately trying to get from Victoria Station to the coach station in time for departure.

Even though it’s named after the station (which was named after Victoria Street), it’s so much more than just a transport hub. Victoria is home to some of the best food, drinks, and entertainment in London. So it’s no surprise that this top-notch location has bars to rival the best of them.

Let’s take a look. Now calling – the best bars in Victoria.

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market halls victoria best victoria bars 1
market halls victoria best victoria bars 2

1. The best Victoria bar for a great time: Market Halls Victoria

Victoria, London

Nestled on Victoria Street (opposite the station) and housed across three floors, you’ll find the Victoria branch of Market Halls.

Home to dishes from around the world, this Victoria venue is one for all the foodies. While Market Halls Victoria is rightfully known for their food spots, don’t forget about the drinks. Admittedly an underdog in a sea of amazing food, the drinks at Market Halls hold their own. Head to the bars and see for yourself.

Be transported to Malaysia, China and Italy with their offering of dishes and drinks. Expect a medley of cocktails, beer, seasonal mulled wine, refreshing teas, rich sweet milk and classic fizzy drinks (an ideal choice for any non-drinkers in your party).

Good company, a great time and even better food and drinks. Count us in.

Reunion bar best victoria bars 1
Reunion bar best victoria bars 2

2. A Victoria bar with lots of history: Réunion Champagne and Cocktail Bar

Victoria, London

In what was once a first-class lounge for the Brighton Belle (the world’s first electric Pullman service that ran from Victoria to Brighton) you’ll find Réunion – The Clermont Victoria’s champagne and cocktail bar.

Take in the checkered floors, sleek furniture and best of all, the hanging baubles over the bar. You’re in first class now.

Much like everything they do, their drinks are made to be the best -ingredients and service, that is. Whether it’s a Bellini, Lychee Fizz or a signature The Clermont, Réunion take pride in each of their liquid creations.

One thing is obvious though – only the best at Réunion.

vagabond best victoria bars 1
vagabond best victoria bars 2

3. A top Victoria bar for wine-aficionados: Vagabond

Victoria, London

There’s not much better than finding a really good wine bar, is there? It doesn’t matter if you’re out with friends, on a date or want a quick drink after work, wine is always a good idea.

That’s where Vagabond come in. They have a few littered around but their Victoria location is where it’s at. With a wood-on-wood interior (floors, stools and benches), it feels rustic, earthy and oddly wholesome. If looks are anything to go by, Vagabond know a lot about wines.

Onto the actual wines, their 100-plus offering means they quite literally, have wine for days. Sip on reds, whites, oranges and more at a bottomless afternoon wine, at a wine tasting or maybe a party (full event hire holds up to 200 people).

Wine o’clock has never been easier.

Flight Club best victoria bars 1
Flight Club best victoria bars 2

4. The best Victoria bar for darts and drinks: Flight Club Victoria

Victoria, London

First rule of…Wait, what was that? Oh, Flight Club. So this isn’t about the movie…

Anyway, Flight Club brings a whole new meaning to darts. It’s pretty simple, play a game of darts with friends, keep the drinks flowing and competition going.

The vintage circus/fun-fair vibes make it easy to get in the party mood. The red velvet, mahogany panelling and bright lights really help set the tone. Where else to win but here?

In between plays, take your pick of bubbly, shots and slushies. Then back in the zone, feet towards the board and bullseye!

Forget Fight Club, Flight Club is one bar you’ll want to talk about.

The Soak best victoria bars 1
The Soak best victoria bars 2

5. A top Victoria bar to relax in: The Soak

Victoria, London

We know what you’re thinking. This sounds like an upscale Lush more than anything but hear us out. The Soak is a perfect name for The Clermont Victoria’s bar and restaurant offering. Sink into the plush blue booths and you’ll soon see why.

The Soak is like a drop of calm in the sea of busyness that is Victoria Station. With a mostly blue colour scheme, they’ve got chic, comfortable and calming down to a tee.

Escape with one of The Soak’s own creations and unwind. You’re in good hands. Sit back and relax, you’re in a world away at The Soak.

bbar best victoria bars 1
bbar best victoria bars 2

6. The Victoria bar that brings South Africa to you: Bbar

Victoria, London

Fancy a quick trip abroad? Then head to Bbar, the South-African-inspired bar on Buckingham Palace Road.

Bbar is the brainchild of Beatrice Tollman (the “B” in Bbar) who was inspired by growing up in South Africa. The decor, a mix of brown leather, wicker chairs, animal print and figurines is exactly what you’d expect (if a little on the nose).

While the food menu brings South Africa straight to you (think Braaibroodjie, biltong popcorn and Bobotie spring rolls), the drinks menu travels around the globe. Try the Pan Asia Tiki Lemonade, timeless Singapore Sling or a Mexican Old Fashioned.

Who needs travel, eh?

greenwood best victoria bars 1
greenwood best victoria bars 2

7. The best bar in Victoria for sports fans: Greenwood

Victoria, London

Picture the calm before the storm. Everyone’s on the edge of their seats. Suddenly, the winning goal, basket or shot. Beers sloshing in their glasses. Loud cheers. Off-key singing. Pats on the back. There’s a buzz and excitement in the air, and you’re in the thick of it.

This isn’t your mate’s house though. You’re at Greenwood. The Victoria sports bar fancy themselves the best place to watch sports, and we can see why.

Catch live fixtures from the NFL, F1, Premier League, The Hundred, you name it. Pick from a food and drinks menu that’s as good as any game and sit back and enjoy - the modern and industrial interior sure make it worth it.

Ready to get in on the action? Greenwood is where it’s at. We guess the only thing left to ask, is when’s the next match?

Rail House Cafe best victoria bars 1
Rail House Cafe best victoria bars 2

8. The best Victoria bar to get cosy in: Rail House

Victoria, London

It’s a been a long day, the sun is slowly setting, you’re hungry, you’re thirsty, you’re tired and you stumble across this.

Decked out in cosy colours, wood floors and stools, Rail House offers some much needed relief to tired and bored Londoners and tourists alike. Come in, feast, drink and spend a minute or a few.

If you do want to spend a bit more time, then you’re in luck. Take your pick of any one of Rail House’s four spaces for private events. The Bar, upstairs, has space for 80 guests, The Cabin, perfect for more intimate events, has space for 16 people, The Snug and The Mezzanine are somewhere in between at 20-40 guests.

All aboard, Rail House.

vic's bar best victoria bars 1
vic's bar best victoria bars 2

9. An effortlessly chic Victoria bar: VIC's BAR

Victoria, London

Hotel bar lounges can always be a bit hit or miss. If they’re good, you almost don’t feel bad for the price, but if they’re bad, well, you know how that goes.

VIC’s bar is exactly what you’d expect from a Park Plaza bar lounge. Sleek, stylish and slightly understated (although the yellow is an interesting touch).

The drinks, are a masterful mix of spirits, liqueurs and speciality cocktails that are every bit as good as you would hope. We can say for sure, that this is a hit, but don't just take our word for it. Visit and see for yourself.

Sports Bar and Grill Victoria best victoria bars 1
Sports Bar and Grill Victoria best victoria bars 2

10. The best Victoria bar to catch the latest match: Sports Bar & Grill Victoria

Victoria, London

You worked late, traffic is heavy, the match is on soon and you don’t think you’re going to make it home in time. Do you…

a) Panic?

b) Get it recorded and catch up later?

c) Head to Sports Bar & Grill?

The Victoria sports bar is a welcome addition to the ever-growing list of sports bars in London. Never miss a match from the Champions and Premier League, Six Nations, Rugby League, F1 and NFL.

Good food, good company and great games. There’s not much else to ask for.

All Bar One Victoria best victoria bars 1
All Bar One Victoria best victoria bars 2

11. A Victoria bar for after-work drinks: All Bar One Victoria

Victoria, London

This Victoria bar needs no introduction. You’re probably rolling your eyes remembering just how many after-work drinks you’ve gone to here or at one of their many locations. We get it. Still, All Bar One is popular for good reason.

With a selection of classic cocktails, wines, beer and non-alcoholic cocktails, this Victoria bar is a reliable choice for a quick drink.

You know the drill. We guess the only thing left to ask is this, how does an after-work martini sound?

boisdale best victoria bars 1
boisdale best victoria bars 2

12. A must-visit Victoria bar: Boisdale of Belgravia

Victoria, London

Boisdale of Belgravia is a welcome change in a sea of look-alike bars.

The Scottish restaurant and bar, for one, has a colour scheme you can’t miss. Red and green walls, tartan chairs, old portraits and figurines really do make you feel like you’re in a novel set in old-time Scotland.

Boisdale’s six spaces all offer something different. The Macdonald Bar and Back Bar, on the ground floor, has all the drinks you need to get your evening started. Wines, whiskeys, you name it.

Head out to the Courtyard Garden, on the ground floor or the Cigar Terrace on the second floor.

It’s also worth mentioning that Boisdale has live performances almost every day of the week. So any jazz fans, you know where to go next. It’s the red building on Eccleston Street, you can’t miss it.

tozi best victoria bars 1
tozi best victoria bars 2

13. The best Italian-inspired bar in Victoria: TOZI

Victoria, London

TOZI’s bringing the best of Italy to Victoria. The Victoria bar and restaurant known for their Venetian cicchetti (which are small snacks) is a gem that’s far from underrated, and it’s easy to see why.

With a chic and understated interior that makes you feel at home and booths and circulars that make it all the more easier to lean in, TOZI has mastered the intimate bar feel.

Take your pick of TOZI’s impressive drinks menu. Negroni, champagne, spritz, gin as well as a premium selection of Italian whites, reds and rosé.

How does a rich red from Veneto sound?

M Victoria Street best victoria bars 1
M Victoria Street best victoria bars 2

14. A futuristic Victoria bar: M Victoria Street

Victoria, London

Somewhere in the Zig Zag building on Victoria Street is M. A bar as cool as its initial, you’re welcomed by a slinky, modern aesthetic from the extra-long booths down to the exposed wall in their private dining rooms.

While you’re deciding what to have for lunch or dinner, say hello to M’s cute “champagne robots” Sage and Bailey. They’ll offer you a champagne menu, take your order then come back with your chosen bubbly. Cool, right?

It’s a weird and wonderful addition to the bar that really does set it apart from the rest, and hey, now you can say you’ve been served champagne by a robot.

You don’t get to say that every day, do you?

the shakespeare best victoria bars 1
the shakespeare best victoria bars 2

15. A classic Victoria bar: The Shakespeare

Victoria, London

Shakespeare once wrote, “I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety” (Henry V, Act 3, Scene 2). This is exactly what comes to mind when you stumble across The Shakespeare.

This bar is actually named after Shakespeare’s dad, John Shakespeare, who made gloves and was a council member and mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon once upon a time.

A lot like John, The Shakespeare is a place of many things. Meeting place, after-work drinks venue, and Sunday catch-up meeting point. All you really need are a few mates, a time and a date and the rest is history.

the beer house best victoria bars 1
the beer house best victoria bars 2

16. The best Victoria bar for a quick pint: The Beer House

Victoria, London

A pint isn’t usually what you think of at a train station. Trying to find your platform and to get to your train on time, sure, but beers? If you happen to be the super-organised type and have some time on your hands, The Beer House near Victoria Station is a good shout.

Don’t let the location fool you, The Beer House take beer very seriously. That’s why their team make sure they serve only the best.

As you’d expect, they’re fully stocked with beers from Heineken, Greene King, Flying Dog Brewery, Goose Island and Brew Dog. So sit back, relax and enjoy your pint. Just don’t have too much fun, you’ve still got a train to catch.

the jugged hare best victoria bars 1
the jugged hare best victoria bars 2

17. A Victoria bar you’ll want to visit again: The Jugged Hare, Victoria

Victoria, London

The Jugged Hare is definitely up there as a historic place. In what was once an old bank building, you’ll find oak panels, red walls, wood floors and a carpet that really set the tone.

Choose from beer, wine, spirits, or tea if you fancy, then take your drinks to the balcony or even better, take them outside to the beer garden for a bit of fresh air.

We think this is a lovely spot for dinner, late lunch, Sunday roast and obviously for a quick drink. The Jugged Hare is famous for its pies and ale, so you know exactly what to order when you stop by.

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For bars in Victoria, you're spoilt for choice. Here are a few extra special ones that we vouch for:

Vagabond – Wine lovers will feel like they've hit the jackpot at this wine haven. Whether you're a red fan or want to try the latest organic orange wines, Vagabond is a great choice.

TOZI – For your pick of spirits, wines and cocktails, plus Venetian Cicchetti, this bar brings the best of Italy to Victoria.

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