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Written by Luke Bull - 13 June 2024

The best Christmas dinner venues in London

You probably think you have a good handle on what a great Christmas dinner is. Well, you don't.

These restaurants in London do.

Merry Christmas.

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gallery galvin la chapelle london christmas dinner venues 1
gallery galvin la chapelle london christmas dinner venues 2

1. Visit this venue for a Michelin-star Christmas dinner: The Gallery, Galvin La Chapelle


High ceilings. Grand windows. Intricate floral arrangements. A table setting to rival the latest Architectural Digest spread.

Michelin-star French restaurant Galvin La Chapelle is certainly familiar with the finer things. Dine above it all (literally) from Galvin La Chapelle’s private dining room, The Gallery.

Choose from dishes like roast of chesnut stuffed pheasant, Wild Cornish halibut and a medley of puddings, tartes or crème brûlée.

The Gallery has a seating capacity of up to 16 people so it looks like this will be a more intimate affair this Christmas.

Benwell House Jamie Oliver London Christmas Party
Benwell House Jamie Oliver London Christmas Party

2. Eat your sprouts at Jamie Oliver's HQ: Benwell House

Holloway Road, London

Celebrate the festive season with an exceptional Christmas dinner at Jamie Oliver Benwell House. Located in the heart of London, this exclusive venue, where Jamie Oliver's creative endeavors come to life, provides the perfect setting for a memorable private dining experience. Guests will be treated to a bespoke three-course Christmas feast, prepared by Jamie’s own chefs in a beautifully designed open-plan kitchen. The warm and friendly staff ensure a welcoming atmosphere, while the intimate and festive ambiance makes it the ideal spot for a special Christmas dinner. Enjoy culinary excellence and holiday charm at Jamie Oliver Benwell House.

Victorian Bath House Christmas Dinner
Victorian Bath House Christmas Dinner

3. A Dickensian Xmas dinner, minus Scrooge: Victorian Bath House

Liverpool Street, London

Located in the heart of London, Victorian Bath House offers a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable Christmas dinner. The period building is a festive anomaly, rubbing its elegant shoulders with the glass and steel monoliths that have come to dominate the city.

This exclusive underground venue transports guests to a world of intrigue and mystery, featuring an elegant colonnaded room, sparkling lights, and a stunning spiral staircase. With a capacity of up to 150 guests, the Victorian Bath House ensures a luxurious and intimate setting for your festive celebration. Every detail, from the ornate décor to the exceptional service, has been expertly curated to create a magical and memorable Christmas experience in the City of London.

fenchurch sky garden london christmas dinner venues 1
fenchurch sky garden london christmas dinner venues 2

4. Have Christmas dinner over London: Fenchurch, Sky Garden


Picture this. You and a handful of guests are through the second course of your Christmas dinner, there is a gentle lull and the sun is beginning to set over London. Oh – and you’re 37 floors above the busy London streets.

It’d be easy to say that the best thing Fenchurch has going for it is the view of the city. The food definitely does put up a fight for that spot. Think modern British dishes with a few touches of individuality – Yorkshire goose, smoked potato, and red gooseberry chutney.

It’s Christmas dinner but not like you know it.

searcys london christmas dinner venues 1
searcys london christmas dinner venues 2

5. Dine in the sky at this Christmas venue: Searcys at The Gherkin


Glasses clinking. The lively chatter amongst dinner guests. The snap, crack and pop of your Christmas cracker. And another. All against a backdrop of the city – thousands of presents light up as you celebrate another Christmas.

Up on the 38th floor of The Gherkin, you’ll find Searcys. Dine with the city at your fingertips with a selection of canapes, drinks and a festive three-course meal. As the venue can seat up to 50 people, we guess the most difficult thing would be to decide who to invite.

Suddenly, Christmas dinner is looking a whole lot better.

german gymnasium london christmas dinner venues 1
german gymnasium london christmas dinner venues 2

6. The best venue for a grand Christmas dinner: German Gymnasium


You’d be mistaken for thinking you’re at Grand Central Station. Alas, you’re only in King’s Cross.

German Gymnasium has a pretty cool bit of history. It’s a Grade II building but the real kicker is that it has one of two remaining laminated timber roofs in London. You’ll find German Gymnasium – and its roof smack bang between St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations.

Hire the whole venue or just the upper floor. Whatever you’re up for, take your pick of their festive delights – that’s smoked ham, seared cod fillet, strudel or a praline pot.

queenie watts hawksmoor london christmas dinner venues 1
queenie watts hawksmoor london christmas dinner venues 2

7. Dine at this exclusive Christmas dinner venue: Queenie Watts Private Dining Room, Hawksmoor Wood Wharf


What’s Christmas without a dinner (or three)? Not much. Step into Hawksmoors’ Queenie Watts private dining room at Wood Wharf for a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Named after the multi-hyphenate actress-singer-pub owner (and local legend) Queenie Watts, this room is fit for royalty (or at least, some very special guests).

Take in the mahogany interiors, dark walls, low lighting, the pictures of Queenie herself, and the pièce de résistance, the dining table, where you and 20 other guests can swap gossip as easily as you can pass the salt and pepper.

Next on the menu – an amazing Christmas dinner.

fenchurch sky garden london christmas dinner venues 2
fenchurch sky garden london christmas dinner venues 3

8. A Christmas dinner venue that boasts sky high splendour: Viñoly Private Dining Room at Sky Garden


For a Christmas dinner that reaches new heights, try the Viñoly private dining room at Sky Garden.

Perched on the 37th floor of the iconic Walkie-Talkie, guests can enjoy London’s highest public garden and its panoramic views. With its capacity to accommodate up to 16 guests, the Vinoly room sets the stage for an intimate do.

At Fenchurch, the menu expertly blends the finest British ingredients with vibrant Caribbean flavours, paying homage to the Anguillan heritage of Head Chef Kerth Gumbs. These creations are complemented by an award-winning wine list and handcrafted cocktails that have been curated to match each dish.

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and embrace the most magical time of the year in this elevated sanctuary.

St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar Tasting Room Kings Cross Meeting Rooms
St pancras brasserie and champagne bar Christmas dinner

9. Toast to the holiday season at this Christmas dinner venue: St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys


For a Christmas venue with added people watching, head to the St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys located within the iconic St Pancras International Station. With a variety of private dining areas and spaces, this spot can cater to your dining needs.

Bespoke packages are available and can be tailored to your preferences for stress-free planning. Hire the the intimate Tasting Room for up to 20 of your nearest and dearest or the grandeur of the entire venue accommodating up to 300 guests.

With seasonal menus and a fully stocked drinks menu, St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys offers an opportunity to enjoy good food in the festive season.

Private Suite 6, The May Fair Hotel  mayfair meeting room 1

10. A private Christmas dinner venue in the heart of London: The May Fair Hotel, Private Dining Room


Experience the allure of The May Fair Hotel's Private Dining Room, just a sleigh ride away from Green Park Station.

With a capacity of 72, this elegant room beckons guests for a joyous Christmas feast. With carefully tailored dining packages, organising has never been easier. Alongside a traditional Christmas dinner, guests can enjoy appetisers upon arrival and a selection of fine wines.

To add an extra sprinkle of yuletide cheer, each package includes the May Fair Christmas crackers for the real hog.

Step into the warmth of The May Fair's private rooms for an intimate and elegant Christmas.

Ping Pong Bow's Bells Christmas Dinner Venue
Ping Pong Bow's Bells Christmas Dinner Venue

11. Christmas, all wrapped up (and steamed): Ping Pong Bow Bells House


They say you’re not really a cockney unless you were born within the sonorous ring of Mary-le-Bow’s iconic peal. Well, you might expect the incredible array of dumplings at Ping Pong Bow Bells House to sell you a car, steal some diamonds and retire to the flat marshlands of Essex.

Outdated stereotypes aside, Ping Pong has earned a reputation for reliable eating across the London sprawl, providing handmade dim sum to the capital’s hungry.

Whilst Christmas may evoke the boring retinue of turkey, potatoes and sprouts, Ping Pong does it a bit differently. 4 differing set menus give you and your party plenty of options for festive dim sum, whilst the beautiful cocktails figure as the cherry on the cake, angel on the tree, or slice of scallion on the bao bun. You get the idea.

And if you think the Bow Bells House is nice, do check out the Ping Pong South Bank for something very chic and the Ping Pong in St Katherine's Dock right near the majestic Tower Bridge.

More of the best Christmas dinner venues in London

Planning a winter ball, Xmas dinner dance or just a cosy winter event in a pub? We have the best selection of Christmas dinner venues in London. For a festive private dining experience with the team or a meal over the holidays with family and friends, we've put together a list of Christmas dinner venues. Alternatively, tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure the very best London venues respond to your enquiry.

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For Christmas dinner venues in London, you're spoilt for choice. Here are a few extra special ones that we vouch for:

Fenchurch, Sky Garden – For a cosy and classic Christmas dinner, Fenchurch offers up great food and amazing views.

The Gallery, Galvin La Chapelle – A Michelin-star Christmas dinner that's well worth a visit.

There really is no one answer to this question: so many variables come into play when understanding the cost of exclusive hire of a Christmas dinner venue. How many guests are you planning for? Is the venue for the day, an afternoon, or the night? The good news is that you can find a venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

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