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Written by Mae Bristow - 19 March 2024

The 11 best halls in London

From the spacious rooms, large windows and beautiful decor to the catering, service and minor details, when it comes to hosting a big event there are a lot of factors to consider.

The main goal is to impress your guests and host a seamless event at the end of the day. So, the first goal is to nail down a venue, specifically with a large hall for you to fit your entire guest list. Easy, right? We can help with venue sourcing by giving you a list of venues with expansive halls in the beautiful city of London.

So, check out this list of halls for hire in London for a party or any other event to make your life a tad bit easier.

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The Royal College of Music Performance Hall London
The Royal College of Music Performance Hall London

1. A London hall worth singing about: The Royal College of Music Performance Hall


A newly built venue in South Kensington, the performance hall s an elegant space with beautiful wooden lattice panelling encasing state-of-the-art acoustic panelled walls. It is made with smaller, more intimate performances in mind and can accommodate up to 20 performers on stage. In terms of infrastructure, you can expect impressive and modern Audio Visual capabilities, proving perfect for product launches and presentations that go beyond the last-minute PowerPoint.

The pedigree of music perfomance is also on show: The Royal College's hall has Amadeus Opus 1 Musicians’ Posture chairs and music stands available for your performers. With music-making in mind, they also hire the space for rehearsals; if you would like to use both the stage and the floor space, they can accommodate a group of up to 40 musicians. For those who prefer eating to performing, the hall can also provide private dining for up to 70 diners, with chamber music providing a relaxing backdrop to your feasting.

banqueting house, London halls
banqueting house, London halls

2. One of England's earliest Classical buildings: Banqueting House


With expansive windows bringing in beautiful natural light and spacious rooms built for entertaining, from intimate dinners to the most lavish receptions, Banqueting House is ideal for events of all sizes.

Your guests will walk in the footsteps of royalty and history as they enjoy your event under the beautifully painted ceilings. And, fun fact, if you look up this venue before the event, you’ll discover that this is the site of Charles I’s execution and the only surviving portion of the lost Palace of Whitehall.

With its glittering chandeliers and expansive pillars, this venue is a great atmosphere for large dinners, receptions and business events that we guarantee will impress your guests.

So, for your next event, check out this venue for private hire, created for entertaining in 1622. This venue has space for up to 280 people.

Plaisterers Hall, One London Wall, London Halls
Plaisterers Hall, One London Wall, London Halls

3. Dripping with sophistication: One London Wall


One London Wall is an elegant venue space with beautiful neo-classical décor that creates a luxurious atmosphere for entertaining. And, as a cherry on top, this space is just a few minutes from St. Paul’s and Moorgate tube station, so it’s easily accessible to your guests.

With an expansive Great Hall with detailed ceilings, elegant gold chandeliers and floor-length windows, this space is the definition of sophistication. So, get ready to impress your guests with this venue selection.

This hall for hire in London for a party can also host any special event, including corporate, workshops, meetings, celebrations, and receptions. This venue can provide a space for a range of events with a capacity of up to 550 guests.

No. 4 Hamilton Place, London Hall
No. 4 Hamilton Place, London Hall

4. Ornate and elegant: No. 4 Hamilton Place


Steeped in history is this exquisite event space with stunning chandeliers, windows and a breathtaking baroque staircase providing a luxurious backdrop to your event. No 4. Hamilton Place is a historic and architecturally significant building on the northeast edge of Hyde Park Corner, near Hyde Park Corner Underground station.

This venue offers a variety of event spaces. Whether you’re looking to host a conference, corporate event or an intimate wedding reception, this expansive venue has large halls available for all your wants and needs.

We suggest you ask about the Argyll Room and Terrace for your next event. This stunning event space offers spectacular views and natural lighting for your guests to enjoy. For your next private event, check out this venue with a capacity of up to 200 guests.

Kensington Palace, London Halls
Kensington Palace, London Halls

5. Live like royalty: Kensington Palace


From Diana to Queen Victoria, Kensington Palace has been home to some of England’s most iconic Royals for around 400 years. When you enter this venue, it feels like a retreat from the city as it sits within the Royal Parks' gardens and ponds.

With diverse and versatile spaces, Kensington Palace is great for events ranging from workshops, meetings and parties to presentations and weddings. Provide your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you hire this space for your next event.

Check out the Kensington Palace Pavilion in the heart of Kensington Palace for larger events. This large hall is a blank canvas that is great for large celebrations, awards dinners and even fashion shows, with room for up to 500 guests.

The Great Hall in the BMA House, London Halls
The Great Hall in the BMA House, London Halls

6. Bring in the new and preserve the old: The Great Hall in the BMA House


The BMA House focuses on the balance between old and new, as it preserves the history of the space while bringing in new ideas on sustainability and technology.

When your guests enter the doors of this venue hall, they will surely be impressed by the expansive rooms, detailed ceilings and high columns that complement the special occasion you’re looking to host at this space.

The BMA House is a standout hall for hire in London for a party, and corporate or personal events, ranging in size, from large conferences and workshops to business dinners and award shows. Bask in the natural daylight, try the catering and network with other guests as you enjoy the beautiful backdrop of this venue.

For your next conference, workshop, presentation, team bonding activity or wedding, be sure to check out this space, as it can host up to 320 guests.

The Inner Temple, London Halls
The Inner Temple, London Halls

7. An elegant event with Georgian flare: The Inner Temple


Dine under glistening chandeliers in the Inner Temple Hall, perfect for private occasions and corporate events. This Georgian-style event hall is a prestigious event space suitable for a variety of functions.

We suggest you check out The Parliament Chamber for your next event, as this ornate hall is adorned with elegance and sophistication. The dark oak panelling, detailed carvings and beautiful views of the garden provide a luxurious backdrop for your formal dinner, drinks reception or business workshop.

The stained-glass windows, chandeliers and paintings will definitely impress your guests, so be sure to add this venue to your list when you host your next big occasion as this space can hold up to 600 guests.

Royal Horticultural Halls, Lindley Hall, London Hall
Royal Horticultural Halls, Lindley Hall, London Hall

8. A space for all event types, the bigger, the better: Royal Horticultural Halls


From Royalty, Presidents, influencers, fashionistas and Formula 1 cars to wine tastings, boxing matches, weddings, coming-of-age celebrations, fashion shows and flower shows, The Royal Horticultural Halls has hosted them all.

This beautiful and versatile space will take your guest's breaths away with its gorgeous Edwardian features and stunning glass vaulted ceiling. This venue provides a breathtaking backdrop for any event.

Located within walking distance of Victoria Station, this venue is in one of London’s most beautiful areas. So, whether you’re looking to host a business workshop or want to film a music video, this venue provides a beautiful backdrop for your needs with space for up to 650 guests.

Shoreditch Town Hall, London Halls
Shoreditch Town Hall, London Halls

9. A space with stunning architectural heritage: Shoreditch Town Hall


What once was one of the grandest civic buildings in London is now a flagship art, community and live events venue, the Shoreditch Town Hall, which has a range of unique event spaces.

The Royal Horticultural Halls has two large period venues with beautiful vaulted ceilings that are great for live events, business meetings or large receptions. There is Lindley Hall, a beautiful space with historic features that are complemented by modern facilities, like their advanced audio-visual systems. Then there is the unique Lawrence Hall, with its art-deco design and large windows.

Impress your guests with this venue space that melds together this old building and beautiful architecture with technologically advanced systems for your next conference, workshop, networking event or private party, with room for up to 750 guests.

Pewterers’ Hall, The Livery Hall, London Halls
Pewterers’ Hall, The Livery Hall, London Halls

10. Get your networking on while checking out historic artefacts and enjoying cool architecture: The Livery Hall


Found in the City of London, nestled between St Paul's, Mansion House, Bank and Moorgate, is The Livery Hall, a grand and luxurious venue space for your next corporate dinner, conference or private event.

This venue hall features 17th-century panelling, Georgian chandeliers and historic artefacts. The Livery Hall opens into a beautiful and serene garden, making it a stunning City of London event venue with outdoor space to relax and step away from the crowd inside.

For your next private event, that's conveniently located in London, check out The Livery Hall, so you can impress your boss when you plan the next conference, workshop, networking event or team away days, with space for up to 120 guests.

The Great Hall at Lincoln’s Inn, London Halls
The Great Hall at Lincoln’s Inn, London Halls

11. One of the most distinguished buildings in London: The Great Hall at Lincoln’s Inn


This venue is considered one of the most distinguished buildings in London, the Great Hall at Lincoln’s Inn, designed in the Tudor Revival style. This venue hall is steeped in tradition and elegance, which provides a unique and spectacular setting for your next private dining event or corporate party.

This space opened its doors in 1845 by Queen Victoria. The unique details inside, such as the Minstrels’ Gallery, striking fresco and beautiful oak ceilings, make this space one of the most impressive surviving buildings in London and provides a spectacular setting for all events.

This venue is suitable for a range of events, such as receptions, conferences and meetings, awards and ceremonies, special events and weddings, with room for up to 450 guests.

More of the best halls in London

Halls are great venues, and London halls are no different. From local community halls and town halls to large halls in the centre of London, we’ve got a selection to suit every event and occasion. Browse and book London halls from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure the very best London halls respond to your enquiry.

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Guide to Hire the perfect halls for events in Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green, a trendy and diverse neighbourhood in the heart of London's East End, offers a range of excellent halls and event spaces for various occasions. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a community gathering, choosing the right hall is vital. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process of hiring the perfect hall for your event in Bethnal Green.

Define Your Event

Begin by clearly defining the purpose, size, and style of your event. Is it a wedding, a business seminar, a birthday celebration, or a cultural gathering? Knowing the type of event and its requirements will guide your hall selection.

Set a Budget

Determine your budget and allocate a portion of it for the hall rental. Bethnal Green offers a variety of halls, from budget-friendly community centres to more upscale venues, so it's crucial to have a clear budget in mind.

Consider Event Size

Consider the number of attendees you expect. Ensure the hall you choose can comfortably accommodate your guests while allowing room for activities, seating, and any additional equipment or decor.

Location and Accessibility

Bethnal Green's central location provides easy access via public transportation and road networks. Choose a hall that is conveniently located for your guests and offers adequate parking or nearby transport options.

Hall Style and Amenities

Bethnal Green features diverse event halls, from historic spaces with character to modern and flexible venues. Select a hall that aligns with the style and theme of your event. Consider the amenities you need, such as audio-visual equipment, stage areas, or kitchen facilities.

Services and Catering

Discuss the availability of catering services with the hall management. Some halls offer in-house catering, while others may allow you to bring your own caterers. Ensure that the catering aligns with your event's theme and dietary preferences.

Read Reviews and Get Recommendations

Research online reviews and seek recommendations from those who have previously rented halls in Bethnal Green. These insights can provide valuable information about the quality of service and overall experience.

Check Licensing and Restrictions

Be aware of licensing regulations, noise restrictions, and any alcohol service policies. Ensure your event complies with all legal requirements and restrictions.

Online Platforms:

There are an endless amount of websites that will provide you with a rundown of the best halls in Bethnal Green. It can often feel overwhelming to search through these sites. That’s why at HeadBox we work with the best venues and will circulate your event details directly to them. You’ll hear back from trusted venues that have availability and cater to your event. If only it was always this easy.

Secure the Hall and Sign a Contract

Once you've found the ideal hall, initiate the booking process. Discuss your event's specifics, including the date, time, cost, and any additional services. Ensure that you sign a contract that outlines all agreed-upon terms and conditions, including cancellation policies.

By following this guide, you can navigate the process of hiring the perfect hall for your event in Bethnal Green. The neighbourhood's diverse offerings and convenient location will ensure your event is a memorable and successful occasion.

Frequently asked questions

Bethnal Green halls are versatile and suitable for a wide range of events, including weddings, conferences, parties, art exhibitions, and community gatherings.

Hall capacities can vary widely. Be sure to choose a hall that comfortably accommodates your expected number of guests while allowing space for seating, activities, and any additional equipment or decor.

Event packages can include services such as audio-visual equipment, stage areas, kitchen facilities, and event planning support. The specific offerings may vary from one hall to another.

Yes, many hall managers are open to arranging site visits. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the space, layout, lighting, and overall ambience, as well as to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Some venues may even have a 3D tour of their hall space, meaning you can get a feel for the area without having to leave your desk.

Bethnal Green's central location provides convenient access via public transportation, but parking options may be limited. Consider advising your guests to use public transportation or rideshare services.

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