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Written by Mae Bristow - 20 December 2023

Our 4 favourite London boat party venues

Call me Ishmael...

London venues can, at some point, start to seem a little... grounded. If you want something truly different then you should try averting your gaze across the lapping Thames, and picturing a seaborne sojourn. Imagine the scene: you, your friends, the wide rolling surf and a fridge full of beer. It's enough to make even the saltiest of sailors weep.

Well, you can make your nautical dreams a reality with one of the amazing party boats London has to offer. From luxurious yachts and ferries to riverside retreats, these amazing floating spaces will make your party one to remember. Just watch out for icebergs.

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Silver darling london boat party 1
Silver darling london boat party 3.

1. London's luxury river taxi: Silver Darling


Introducing 15m of high-speed river taxi, it's Woods' Silver Fleet's Silver Darling.

Speed is the name of the game here; a small, yet plushly decked out (sorry) vessel that can ferry you from Central London to the city's most stunning riverside destinations in under 30 minutes.

Whilst the blur of sea and city bank provide an amazing focal point for your party, the inside also impresses. A concisely planned-out interior comes courtesy of Matthew Hilton. whilst the ship also boasts a genuine Damien Hirst artwork that incorporates a diamond-dusted finish. Pop the champagne and hold onto your hat, it's going to get bouyant.

Silver barracuda london boat party 1
Silver barracuda london boat party 3

2. A Beautiful vintage river cruiser: Silver Barracuda


There's something inherently opulent about partying on a boat. Visions of Titanic (pre-catastrophe), gilded ballrooms rising and falling with the swell, dinner at the captain's table – you get the gist. The Silver Barracuda brings this maritime refinement into the modern century.

The 200-person capacity boat has welcomed Prime Ministers, film & pop stars, authors and even royalty to its hallowed deck. with original chrome Art Deco fixtures, the lower dining room is the perfect setting for you and your lucky guests to be beguiled by sea-faring tales – the only thing we can't promise is an ancient mariner with a questionable stance towards endangered sea birds.

For a unique boat party that brings high-end aesthetics to a smooth voyage, the Silver Barracuda is your ticket.

Woods quay unusual Christmas party 2.
Woods quay unusual Christmas party 2.

3. A riverside Michelin standard venue to die for: Woods Quay


Okay, so it's not technically a boat. But who cares for technicalities, not us, that's for sure.

Woods Quay is the newest offering from Wood's Silver Fleet, and it doesn't let the team down.

With amazing uninterrupted views of the river, you can entertain 250 guests in all manner of setups. Wander towards the river from the crowds of Covent Garden and you'll come across a quiet, unassuming quay just below waterloo bridge. Entering the venue you'll be greeted with the perfect party setting. Clean wooden lines accentuate the calm waters below, whilst the interior is vast whilst retaining a cosy feel for those colder nights upon the Thames.

With a Michelin-standard tasting room, you can be sure that your parties won't be brought down by disappointing finger foods – this waterside party venue is out to impress.

silver sturgeon london boat party 2
silver sturgeon london boat party 3

4. The big one: Silver Sturgeon


Okay, so you're you. You're a big deal. You've got 550 friends and you're like, "Gee, doesn't the land just suck. Wouldn't it be great if me and my small army of buddies could commandeer a luxury 61m River Yacht?".

Well firstly, well done you, life must be pretty good. Secondly, Boy do we have the party boat for you.

The Silver Sturgeon is the flagship of the Silver Fleet and delivers two large entertaining spaces, spacious outside decks and vaunted private central London moorings. The interiors are vast, light and relaxing with warm hues balancing out the grey wash on the Thames.

It's a prestigious venue for a prestigious boat party. Your only problem will be explaining to your 551st friend there just isn't room.

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The high seas now have high spirits. An endless wave of party boats have flooded London and you can captain your very own HMS Fun Town. Don't let the party pirates win, book your London party boat today. Alexa, play "My Heart Will Go On".

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Fancy throwing a boat party in London? Of course you do.

When it comes to party venues, London's buoyant offerings are where it's at. Along the River Thames are where you can get the best views of the whole city. There are the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge - and all of these sights from a totally unique vantage point, with no queues of people getting in your way. And in the summer this can be one of the best and most popular ways to throw a party. The Thames' London venue hire options are ample, we're sure you'll find a space to fit your brief.

Boat party prices can be lower than you think - there is a range of boat hires and London event spaces on offer for hire for all kinds of occasions and budgets, which can be cheaper than more conventional party venues in London. So, whether you’re looking for something sophisticated and elegant, or a more relaxed and casual party venue, this collection can help point you in the right direction.

There are speedboats along the Thames or even static boats moored on the banks of the river. So for the best floating venue hire London has to offer, start your search with this handy collection.

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