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Written by Mae Bristow - 09 April 2024

9 unique Christmas party venues in London

Doing Christmas differently is a surefire way of setting your Christmas party away from the homogenous London crowd.

Sure, the age-old litany of tinsel, tree and too many Baileys is tried and tested: but who doesn't want to shake things up?

A truly unique Christmas party requires a truly unique Xmas venue. We're talking swimming pool parties, Bavarian Cafés, industrial units and everything else that makes your community hall seem a bit dull. So, discard the Santa hat and prepare to get weird this Christmas.

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Porter tun the brewery unique christmas party
Porter tun the brewery unique christmas party

1. A beautiful, large Christmas party venue in an old brewery: The Porter Tun


Few places seem more fitting to get your Christmas drinks in than a repurposed brewery. The fittingly named 'The Brewery' delivers vast areas of event space that can comfortably fit up to 1000 people.

The Porter Tun is one of the largest and oldest unobstructed event spaces in London. An exposed King Post timber roof giving a clear span of 60 feet above a 778 square metre antique wooden floor makes it a perfect location for conferences, awards dinners, fashion shows and exhibitions. The large raised balcony is ideal for a reception area or presentation platform.

A Christmas party here would be one to remember – the versatility of the space makes it perfect for bespoke decorations and themed Christmas parties, whilst the city centre location means getting home is a breeze.

2. An instantly recognisable unique London Christmas venue: Harvey Nichols


Founded in 1831, Harvey Nichols' flagship Knightsbridge store lays claim to being one of the most iconic department stores in the world. The instantly recognisable emporium sits on the corner of Knightsbridge and Sloane Street, casting an imposing shadow over the shoppers of London's high-end retail district.

What a lot of people don't know, is that Harvey Nichols has a whole range of spaces you can hire out. One of the best is the fifth-floor bar. Bringing expertly crafted drinks and canapés to a range of events. With striking pastel furniture, a beautiful island bar and unbeatable views over the city below, it's truly one of a kind.

The fifth-floor bar can accommodate up to 215 guests, and really we can't think of a more up-market way to spend Christmas this year.

apples and pears london unique christmas party venues 1
apples and pears london unique christmas party venues 2

3. A unique London Christmas party venue for cocktail-lovers: Apples & Pears


“If music be the food of love, play on”

We couldn’t agree more, Will. Tucked away on graffitied Osborn Street, behind shutters is where you’ll find Apples & Pears. (Fun fact – the phrase means “stairs” in cockney rhyming slang.)

Come for the exposed brick walls, cool art, galleried walls and general secret underground vibes and hopefully stay for the cocktails and festivities. It is a Christmas party after all.

Each room feels like its own venue so you know there will never be a dull moment.

twickenham stadium unique london christmas party venues 1
twickenham stadium unique london christmas party venues 2

4. Get your head in the game at this unique Christmas party venue: Twickenham Stadium


Fancy a Christmas party at the “Home of England Rugby”? Of course, you do. With views of the pitch, a DJ on hand and more drinks than you can count, The Lock is a unique Christmas party venue for rugby fans (and non-fans alike), with space for up to 450 guests.

Expect decked-out Christmas trees, glittery baubles, sparkling bubbles, lights, a photo booth, and the works. Hey, Christmas only comes around once a year.

Museum of brands unique christmas part venue 2
Museum of brands unique christmas part venue 3

5. Time travel, a whole different brand of fun: Museum of Brands


Okay, we love the Christmas spirit as much as the next Dickensian character, but Christmas really is all about things. Things in boxes, things wrapped in cellophane, things under trees and things in stockings hung from mantelpieces. Things are great.

The Museum of Brands is a celebration of things, at its core. It's a glorious homage to the countless garish boxes of Tide, the infinite variations of the Cornflake box, and the seductive curve of the Coca-Cola bottle. What better way to celebrate Christmas uniquely than to be surrounded by the debris of our consumptive past?

Museum of Brands can cater for 250 people and lets you drink, dine and dance surrounded by a thousand forgotten slogans. Really, it's quite something.

mr foggs residence unqiue london christmas party venues 1
mr foggs residence unique london christmas party venues 2

6. Have an adventure at this unique Christmas party venue: Mr Fogg's Residence


The doors at Mr Fogg’s Residence are open for any bored and adventure-hungry Christmas partygoers.

Tucked away somewhere on Bruton Lane (blink and you’ll miss it), is the quintessentially British bar Mr Fogg’s Residence. In what we can only describe as a mix of the Union Jack, Cath Kidston, Aspinal of London and a grandfather clock, is its unique aesthetic.

Spot the floating penny-farthings, and the abandoned hot air balloon and find yourself a seat. This Christmas 'do is about to begin. Explore the drinks menu and choose from mulled wine or a handful of creative cocktails.

You and up to 150 guests are in for a cracking time.

immersive vr london unique christmas party venues 1
immersive vr london unique christmas party venues 2

7. Immerse yourself in a whole new world this Christmas: OTHERWORLD VR, Victoria


There’s something about Christmas that makes anything seem possible. Maybe it’s the crisp morning air, the sweetness of mince pies, or maybe it’s the anticipation that finally we’ll have a snowy Christmas day. Whatever it is, if ever there was a time for anything to be possible, it would be Christmas.

Speaking of making the impossible possible, OTHERWORLD VR seems to be quite familiar with that. Just a brisk walk from the station, the Victoria branch is a unique Christmas party venue that’s totally out of this world.

Using VR tech, you’re able to see, hear and feel this new world. It’s simple really; go into an immersion pod, pick an experience, and go explore. With self-serve drinks on tap and room for up to 50 guests in the lounge, this year’s Christmas party is looking a whole lot cooler.

the ski lodge unique london christmas party venues 1
the ski lodge unique london christmas party venues 2

8. A picture-perfect unique Christmas party venue: The Ski Lodge, The Montague on the Gardens


The smell of freshly baked bread and cookies. The soft crunch of snow under boots. The gentle clink and slosh of mulled wine. Flushed cheeks after an afternoon on the slopes. A (almost) hot mug of hot chocolate.

At least that’s what we imagine inspired Montague’s Ski Lodge. Step into the snowy, winter wonderland and see for yourself.

Under a canopy of real (or very realistic) pine and lights, and surrounded by trees, skis, rackets and snowmen, you can’t help notice how picturesque it all looks. Don’t let being in awe stop you though – there’s drinks, dinner and snacks to be had. Hot spiced cider and candied pecans anyone?

We think this one might be one for the postcard.

the stables unique london christmas party venues 1
the stables unique london christmas party venues

9. Ride out on a high at this Christmas party venue: The Stables, Riding House Café


Horsebox or hunting lodge? It’s your call.

In the true spirit of Christmas, Fitzrovia’s Riding House is calling on everyone to sit down and share a meal. The banquet-style table at the aptly named Stables venue makes this a little bit easier.

With wood interiors to comfy seats, there’s not much else to do but eat and talk which is fitting considering this Christmas party venue seats up to 14 people.

It’s intimate and cosy so let’s hope you love your Christmas party guests.

Dine, drink and celebrate the season in private, and if you’re interested, open one of the flaps to see photos of honoured guests.

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