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Written by Mae Bristow - 09 November 2023

Our selection of the best Earl’s Court bars

Earl’s Court is probably best known for its colourfully painted houses and its proximity to Stamford Bridge – perhaps. Even that’s a stretch.

What Earl’s Court lacks in general relevancy, it definitely makes up for with its modest variety of pubs, cocktail bars, and gastropubs. It may seem like a tiny little portion of K&C, but the reality is there can be so much more to it when you look for it.

From a Sri Lankan wine bar to a private detective speakeasy, these bars show Earl’s Court has a lot to offer and can stand on its own two feet.

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cocktail at the troubadour earls court london bar
interior of the troubadour earls court london bar

1. The live music venue that’s seen the likes of Hendrix and Jimmy Page: The Troubadour

Earl's Court, London

The Troubadour is an Earl’s Court bar with a deep passion for live music. It's London's last standing independent live music venue from the coffee-house era. It has hosted musical acts from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and even Adele and Ed Sheeran – totally not a brag at all.

Its interior is nothing short of unique, with its arrangement of colourful kettles in the front window, multiple instruments hanging from the ceiling, and its old-world rustic decor.

As if being an intimate live music venue steeped in history wasn’t enough, The Troubadour’s ground level is a restaurant, and downstairs is where you will find the cocktail bar and the stage graced by musical greats. If you’ve never had reason to visit Earl’s Court before, you have one now.

interior of evans and peel speakeasy earls court london bar
interior of evans and peel speakeasy earls court london bar

2. Mystery, criminals and illegal drinks: Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Earl's Court, London

Evans & Peel Detective Agency is a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar with a private investigator theme. Book your “meeting” with the detectives and while you wait, check out the 1920s-inspired speakeasy with “bootlegged” alcohol and live swing, jazz, and blues music.

Their cocktails are named after notable criminals from that era like the very real Al Capone and the fictional Thomas ‘Tommy’ Shelby – one of our favourites, by the way, made with tequila agave, Campari, sweet Vermouth, and lemon juice.

This Earl’s Court bar is also available for private hire for up to 100 guests, accommodating 25 in the bar area, 65 in the main dining room, and 10 in the private library.

exterior of the cave wine bar and kitchen earls court london bar
small plate and wine at cave kitchen and wine bar earls court london bar

3. A late-night spot for wine lovers: The Wine Bar at Cave Kitchen

Earl's Court, London

Open as a wine bar since 1918, one of London’s oldest wine bars is now part and parcel of Cave Kitchen, a Sri Lankan bistro.

This Earl’s Court bar has a cosy atmosphere and an interior with exposed ceiling beams, brick walls, and wooden furniture. Rumour has it that this spot was frequented by Freddie Mercury and Slash, not that we’re gossips or anything.

Cave Kitchen has an extensive list of white, rosé, red, and other fine wines that all pair well with its curries, rice, and meat dishes. The wine bar is open later than the restaurant – which is how it should be, in our opinion. Make a reservation for two and enjoy a three-course meal and a bottle of wine for £75.

interior of the pembroke earls court london bar
cocktails at the pembroke earls court london bar

4. The Earl’s Court bar with a rooftop beer garden: The Pembroke

Earl's Court, London

The Pembroke is on the border of Earl’s Court, just a short walk away from West Brompton station. Its vibe is industrial meets traditional with its classic pub facade, exposed brick walls inside, and furniture that isn’t entirely old-fashioned.

The pub runs a Quiz Night every Thursday and has Happy Hour from 5 to 8 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. When the weather is half-decent, do check out the rooftop beer garden – it’s the reason we visit The Pembroke.

The Pembroke is also available for private hire for up to 100 seated guests. The private room comes with its own bar, rooftop garden terrace, and custom drinks for your event.

exterior of the atlas earls court london bar
interior of the atlas earls court london bar

5. Another 19th-century pub occupying 21st-century London: The Atlas

Earl's Court, London

The Atlas is a historic gastropub that has been in the West Brompton/Earl’s Court area since the late 19th century. This Earl’s Court bar is hard to miss with its bright red, ivy-covered exterior and more flower baskets than we can count.

The traditional interior with its wood panelling and fireplaces creates an atmosphere that is reminiscent of an era long gone. Cosy up with a glass of wine, a pint of beer, or a classic cocktail for that much-desired comfort feeling. And on the rare occasion the weather is pleasant, take your drinks outside to the garden terrace to soak in the sun.

The Atlas is also available for private hire. It has two rooms upstairs that can hold up to 60 guests for drinks and 40 guests for lunches and dinners.

cocktail at the lillie langtry earls court london bar
interior of the lillie langtry earls court london bar

6. Pretty in pink: The Lillie Langtry

Earl's Court, London

Down the road from West Brompton station is The Lillie Langtry, a gastropub serving classic British dishes alongside some great cocktails. The dining area has a soft, elegant charm with touches of pink, floral wallpaper, and traditional chandeliers.

We could do without the abundance of floral patterns, but we love The Lillie Langtry for its long list of signature cocktails, wines, spirits, and whiskey – all of our favourite beverages. The Maple Pecan Old Fashioned is a standout.

The Lillie Langtry has three rooms available for private hire – a private dining room, an outdoor space, and the entire second-floor lounge – that can seat anywhere from 8 to 60 people.

exterior of the blackbird in earls court london bar
interior of the blackbird in earls court london bar

7. The Earl’s Court pub & boutique hotel: The Blackbird

Earl's Court, London

The Blackbird, previously a bank until 1994, is now a Fuller's Ale & Pie house kind of pub. It’s a staple for locals and is also a boutique hotel with nine quaint rooms.

Its dark exterior is continued inside with green and black painted walls. The Blackbird still retains elements of its past life as a bank with its marble columns. The pub has a wide range of ales, as well as red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

While The Blackbird is just a good, casual pub, it’s on our list because of its penchant for live music, and its scrumptious pies – there’s no other word for them.

interior of the prince earls court london bar
roof terrace of the prince earls court london bar

8. A rooftop oasis in West Brompton: The Prince

Earl's Court, London

We know this list is for Earl’s Court bars, but this one is also on the border of Earl’s Court and West Brompton. Consisting of three bars and four restaurants, The Prince is West London’s biggest beer garden. It's an open space filled with tables under canopies of plants, and come nighttime, it turns into one of London’s biggest party venues.

You can’t go wrong with the Chilli Mango Margarita and Melon Cooler – our personal favourites. Friday and Saturday nights transform the rooftop into a music oasis with live DJ sets and, as expected of a decent rooftop bar, it offers bottomless brunch on Saturday mornings.

cocktail at the earls court tavern earls court london bar
exterior of the earls court tavern earls court london bar

9. A no-nonsense traditional pub: Earl’s Court Tavern

Earl's Court, London

Earl’s Court Tavern is your classic British pub serving the expected traditional favourites from the drinks to the food. It caters to all your football needs – stop by for pre-match meet-ups, post-match analysis, and, oh yeah, the match itself.

Pints, pies, sport, and traditional pub interior. Sure, it’s not all fancy like these young upstart pubs, but there’s a place for no-nonsense pubs and Greene King has made it their mission to make sure Londoners are not without this breed of public house.

bottles at the hansom cab earls court london bar
interior of the hansom cab earls court london bar

10. Just another traditional English pub: Hansom Cab

Earl's Court, London

There’s nothing particularly standout about this Earl’s Court bar – technically, it’s on Earl’s Court Road, bordering Kensington. It has a traditional facade and pots of hanging flowers that so many old-school pubs prefer. Inside, the decor is equally modest and traditional.

So, how’s it on the list, then? Standard traditional interiors aside, the Hansom Cab does hearty modern food well. It’s the pub you go to when all you want is a cold pint and a pizza or a cold pint with a burger and chips. That’s it, they keep it simple, but they do it well. It’s the epitome of a casual spot.

We’d save this one for a nice sunny summer day when you can enjoy your drinks on the terrace. Alternatively, if you’re looking for that classic pub vibe for a party, the Hansom Cab has you covered with private hire options.

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Earl's Court, a vibrant district in London, is known for its lively nightlife and a plethora of bars, pubs, and lounges. Whether you're planning a birthday celebration, a corporate event, or a casual get-together, Earl's Court offers a range of bar options to suit your needs. In this guide, we'll take you through hiring bars in Earl's Court, ensuring you make the best choice for your social or corporate gathering.

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Before embarking on your search for a bar, it's essential to define your specific requirements. Consider factors such as:

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Inquire about the bar's catering and bar services. Some bars offer in-house catering, while others may allow you to bring in your preferred caterer. Be sure to discuss menu options, beverage selections, and the quality of service provided.

Event Amenities:

Consider the amenities and facilities available at the bar, such as audiovisual equipment, sound systems, Wi-Fi, and any special features that can enhance your event experience.

Accessibility and Location:

Ensure that the bar is easily accessible for your guests. Evaluate the proximity to public transportation, parking availability, and the convenience of the location within Earl's Court.

Review Booking Terms and Conditions:

Carefully review the bar's booking terms and conditions. Pay particular attention to cancellation policies, deposit requirements, insurance, and any restrictions or rules you need to follow during your event.

Secure the Bar:

Once you've found the perfect bar that aligns with your event's requirements and budget, secure it as early as possible. Popular bars in Earl's Court can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons and weekends.

Event Planning and Coordination:

After reserving the venue, begin planning the details of your event, including decorations, entertainment, and any additional services or rentals you may need. Some bars may offer event planning assistance.

In conclusion, hiring a bar in Earl's Court can be an enjoyable and efficient process when you are well-prepared. By defining your event requirements, researching available options, and considering your budget, amenities, and policies, you can select the ideal venue to create a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. Earl's Court's diverse bar scene and vibrant nightlife make it a fantastic choice for hosting a wide range of events and celebrations.

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